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Candida and allergies

Naturally and Holistically Curing Allergies By Eliminating Candida

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A typical allergy-prone individual has to take a pill every twelve hours endlessly if he trusts orthodox medicine to treat him, and this merely suppresses the symptoms temporarily. What we call "allergies" are actually just symptoms of a body trying to defend itself from perceived threats, so allergies are incurable until the aggravating factors are removed, or the irate immune system is calmed. It is impossible to completely stop the histamine reactions for perceived threats, because these reactions stem from the immune system reacting appropriately. Completely stopping these reactions using standard symptom suppression techniques would mean totally halting the immune system, and it would mean death. It is why most established therapies are ultimately so futile, and why there is no sign of a pharmaceutical cure. Conversely, alternative medicine deals with the root cause of the problems, instead of merely symptom suppression, so there are vastly better options available with holistic methods.
Chronic allergies are caused by the overgrowth of candida albicans. This is a type of yeast that thrives in the gastrointestinal tract. There will always be some of this yeast in every human being, but it is ideally balanced by beneficial bacteria. The beneficial bacteria is commonly referred to as intestinal flora. Intestinal flora helps in the digestion process, and it furthermore aids in removing toxic materials. Conversely, candida is a parasitic yeast, which robs the body of nutrients, and it increases the toxic waste products that a body must eliminate. These two groups of organisms are two warring armies.
With ideal health, the flora bacteria vastly outnumbers and persistently overwhelms the candida yeast; in a similar way to how grass on a healthy lawn will crowd-out weeds. Flora provides immune system support to the dirtiest parts of the human body, where the normal immune system can otherwise become overwhelmed if it is unaided, and it aids with proper assimilation of nutrients. Our lives depend on those little guys protecting our bodies. If all of the flora dies, then the result is sepsis and death; which has become surprisingly common for patients who get too much medical 'help'. Statistics show this to be an alarming reality.
Whenever an overgrowth of yeast overwhelms the flora, it causes various health issues. Excessive yeast creates a toxic state for the digestive system from its generated waste products, which ultimately trickle into the rest of the body to cause a snowballing effect. Allergies are most often triggered by an immune system that has already been made hyperactive by the rapid growth of the fungal invaders. The impaired absorption of nutrients combined with an onslaught of candida waste products (and the related immune responses) begins the vicious cycle of declining health and opportunistic infections. The aftermath can include fatigue, headaches, mood swings, depression, poor memory, lack of concentration, sweet cravings, carbohydrate cravings, and a further weakening of an already compromised immune system as the issues snowball. This sad and sickly state is called "normal" in the Western world.
Candida usually undergoes a massive growth spurt following antibiotic use. This is partly due to antibiotics being more fatal to the good bacteria, which would normally keep candida in check. It has been known for over seventy years that antibiotics are more harmful to the beneficial bacteria than to harmful pathogens, and this rule generally includes even the all-natural antibiotics, such as colloidal silver. Whenever antibiotics are discontinued, the immune system remains weakened for a lengthy period (sometimes years for pharmaceuticals), which places candida in a position of advantage. For someone who has just stopped taking antibiotics, the best thing that he could do for his body is to eat large amounts of plain yogurt (preferably organic) as a natural probiotic. Flavored yogurts contain lots of processed sugars, which will actually feed the yeast, and therefore make the condition worse. Some of the flavored yogurts even contain high fructose corn syrup. Yogurt is made with homogenized milk, so also supplement with vitamin C and folate (or the inferior folic acid) to protect against inflammation and arterial damage.
People who eat diets emphasizing carbohydrates tend to experience more allergies and other immune system problems, because processed sugars feed candida. The worst of the sugars are the bleached-white, refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup. The toxicity of these unnatural sugar-like products is enough to massively kill beneficial bacteria, but it feeds pathogenic life forms. These products also aid the fermentation process that keeps yeast thriving. Processed sugar is like fertilizer for the fungal invaders.
The same sugar-loving yeast is the main cause of both dental cavities and bad breath. People who have flora winning the war (who have unimpaired immune systems) rarely get cavities or bad breath. If you ever wondered why bad breath often smells like rotting mushrooms, then you should now understand why. The so-called "breath freshener" products contain ingredients that aggravate the immune system further, which makes the problems worse over an extended period. All of these factors combine in the Western lifestyle to make the common cold so very common. For most people, their immune systems are always weakened, aggravated, and overdriven. Unchecked fermentation is how cancer begins in most cases; once all of these factors shift a person's pH too much into the acidic range that cells must themselves begin deriving their energy from a fermentation process too.
Curing Candida
Curing candida through diet is surprisingly easy. It involves the avoidance of foods which are based on yeast and refined simple carbohydrates, such as white flour, white rice, processed "white" sugars, table salt, mushrooms and beer. These foods are never white in nature, and some of them never existed until the 1950's, when the chemical industry decided to enhance and enrich our foods with chemical processing; including the use of chlorine bleaches that leave behind traces of dioxin compounds. The food remnants of bleaching are incredibly bad for the body, as well as being especially toxic to flora.
For any person wishing to cure his generalized allergies, the reduction of his simple and processed carbohydrates is the first step. The recommended dietary improvements will make a person's life significantly easier, and it will completely eliminate the depressions of some individuals. The elimination of unhealthy carbohydrates is the basis of the very successful Atkin's diet for weight loss, so it will have a double benefit for some. Note that whole wheat foods and brown rice are fine in moderation, because real foods are wholesome until they have been 'enhanced'. However, be aware that commercial whole wheat breads often contain worse chemical additives than white breads.
Eliminate all refined sugars, and replace with fruits whenever cravings for sweets occur. Honey is a great sugar substitute that has compounds to help balance blood sugar levels, and it contains naturally occurring anti-histamines that are produced by bees to protect themselves from pollen, since they spend most of their lives being covered in it. Local honey is ideal, because the anti-histamines in it are designed to counteract local pollens.
