Friday, 10 June 2016

Today is the first time, that I haven't had to cry.

It's become such a habit, I've tried to 3 times but those tears didn't come, they weren't needed, at first it used to be for unnecessary and inflicted pain, then out of sheer frustration and indignation at what had been done to me, by seemingly educated men and woman, who only have the insight to see medical or genetic and medical reasons for what we suffer.

Ms ers are told to deny denial, something that I NOT, the reason why people don't accept it readily is because that it makes no sense.

Do NOT deny yourself denial, find your own answers, the Chinese philosophy of mind body and spirit, is the correct one, all western medicine allows, is to pump us full of drugs, we have a now generation, that expect to be sick, they accept it, diabetes, lung disease, heart failure, CANCER.

NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to throw out today's medical books (as they are wrong) and let fresh new YOUNG eyes upon it, embrace holistic alternative medicine,  address that placebo affect, because we don't know, what is and what isn't, for any trial, not for sure, the mind is most powerful, the pharmaceutical industry has DUPED us, with the help of Doctors, Scientists and government back up, SHAMEFUL truly shameful.

The human body must be in correct alignment, the digestive system must be balanced with good bacteria, because without it, we will DIE. Our gut affects our brain and so does our alignment, why do you think, any kind of dementia affects us so badly, all we do is treat the symptom and not the CAUSE.

Mohammad Ali and Michael J. Fox do and did NOT have Parkinson's, I believe that their vagus  nerve was and is corrupted as is mine from my inner  ear to the tip of my right hand, down through my neck which then affects my feet, plus my hip area, which also affects my legs and feet and that's why it's all so complex, as there are other knock on affects.

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