Avoid all soft drinks, and this is the most important of all the suggestions. Soft drinks massively lower a body's pH and thereby its oxygen content. They even release carbon dioxide (from carbonation) into the body, further flushing out the body's critical oxygen. Combining these factors with the artificial sugars and high fructose corn syrup that are found in soft drinks produces an abomination so bad that it would require a separate article just to detail. Both the sugars and the carbon dioxide from soft drinks feed the fermentation process that candida uses.
Especially avoid soft drinks with sodium benzoate, because sodium benzoate itself triggers allergies. This substance is in most soft drinks. Tests conducted in 2005, and paid for by a soft drink industry whistle-blower, showed that certain sodas and juices had benzene levels up to ten times higher than the U.S. drinking water limit of five parts per billion. Benzene is classified as a known carcinogen by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and it is directly linked to leukemia. Benzene can form in beverages that contain either sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate, when combined with ascorbic acid (erythorbic acid or vitamin C) according to the F.D.A. (Leave it to them to find a way to make vitamin C dangerous.) Heat and light exacerbate the benzene formation in sodas. The benzene limit for drinking water does not apply to soft drinks, which have much less stringent quality standards than municipal water supplies. Sodas with obscenely high benzene content are perfectly legal in the U.S.
"Environmental factors can also be big supporters of candida albicans [yeast] proliferation. Exposure to pollutants such as pesticide residues, car exhaust, industrial chemicals and heavy metals (particularly those found in mercury/silver amalgam dental fillings) may encourage the growth of these 'bad' bacteria."
-- Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D.
Eat plenty of protein, with an emphasis on white meats (preferably free-range and organic), nuts, and beans. As always, include as many vegetables in the diet as possible. They provide core nutrients that are needed by the body in order to fully recover, and vitamins are not a substitute for vegetables. Vitamins can sometimes make things worse, because many of the vitamins are now being extracted using genetically-engineered yeasts, or they contain impurities. These problems are especially likely to occur with vitamins made in China. Most of the vitamins now come from China, and they are deceptively re-branded by domestic companies. Try to obtain vitamins with the fewest non-vitamin ingredients. Most people will need multiple supplements, because finding a trustworthy multivitamin is exceedingly difficult.
For sugar cravings, it is okay to cheat with fruits and pure fruit juices without guilt, because the body can handle natural sugars much more efficiently than the engineered sugars. Fruit sugars do not generally fuel candida growth significantly. Avoid juice cocktails and juices from concentrate because they contain toxic additives, tap water, and sweeteners. One general rule of thumb is that if an ingredient is made in a chemical laboratory, then it is toxic.
The protective and anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 fatty acids help with allergy problems. We recommend taking flax seed oil supplements daily for overall health. We can find omega-6 throughout Western diets, but there is very little omega-3 in comparison. Much more omega-3 was in our foods before chemical fertilizers depleted the farm lands; and again, it is yet another problem caused by a chemical industry 'solution'. For in-depth information about supplementation with flax oil, read the article about it.
"Over time, candida grows from a yeast form into a fungal form and starts creating waste products known as mycotoxins. Among the mycotoxins produced is acetaldehyde, a poison that is converted by the liver into alcohol. As alcohol builds up in the system, symptoms associated with alcohol intoxication develop. This is why one of the most common symptoms of candida is brain fog... In its fungal form, candida also grows long roots called rhizoids that puncture the intestinal lining, leading to a condition called leaky gut syndrome. This creates holes in the digestive tract, allowing candida to pass through into the bloodstream."
-- Brenda Watson, N.D.
Chamomile is an effective natural anti-histamine that can be used alongside these therapies. It can also have a sedative effect. Although this seems to vary greatly between individuals. Do not use chamomile if you have a ragweed allergy. Its anti-histamine properties yield almost instant relief from itchy insect bites, when used transdermally.
A diet with sea salt (not table salt) will help to prevent candida overgrowth. For millenia, diets have been high in mineral-rich salt, and it was glorified for being the life-giving substance that it really is. In modern times, politically correct doctors have labeled salt as a villain, instead of placing the blame on the high-sodium artificial additives that are present in processed foods, which really do cause disease. Table salt has the same toxicity problem that other processed foods do, because all useful minerals are removed. Remember that it is not natural if it is brilliant white. The healthiest sea salts usually have a grayish color, because they are darkened by important trace minerals.
A little coconut oil every day will speed the metabolism, provide an energy boost, be a tonic for the thyroid, and attack yeast in both the mouth (e.g. plaque) and in the gastrointestinal tract (e.g. candida). Everyone should supplement with a small amount of cold-pressed organic coconut oil every day; and of course, it can be added to foods too. Be wary of its inability to withstand high heat; lest it will become rancid and unhealthy. Due to the issues with heating oils, we recommend cold pressed olive oil for low to medium heat cooking, and peanut oil for high heat cooking. Olive oil will provide lots of omega-3, and the peanut oil will resist becoming rancid at even high temperatures.
Most allergy problems can be eliminated with a healthy diet that is low in processed sugars, simple carbohydrates, and chemicals. These therapies, in addition to common sense remedies, such as using higher quality air filters, will yield very favorable results in the long term. Allergies are not really normal for the human body, and neither should routine illnesses be. The problems are almost entirely man-made. We have been trained to believe that both are normal, and this has been great for the medical business. The germ theory behind modern medicine has convinced us, and the establishment, that illnesses are more-or-less random events that may strike anyone at anytime, so that the causes of illnesses are either never fully explainable, or as is becoming the belief nowadays, that sickness results from genetic defects. There is a reason for everything that happens, and this rule includes events of the human body. Illness symptoms are a body's way of telling us that someone is doing something terribly wrong; and most often, it is the diet that is the most wrong. Most allergies and illnesses are a result of weakened immune systems, and the problems can usually be corrected without drugs. Following the recommendations cited herein will also help a person to remove toxins, and therefore eliminate other health conditions. The alternative for most people is to continue forever on an expensive treadmill of drugs that suppress the symptoms and the immune system; awhile increasing their overall toxicity, so that disease problems only worsen in time.

misaligned atlas and food allergies

Symptoms and Signs of Atlas Subluxation

Edited Feb 14 2013
Please be aware that the following list is a list of all possible complications and their anatomical and physiological basis and that few people with this condition will have a full hand of symptoms.
However, a proper understanding of anatomy and physiology of the upper cervical area and brainstem should be enough to make it clear that all of the symptoms listed below are predictable given a large enough subluxation.
The joint between the skull and the neck is designed for nodding movements, and it has been documented that the maximum rotation expected on turning well to the left or right is about 3-4 degrees.
The worst case I have seen was a rotatory subluxation of about 25 degrees demonstrated on a CT upper cervical spine. I was dismayed that the radiologist who reported it failed to note the abnormality. I would observe that this probably happened because such subluxations are not regarded as possible within allopathic medicine- and he was not looking for it. I did get the satisfaction of an amended report after conversation with the radiologist involved.
Most symptoms will be intermittent, and at least partially resolve when the patient is fit and active, so there will be great variability between patients. I have had experience with most of these symptoms being relieved in patients I have seen.
Physical and radiological examination will provide clear cut evidence of the existence of the condition.
Mechanical Symptoms
  1. Headaches- often involving the base of the skull, and referring to the sides of the head and around the sinuses.
  2. Migraines, often with marked agitation and nausea.
  3. Neck pains and stiffness and difficulty finding a comfortable position on the pillow at night.
  4. Sometimes crackling or grating noises at the base of the skull when turning the head. Often there are associated shoulder pains, especially between the shoulder blades.
  5. Jaw joint pains or dysfunction. Clicking jaw.
  6. Chest wall pain- due to the distortion of the ribcage
  7. Low back pain and/or disc injuries due to abnormal posture.
  8. Nerve root irritations at any level.
  9. Pains or injuries in one hip, knee or ankle, often repeated injuries to one side of the body.
  10. Patients may be told they have one leg shorter than the other.
Symptoms based on nerve and blood vessel compromise.
Vagus nerve: Nausea, heartburn, irritable bowel, constipation, vasovagal (fainting/near fainting) episodes, probably infantile colic. Cough and voice problems
Internal Jugular Vein and venous drainage of the skull via the foramen magnum: tiredness, mental fogginess (often subtle and this may well contribute to the mental fogginess in ADHD, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and depression). References:
It is of interest that current research into multiple sclerosis has raised the possibility of venous congestion of the brain having a causative role in that condition.
Dizziness- often subtle and hard to describe, and mild incoordination /clumsiness.
Note that these symptoms are likely to be related to disturbed inputs to the Vestibular/proprioceptive (balance) system caused by nerve impingements, and excess tension in some muscles and on some joints. It is likely that the actual atlas subluxation causes some brainstem injury at the time of the injury.
Tingling or burning fingers or toes- usually migratory and intermittent.
Sympathetic Nervous System:
There are multiple reasons to believe that atlas subluxations may cause sympathetic overactivation (stress response): Poor balance itself is a cause of sympathetic overactivation, also the traction on the brain stem caused by the typical head forward posture of most people with the injury activates a stress response, and there may be further impacts on sympathetic ganglia (nerve cell clusters) that lie close to the spine along the whole length of the spine.
Symptoms would include chronic anxiety and impulsiveness, fine tremor, raised heart rate
It is arguable that chronic sympathetic overactivationmay be lead to:
a)gut problems due to chronic diversion of blood flow away from the gut into the muscles which may well be contributory to peptic ulcers, food allergies ( via increased gut permeability)
b) Adrenal gland activation and chronic over production of cortisone as an expected consequence of chronic sympathetic (stress) response. Adrenal fatigue as a downstream consequence of this.
c) unstable attention- as the body is effectively being given a warning to loo for threat in the environment.
It is arguable that chronic sympathetic activation might be contributory to immune suppression, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, disturbed sleep and depression.
Disturbed sleep:
This is a common complication in our experience and may be contributed to by neck discomfort at night, by sympathetic over-activation, or by a number of brain stem effects caused by alteration in balance inputs into the nervous system.. In a number of patients the neck discomfort has triggered tooth grinding which has improved after treatment.
The physical signs of atlanto- occipital subluxation are straightforward, and the diagnosis can usually be confirmed without investigations.
Posture- the head is carried forwards of the shoulders. ( In healthy posture the centre of the shoulder joint is vertically directly below the ear canals).
The patient may also have a degree of hunch or a sway back.
The patient will have great difficulty straightening up to hold his head in correct position.
The front on view will often clearly indicate the problem. The head may be tilted to one side, and the neck rotated a few degrees or so off straight ahead.
The midline of the trunk may not be vertical.
One shoulder will be higher than the other.
Often the pelvis will visibly be off level as well (Usually high on the side of the low shoulder).
From the back the difference in the level of the shoulders will be more apparent, and one shoulder should be pushed out to the back. The head, shoulders, and hips may be out of alignment (viewed from above).
The neck will almost always be tender just below the ears and behind the jaw. It may be possible to feel that the neck bone is closer to the jaw on one side than the other. Postural issues, muscle spasm, or a “bull neck” can make this sign difficult to identify. However the joint between the atlas and the skull is not one at which rotation naturally occurs (beyond about 3-4 degrees at the extremes of neck rotation) so this sign is always abnormal if found.

Microbial imbalance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candida albicans, a fungus, (or yeast), is a part of our normal physiology.  It becomes a problem if it grows out of control.  Factors that allow it to proliferate include taking antibiotics, using birth control pills, alcoholism, steroid use, sugar binges, prolonged periods of stress.
Clinical Manifestations

There is a broad range of symptoms that have been associated with this syndrome. They can be classified in the following groups, although it is not clear how many or which of them are required to make a diagnosis nor is there scientific data linking these multiple clinical manifestations with Candida albicans overgrowth :
  • Systemic- Fatigue, craving carbohydrates, itchy eyes, Athletes foot
  • Gastrointestinal- Heartburn, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, acid reflux
  • Respiratory allergy- Rhinitis- (stuffed, runny nose), sneezing and/or wheezing; recurrent sore throats, 'asthma', recurrent ear infections, 'allergies', repeated sinus infections
  • Central nervous system. Anxiety, depression, memory deficits and/or loss of ability to concentrate- "brain fog"
  • Menstrual abnormalities. Severe premenstrual tension and/or menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, infertility, vaginal yeast infections
Other Systemic Symptoms-headache and/or irritability, bladder infections
  The only way to test for candida definitively is through a blood or stool test, but  anecdotal tests can be found here:

In September 1999, Johns Hopkins medical researchers confirmed that virtually all chronic sinus infections were due to fungus. Not all findings are that solid. As a matter of fact, few are. Rather, scientists seem confused and startled at their own discoveries with regard to fungus. Fungus makes poisonous byproducts called mycotoxins. Antibiotics are one class of mycotoxins. Without this knowledge, however, many questions are raised when researchers stumble onto this seemingly elementary fact. Recently, researchers have discovered that antibiotics are contributing to everything from 2nd heart attacks to breast cancer. It is our hope that someday when discoveries like these are made, logic will supercede confusion. (This paragraph is from )
 The Health Lyceum is equipped to expertly
 guide you in  cleansing  your system of Candida.
It is interesting to note that fungi remain excluded from most medical school curricula - just check the course schedule of any major medical school. Of course, classes on fungal mycotoxins-the harmful, chemical byproducts produced by fungi-are practically nonexistent. Finally, most laboratories remain incapable of performing rapid, accurate diagnostic tests for fungal diseases.

From Doug Kaufmann- (
"According to The Home Medical Encyclopedia, in 1963 about one-half of all Americans suffered from an "unrecognized" systemic fungal condition. My guess would be that far more Americans suffer from fungal infections today as antibiotics, hormone replacement therapies, and birth control pills continue to be consumed like candy. My point in bringing this to your attention is simple - doctors are not accurately diagnosing medical conditions. A case in point: A medical textbook used to educate Johns Hopkins medical students in 1957, Clinical and Immunologic Aspects of Fungous Diseases, declared that many fungal conditions look exactly like cancer! Whereas, we do not educate today's medical students on accurately detecting deeply imbedded fungal conditions and differentiating these from cancer, we certainly do teach them to diagnose cancer, and lots of it!
Years ago, I published the book, The Germ That Causes Cancer. I feel that cancer is one of the most maligned and misunderstood diseases of the past millennium. There is also reason to believe it is one of the most misdiagnosed maladies. When my research kept providing clues as to the real etiology (root cause) of cancer, a chapter in a book or a newsletter just didn't seem to suffice. The purpose of this article is neither to malign nor replace your health care provider's recommendations. Rather, it is to gently introduce you to a concept that is so incredible that it almost defies logic: deep tissue fungal growth may be commonly diagnosed as cancer.

The day I wrote this, a young lady phoned into my syndicated radio talk show. Her three-year-old daughter was diagnosed last year with leukemia. She believes antifungal drugs and natural immune system therapy has been responsible for saving her daughter's life. She is now telling others with cancer about her daughter's case. After hearing her story, a friend of hers with bone cancer asked her doctor for a prescriptive antifungal drug. To her delight, this medication, meant to eradicate fungus, was also eradicating her cancer. She dared not share this with her physician, telling him only that the antifungal medication was for a "yeast" infection. When she could no longer get the antifungal medication, the cancer immediately grew back. Her physician contended that a few antifungal pills surely should have cured her yeast infection. It is my contention, however, that the reason this medication worked was because she did have a yeast infection… not a vaginal infection for which this medication was prescribed, but a fungal infection of the bone that may have been mimicking bone cancer. These are well documented in scientific literature.
As you read these articles, you will see that many cancer patients find the true fungal link to their cancer only to succumb to heart disease or immune deficiency caused by traditional cancer treatment. If this case were an isolated event, it might be referred to as "coincidental." I have been able to plead with doctors of advanced cancer patients to at least try antifungal drugs for their patients. Afterwards, simply amazing reports have come forth. Several of these have been published in The Germ That Causes Cancer.
Unfortunately, many researchers and physicians do not share my passion. Getting a physician to prescribe simple antifungal drugs for a deadly disease is often impossible. The mentality seems to be, "if cancer were fungus, we'd have learned that in medical school." Couple this with what the medical industry refers to as "the standard of care", and real problems evolve. That "standard" rejects anything but chemotherapy, radiation or surgery for cancer patients. Even if physicians wanted to try antifungal therapy for their patients, doing so would, perhaps, be perceived as being at odds with the "standard of care".
A few months ago, cancer specialists declared that 30 to 50 percent of breast cancers were linked to diet and were therefore preventable. Despite this revelation, diet is still not even remotely considered as one of the "standards of care" for cancer patients. This is intolerable. Hundreds of cancer survivors have documented their remarkable disease reversals which occurred while adhering to specific diets. Those diets seem to universally be yeast and sugar free. And is it any wonder? You see, in 1931, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in science for his discovery that cancer cells rapidly proliferated in the presence of fermented sugar. (Ironically, so do fungal cells!)
Albert Einstein once state, "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." Certainly, I would never accuse our stethoscoped brethren of having mediocre minds; the contrary is quite true. As stated earlier, physicians are beholden to an industry in which the "standard of care" is their roadmap. Cancer failures point to a "standard" which can only be regarded as, at best, hit-and-miss, and at worse, an accomplice to such failures. With few exceptions, doctors are good, caring, intelligent individuals. Surely they will not indefinitely support decades-old therapy modalities that so frequently fail. Physicians must unite in an effort to learn why mediocrity prevails in medicine today. If a conspiracy exists against natural immune building therapies and dietary cancer control in favor of cytotoxic, (cell poisoning ), life-threatening "standards of care," physicians must expose such abominations without fear of retaliation. Physicians must take back their continuing medical education, (CME), which is most often created by drug companies who can arguably and quite naturally be biased. Moreover, the FDA must investigate whether this should be allowable at all. Shouldn't our healers and their watchdog organization be concerned about these clear conflicts of interest?
In truth, every organization who promotes a particular philosophy has bias. Bias isn't the problem. Instead, it's the monopoly of ideas in our health care system with which I take issue. Physicians have medicine as their tool. It's a valuable tool, and should be used when needed. Chiropractors and nurses and herbalists and nutritionists and naturopaths all have tools, as well. (So do mycologists!) But the tools of the latter practitioners are considered suspect, while the tools of the physicians, laden with side-effects, are considered the benchmark against which all other modalities are judged. Instead of relegating other treatments to the status of "alternative", why don't we give patients the opportunity to fully explore all possibilites, and choose any combination that is right for their
situation? "

From Doug Kaufmann at

                                                                          Doug 's insight regarding Breast Cancer-

An open letter to Nancy G. Brinker
Of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation

Dear Mrs. Brinker,

Last Friday, I heard an interview with a representative of your firm, The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, on WBAP radio in Dallas, Texas. As much as I and everyone else respects what you and your foundation are trying to do, I’m wondering if I could have offered assistance that might greatly enhance your understanding of the cause of breast cancer. By understanding what scientists are publishing about the cause of breast cancer, informed women will choose to heed the documentation and might both prevent, and quite possibly heal, their cancer. Your mission statement of “ending breast cancer forever” is a good one, yet it has not yet been realized. Curing any medical condition without knowledge of its etiology may help that one cured individual, but lacks the scientific credibility of challenge, reproducibility and clinical trials.

It is my hope that the following facts might accelerate your understanding of why breast cancer occurs and, more importantly, why lifestyle choices, to a large degree, account for it:

  1. Fungal by-products called “mycotoxins” cause cancer. According to the American Cancer Society’s website, mycotoxins are “genotoxic carcinogens.”
  2. Mycotoxins are in our corn, grain and nut supply in America.
  3. According to World Health Organization (WHO) researchers, Penicillin, itself being a mycotoxin, should be scrutinized as a potential contributor to breast cancer. See #7 regarding antibiotics in general.
  4. In 2007, researchers at Johns Hopkins University discovered that the antifungal drug, Sporanox, used to cure toenail fungus, also stopped cancer from metastasizing.
  5. That same year, German researchers discovered that yet another antifungal drug, Griseofulvin, forced cancer cells into death (apoptosis).
  6. Only last month, researchers discovered that Sporanox, an antifungal drug, slowed tumor growth in mice.
  7. In 2004, The Journal of The American Medical Association (JAMA) discovered that antibiotics increased the incidence and fatality rate of breast cancer. Antibiotics are mycotoxins.
  8. A large cancer website notes that alcohol of any kind increases the incidence of breast cancer. Alcohol is the mycotoxin produced by the Saccharomyces species (Brewers Yeast).
  9. The Cancer Epidemiology Journal stated in 2004 that a diet high in carbohydrates (sugar) increases the risk of breast cancer. America’s grain (carbohydrate) supply is “commonly contaminated” with mycotoxins, according to a 2002 publication in The Journal of The American Medical Association.
  10. The most widely used drug to prevent breast cancer recurrence or metastasis is Tamoxifen. In 2009, the journal, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, announced that Tamoxifen was a potent antifungal medication, in addition to its cancer inhibition properties.
  11. In 2007, The American Academy of Microbiology stated, “Fungi are the cause of many outbreaks of disease, but are mostly ignored. Fungi can cause a number of life-threatening diseases…many people, scientists among them, are largely unaware.”

Since my return home from Vietnam in 1971, where I served as a Medical Corpsman, I have studied the intricacies of mycotoxin producing fungi. There remains little doubt that these maligned and misunderstood organisms are pathogenic to man and contribute widely to cancer and many other diseases. This is quite well documented within the scientific literature, yet fungi are overlooked as the etiology of any disease.

Is fungus an indirect cause of cancer? Thirty-nine years ago, I was alone in my assertions that it did. As referenced above, an intelligent science seems to be validating such a link today.

I know that your foundation has invested over $1,000,000,000 into breast cancer research during the past 25 years. I also know that pharmaceutical companies are the recipients of the vast majority of your donated funds. I even understand your thinking that surely these brilliant researchers will one day find “the pill for the cure.” In 25 years, they have not and, if the above referenced journals and researchers are correct, they never will. Breast cancer, like many other diseases, is lifestyle rather than medication dependent. As a matter of interest, certain medications may contribute to its etiology.

I ask that you please consider, at very least, posting this valuable information on your website, which is viewed by many. It is my hope that your dedicated scientists will either dispel my work as erroneous (for reasons researched and stated) or seize an opportunity to redirect their thoughts toward pathogenic infectious agents (fungus) as the cause of breast cancer. At best, I would love the opportunity to meet with you or your representatives about this significant science, which previously seems to have been completely overlooked. I believe that there may be synergism in our talents and discoveries and look forward to continuing the education process for the many women worldwide with whom we both communicate.


-Doug A. Kaufmann

                                                                                               MICROBIAL IMBALANCE
                      It has become apparent, after working in this clinical area since 2004, that Candida is the Tip of the Iceberg, in may cases. Once Candida overgrows in the system, its' waste creates an internal terrain that is hostile to probiotics, rendering them less likely to survive. (They need a specific pH that is mildly acidic to survive; Candida waste drops the pH making it too acidic for them to thrive.) This causes the environment to become inviting to worms and other parasites.  We have proximity to this community when we eat unscrubbed produce, cuddle our family pets, eat in public places, touch money, etc... .  No one is exempt from these sources.
                   For the sake of conversation, scientists agree that there are about 1000 species of parasites, but we are discovering more all the time.  The Human Microbiome is just now being mapped. It is believed that about 30% of parasites can be seen with the naked eye, and 70% are microscopic. During colon-hydortherapy, we can "see" what's living in the colon, as the waste passes through the view tube. (Unlike colonoscopy, which washes out the colon before doing visual inspection. ) Even microscopic invaders will sometimes leave a residual that indicates their presence. During irrigtion, we obtain valuable information that helps us chart our course for  resolving issues that are causing problems.

The truth about Asthma being curable by Sarah C. Corriher

The Truth About Asthma Being Curable

Written by Print E-mail

Asthma is a condition that is characterized by shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness, pain in the chest, and coughing (especially at night). As with all the other confusing diseases, experimental medicine has recently redefined asthma as a genetic condition. For the uninitiated, the word "genetic" is medical code for "we have no idea" or "we'll blame it on God". Despite medical science's newly discovered genetic cause of asthma, the rates of its occurrence have been increasing disproportionately to population growth each year.
There are many triggers of asthma attacks. Environmental pollution is a major cause for those who live in urban areas. Air fresheners, in particular, have been shown to trigger asthma attacks by dramatically reducing lung capacity. Asthmatics should avoid all scented products, including candles, deodorizers, dryer sheets, scented soaps, and especially all "air fresheners" should be avoided. It is wise for healthy individuals to avoid them too. Allergens stress the body, so they have a tendency to exaggerate asthma problems, which can provoke terrifying hyper-immune responses. Certain plants may cause these reactions, such as ragweed, along with a new generation of food allergies that have been artificially created by vaccinations that include food ingredients.
Standard Care
As is the usual pattern, the medical establishment offers no cures, but it offers many options to perpetually treat asthma at great cost. Doctors have been prescribing steroid-based asthma inhalers in their usual practice of treating only the symptoms for decades. These steroid-based inhalers are intended to prevent future asthma attacks, and this is actually considered preventative medicine. Steroid side effects are dismissed off-hand by doctors, but they frequently include: headaches, joint pain, mental disturbances, nosebleeds, weight gain, frequent infections, growth retardation and adrenal insufficiency. Adrenal insufficiency is the primary catalyst of pre-diabetes, which explains why asthma patients have a high incidence of diabetes. The treatments eventually prove to be highly profitable in the long term from the new diseases that the "preventative medicine" caused.
"When steroid drugs are taken by mouth, they substitute for and decrease the body's normal ability to make its own steroids as well as its ability to respond to stress."
Cortisteroids can accumulate in the body's tissues, resulting in increasing health damage over time and have been linked to diabetes. In addition to steroid-based inhalers, some asthma sufferers are also prescribed anti-inflammatory pills to reduce asthma attacks. It is particularly sad in the case of children, because the massive amount of pharmaceuticals provided each day, for years at a time, will have long-term health consequences, which will make them forever dependent upon the system. The eventual result is suppressed immune systems that make asthma and a host of other disorders much more likely, and more severe.
One of the latest treatments for asthma is the oral contraceptive pill. The medical establishment never stops creating novel uses for this class of hormone-destroying pharmaceuticals, which are some of the most damaging drugs in existence. The contraceptive pill is one of the reasons for the high rate of thyroid diseases, diabetes, mental illnesses, female hair loss and strokes. These drugs are especially dangerous because they destroy the natural balance of a body's hormones -- sometimes permanently.
Eliminating Asthma
An extraordinary percentage of asthma sufferers do not seem to know how to breathe well. They have a tendency of breathing through their mouths, instead of their noses. Breathing through the mouth actually causes the constriction of blood vessels, and increases the chances of lung infections, due to the lack of nasal filtering. This constriction can cause the sufferer to require even more oxygen, in a snowballing reaction.
The type of breathing exercises which are practiced in Karate are ideal for asthma sufferers to gradually increase their lung capacity. To do this, one must focus on breathing slowly but deeply through the nose only, and out through the mouth slowly. A maximum breath should be taken in during inhalation, and then after a brief pause, some effort should be made to force slightly more air in. This air should be held for about 2 seconds before slowly exhaling as much as possible, and then the process is repeated. This technique of breathing deeper (yet more slowly) should be employed whenever there is physical exertion. Through practice, a person will become trained to breathe more slowly and deeply, and this exercise will actually increase the air capacity of the lungs.
Eating 1-2 tablespoons of honey each day is beneficial, particularly if the honey was produced by local bees. Honey from local bees contains antihistamines that are specific to local plants. It contains all natural antihistamines and an exceptional set of nutrients, as well as natural sugars that are not inflammatory.
Vitamin B-12 has been shown to dramatically reduce asthma attacks. The recommended dose is 500 mcg. (micrograms) for children who are younger than twelve, and 1000-2000 mcg. for older children and adults. Only use vitamin B-12 in the form of methylcobalamin.
Indian tobacco (lobelia inflata) is known for its therapeutic effects on asthma and other respiratory problems, particularly when it is smoked. We recommend that it be reserved for the most severe cases. Take notice that it is not a true tobacco, despite its name, and it contains no nicotine.
Vitamin B-6 deficiency has been observed in many asthma sufferers, and this is usually caused by the asthma medications, which are known to deplete the body of vitamin B-6. Studies on children with severe asthma showed marked improvement with B-6 supplementation.
Avoid tap water, and start drinking spring water instead. Be wary of water filters that are sold at major retail stores, which advertise that they, "remove chlorine taste", and invest in one that actually removes the chlorine.
Acquire a shower filter which eliminates chlorine, because chlorine steam from a hot shower will aggravate the lungs. This may be the most important step. For the same reason, chlorinated water should never be used in vaporizers or humidifiers, because they will output chlorine vapors too. For readers who do not immediately grasp the significance, chlorine gas was a chemical warfare agent that was used during World War I.
Avoid aspartame, the dangerous artificial sweetener. It is known to stimulate asthma attacks and cause difficulty breathing. It is in chewing gum and diet products.
A high quality air filter that properly eliminates allergens will be very helpful in combating asthma, which is often triggered by dust allergies. The E.P.A. reported 10 years ago that indoor air pollutants have a greater impact on health than outdoor pollutants, so it is vital that indoor air be effectively filtered by an anti-allergen air filter, and that the filter is changed monthly (regardless of manufacturer recommendations).
Due to the connection between asthma and allergies, some sufferers may wish to try chamomile. Chamomile is an effective antihistamine that can be purchased in capsule form. It can cause drowsiness, and it is a relative of ragweed. Do not use chamomile if you have a ragweed allergy.
Eliminate all processed foods and simple carbohydrates. Stop eating all of the new "white" foods, including white bread, white flour, white sugar, and white rice. Homemade bread is best, because the whole wheat breads being sold in grocery stores are so perverted that they are worse than the white breads. Start cooking balanced meals, which include some organic proteins, alongside plenty of vegetables and fruits (preferably organic).
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Comments (6)

  • brenda  - question
    My 4 year old daughter has asthma and is currently taking two inhalers and another liquid form steroid medication her docot prescribed. She has a terrible cough at nights and can not sleep well. Would you recommend the above suggestions to a child of her age? Or is there something else I can do?
  • Stephanie F
    Brenda, the first thing I would do as someone who also has asthma (along with other things) is get your child on a totally "clean" diet if she isn't already. They give you some examples above and I am sure in other various places on this site. We make nearly everything from "scratch" in our home (don't go out to eat either). I do not trust restaurants! People think it's a lot of work but honestly, it isn't, you get used to it. You eat less when everything is "pure", just what it is and nothing more.
    Kinda of off-topic...but I have an allergic/asthmatic cat. I had her on some good quality (expensive! No grain, etc) canned cat food but it was still processed. She is now on organic raw & magically her symptoms have disappeared. (Yes, I'm an asthmatic with a cat... :S ) With an asthmatic cat at that!
    I hope your daughter improves! I apologize if you already know all of this!
  • J.Ranjith Samuel  - Doubts regarding Asthma
    1. Am a SDA Self supportive worker.Working in a bible college.My wife is a asthmatic from her childhood.we got married a year before and have a 4 months baby.My college is located on mountain range.We have 9 months of cold weather with rain.
    Her problem has worsen during her stay there.So my question is does the climate has any implication towards her problem?
    2.Is there any treatment procedure to help her to increase her immunity which will not affect the child and also help her to have a better health?
    3.The child gets common cold often which is suspected to be from her mother do I need to change my place permanently or temporally that we can have a healthy family and do a better work for God?
    Awaiting with prayer
  • Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
    Living in the mountains with near-constant rain could have implications for your wife's asthma. High humidity has a tendency to increase asthmatic symptoms. Additionally, mold can thrive in a constantly wet environment, which would worsen any effects.
    There is less available oxygen in the air at high altitudes, so breathing difficulties can be exaggerated. A less-than-ideal diet can cause the body to become acidic, and increases inflammation. The more acidic the body becomes, the less able it is to use and absorb oxygen. Read our article, Body pH and Disease, for more information about this topic.
    The Budwig anti-cancer protocol, especially the flax-oil combination, may be helpful in this case, because it is designed to increase the amount of oxygen that can penetrate the cells of the body.
    You may also benefit from reading our candida article. Candida greatly amplifies asthma symptoms, and eliminating candida sometimes eliminates the asthma completely.
    As the article noted, chlorine is one of the worst offenders for worsening asthma symptoms, so getting a shower filter is critical if you get municipal water. Pay special attention to the links in the articles for further information. It is a lot of reading, but all of these topics are inter-connected. They are related to the bigger topic of body inflammation, which is almost certainly the most crucial health topic of them all. Another source of inflammation is unhealthy oils, such as canola and soybean oil.
    For temporary relief of the symptoms, the following supplementation can be used.
    * The flax oil mixture mentioned in the Budwig article
    * Cold-pressed organic coconut oil
    * Chlorophyll supplementation
    * Gotu Kola
    * Ginseng
    * Ginkgo Biloba
    One possible problem that nobody has probably considered is that her respiratory issues may be related to stress on her heart, which in turn is caused by the emotional issues of the relocation. There is not much that we can do to help you with that, other than to tell you to be as emotionally supportive as possible.
  • Mandy Penn  - asthma
    I have asthma. It started about 6-7 years ago and I am trying to rid myself of all the inhalers. I use Advair (for about 4 years) and now I am using Qvar as well, I have Abuteral for emergency but have not used it in at least a year. I have a question about the steroid inhalers; I want to go off of them. I have been reading a lot about why my health has declined and a lot has to do with all of the “western medicine" I have been prescribed in the duration of my life, from antibiotics to prednisone. I want to live a life where my body does not need to rely on these “drugs” to function. My lungs just keep getting worse the more I use these inhalers and as the years go by. Even with the inhalers I still cough. It is almost like the inhalers aren’t working anymore. I will not be put on pills now. I need to stop this madness. Can you tell me what your advice to get off of the inhalers would be? I have already cleaned up my diet and have done a candida cleanse, colon cleanse, heavy metal and liver cleanse. Please help, any advice you can give would be appreciated.
  • Gerry Lloyd  - 2 tbsp of honey
    The advice to take two tbsp of honey was extremely helpful. One tends to try different tips with varying successes, and I've always been fond of making drinks of honey and lemon in hot water anyway, but the tip in this article hit me at a moment when I'd started to lose focus. I was getting wheezing every night again, followed by asthma when getting up because the wheezing had woken me. My history of suffering asthma started a couple of years after I came to the UK in 2004. I've since learned that Plymouth is an asthma hotspot and that there was a suicide in my family tree here as a result of asthma at a time when there were very few remedies. As a shortcut though, try the 2 tbsp honey before bed.

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Cancer is a fungus and it is curable - by David Icke

by David Icke
from DavidIcke Website
The figures are fantastic.
Some eight million people die every year from cancer worldwide, more than half a million in the United States alone. The global number is predicted to rise to twelve million by 2030.

Cancer is the biggest cause of death for people under 85 and in the US one in four people die from cancer - one in four.

We have our freedoms removed by the day to 'protect the public from terrorism' when all these people are suffering and dying every year from a disease that the bloodline families and their pharmaceutical cartel systematically refuse to cure.
Together we can, yes, but not if the drug companies are involved.
Immense amounts of money are raised through charities every year
to fund the search for a 'cure' that the establishment has no intention of finding.
I highlighted in a newsletter on August 9th how a man called Dr Richard Day, the head of the Rockefeller-controlled eugenics organization, Planned Parenthood, had addressed a meeting of doctors in Pittsburgh in 1969 about the coming transformation of global society.

He asked the doctors to turn off recording equipment and not to take notes before he detailed a long list of changes that were planned. One doctor did take notes, however, and later talked publicly about what was said.

Now, 40 years later, we can see how extraordinarily accurate Day was and you can read that August newsletter in the archive on the website.
The reason I mention him again here is that he told those doctors in 1969:
'We can cure almost every cancer right now. Information is on file in the Rockefeller Institute, if it's ever decided that it should be released.'
Day said that letting people die of cancer would slow down population growth.
'You may as well die of cancer as something else'.
These people no soul and that's why they do what they do.

Big Pharma has no desire to cure cancer when it is making vast fortunes from treating the symptoms with devastating drugs and cell-killing, people-killing poisons like chemotherapy. But it is not primarily even about money. The bloodline families want people to suffer and die earlier than necessary as a way of culling the population.

This is why when anyone outside the Big Pharma cabal discovers an effective way of treating cancer they are immediately targeted by the medical establishment and government agencies.
One such case is the Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini, a brilliant and courageous man who has refused to bow to the enormous pressure he has faced, and continues to face, after he realized what cancer is and how it can be dealt with.

Simoncini's 'crime' has been to discover that cancer is a fungus caused by Candida, a yeast-like organism that lives in the body in small amounts even in healthy people. The immune system keeps it under control normally, but when the Candida morphs into a powerful fungus some serious health problems can follow - including cancer.

My friend, Mike Lambert, at the Shen Clinic near my home on the Isle of Wight, says of Candida:
'Fungus, and Candida in particular, thrive by eating the body of its host (yours) by dissolving it. It also needs your body to breed, as it can't do this on its own. No wonder in Chronic Fatigue conditions, which can in many cases be attributed to Candida colonization, the sufferer feels so bad both physically and psychologically.'
Tullio Simoncini says that cancer is this Candida fungal infection and that the conventional medical explanation of cancer as a cellular malfunction is plain wrong.
Simoncini is a specialist in oncology (treatment of tumors), diabetes and metabolic disorders, but he is more than that. He is a real doctor who seeks to uncover the truth for the benefit of his patients and refuses to parrot the official version of what doctors should do and think.

He challenges the dogma of 'intellectual conformity' with all its unproven assumptions, lies, manipulation and falsehoods and he has been extremely critical of the medical establishment as it continues to pursue 'treatments' that are useless in curing the global epidemic of cancer.

From the time he entered medicine he realized that something was seriously wrong with the way cancer was treated:
'I see terrible sufferings. I was in a pediatric oncological ward - all the children died. I was suffering when I was looking at the poor, poor children dying with chemo, with radiation.'
His frustration and sorrow at what he was seeing led him to go in search of new ways to understand, and therefore treat, this devastating disease.
He began his journey with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper unsullied by any rigid assumptions pedaled and indoctrinated by mainstream 'medicine' and 'science'.
How many more have to suffer before people stop seeing doctors as all-knowing 'gods'
and realize the stupendous scale of ignorance involved?
Simoncini realized that all cancers acted the same way no matter where they were in the body or what form they took. There had to be a common denominator. He also observed that the cancer 'lumps' were always white.

What else is white? Candida.

Simoncini realized that what mainstream medicine believed to be cell growth going wild - 'cancerous growth' - is actually the immune system producing cells to defend the body from Candida attack.
He says the sequence goes like this:
  • Candida is normally kept under control by the immune system, but when that becomes undermined and weakened the Candida can expand and build a 'colony'
  • The Candida eventually penetrates an organ and the immune system has to respond to the threat in another way
  • This 'way' is to build a defensive barrier with its own cells and this growth is what we call cancer
It is said that the spreading of cancer to other parts of the body is caused by 'malignant' cells escaping from their origin.
Simoncini, however, says this is not the case at all. The spread of cancer is triggered by the real cause of cancer, the Candia fungus, escaping from the original source.

What allows cancer to manifest, as I have been saying in my books for years, is a weakened immune system. When that is working efficiently it deals with the problem before it gets out of hand.
In this case, it keeps the Candida under control.
But look at what has been happening as cancer numbers worldwide have soared and soared. There has been a calculated war on the human immune system that has got more vociferous with every decade.

The immune system is weakened and attacked by food and drink additives, chemical farming, vaccinations, electromagnetic and microwave technology and frequencies, pharmaceutical drugs, the stress of modern 'life', and so much more.

What defenses are today's children going to have when they are given 25 vaccinations and combinations of them, before the age of two - while their immune system is still forming for goodness sake?

This is how the Illuminati families are seeking to instigate a mass cull of the population. By dismantling the body's natural defense to disease.

Now, here's the real shocker. What destroys the immune system quicker than anything else?


You can add radiation to that as well. Chemotherapy is a poison designed to kill cells. Er..., that's it.
The 'cutting-edge' of mainstream cancer 'treatment' is to poison the victim and hope that you kill the cancer cells before you have killed enough healthy cells to kill the patient.

But wait. This chemotherapy poison also kills the cells of the immune system and leaves it shot to pieces. And the Candida is still there.

This devastated immune system cannot respond effectively to the Candida and it takes over other parts of the body to start the process again, so causing the cancer to spread. Even those who appear to have recovered after surgery and chemotherapy and been given 'the all-clear' are just a ticking clock.

Their immune system is now shattered and it is only a matter of time before the Candida triggers a relapse. In other words:

Chemotherapy is killing the people it is supposed to be curing.

Of course, it can never 'cure' anyone of anything, except life. It is a poison destroying the very system that we need to be healthy and strong if we are to be cured.

When Simoncini realized that cancer is a fungal infection, or infestation, he went in search of something that would kill the fungus and so remove the cancer.
He realized that anti-fungal drugs don't work because the fungus quickly mutates to defend itself and then even starts to feed off the drugs that are prescribed to kill it.
Instead, Simoncini found something much, much simpler - sodium bicarbonate. Yes, the main ingredient in good old baking soda (but I stress not the same as baking soda, which has other ingredients).

He used this because it is a powerful destroyer of fungus and, unlike the drugs, the Candida cannot 'adapt' to it.
The patient is given sodium bicarbonate orally and through internal means like an endoscope, a long thin tube that doctors use to see inside the body without surgery. This allows the sodium bicarbonate to be placed directly on the cancer - the fungus.

The ancient Egyptians knew about the healing properties of anti-fungal substances and Indian books going back a thousand years actually recommend 'alkaline of strong potency' for treating cancer.

In 1983, Simoncini treated an Italian man, Gennaro Sangermano, who had been given months to live with lung cancer. A few months later he wasn't dead, he was back to health and the cancer was gone.

More success followed and Simoncini presented his findings to the Italian Department of Health in the hope that they would begin scientifically-approved trials to show that it worked.
But he was to learn the true scale of medical manipulation and deceit.
The authorities not only ignored his documentation, he was disbarred from the Italian Medical Order for prescribing cures that had not been approved. Yep, I really said that - for prescribing cures that had not been approved.

He was subjected to a vicious campaign of ridicule and condemnation by the pathetic media and then jailed for three years for causing 'wrongful death' to patients he had treated. From all angles the word was out - get Simoncini.

The medical establishment said that his claims about sodium bicarbonate were 'crazy' and 'dangerous'. One 'leading doctor' even ludicrously referred to sodium bicarbonate as a 'drug'.

All the time millions of people were dying from cancers that could have been treated effectively. These people don't give a shit.
Tullio Simoncini is, thankfully, no quitter and he has continued to circulate his work on the Internet and in public talks. I heard of him through Mike Lambert at the Shen Clinic and Simoncini spoke there while I was away in the United States.

I know that he is having remarkable success in dramatically reducing and removing altogether even some real late stage cancers using sodium bicarbonate. This can take months in some cases, but in others, like breast cancer where the tumor is easily accessible, it can be days before it is no more.

People are also curing themselves under Simoncini's guidance and at the end of this article I have linked to some videos in which you can hear people talk about their experiences and cures.

I wrote a newsletter last April about the fact that cancer is a fungus in an article about the findings of two British scientists and researchers, Professor Gerry Potter of the Cancer Drug Discovery Group and Professor Dan Burke.
Their combined findings reveal the following ...
Cancer cells have a unique 'biomarker' that normal cells do not, an enzyme called CYP1B1 (pronounced sip-one-bee-one). Enzymes are proteins that 'catalyze' (increase the rate of) chemical reactions.

The CYP1B1 alters the chemical structure of something called salvestrols that are found naturally in many fruit and vegetables. This chemical change turns the salvestrols into an agent that kills cancer cells, but does no harm to healthy cells.
The synchronicity is perfect. The CYP1B1 enzyme appears only in cancer cells and it reacts with salvestrols in fruit and vegetables to create a chemical substance that kills only cancer cells.

But here's the point with regard to cancer being a fungus.
Salvestrols are the natural defense system in fruit and vegetables against fungal attacks and that's why you only find them in those species subject to fungus damage, like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, blackcurrants, redcurrants, blackberries, cranberries, apples, pears, green vegetables (especially broccoli and the cabbage family), artichokes, red and yellow peppers, avocados, watercress, asparagus and aubergines.

What's more, the Big Pharma/Big Biotech cartels know all this and they have done two major things to undermine this natural defense from the fungal attack that is cancer.
  1. The chemical fungicide sprays used in modern farming kill fungus artificially and this means the plants and crops do not have to trigger their own defense - salvestrols. You only find them in any amount today in organically grown food
  2. The most widely-used fungicides are very powerful blockers of CYP1B1 and so if you eat enough chemically-produced food it wouldn't matter how many salvestrols you consumed they would not be activated into the cancer-destroying agent they are designed to be
This is not by accident, but by calculated design, as were, and are, the attempts by the establishment to destroy Tullio Simoncini.
The families want people to die of cancer, not be cured of it. They are mentally and emotionally as sick as you can imagine and see humans as sheep and cattle.

They don't care how much distress, suffering and death their manipulation and suppression will cause - the more the better from their insane perspective. And that is what these people are... insane.

But Simoncini refuses to buckle and continues to campaign for what has seen is an effective treatment for cancer, while, in the 'real' world, the number of cancer deaths goes on rising incessantly because of treatments that don't work based on assumptions that aren't true.

It is indeed a crazy, crazy society, but then, from the perspective of the bloodline families, it's meant to be. Thank goodness for courageous and committed people like Tullio Simoncini.
We need more like him - and quick.
What a stark contrast he is to those who serve the medical establishment. When Simoncini spoke at the Shen Clinic a few weeks ago (below video) some local doctors dismissed him before he arrived and ridiculed his views.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini and The Cure of Cancer
The Shen Clinic

They were invited along to his talk, which would have been of enormous potential benefit to their patients. Chairs were reserved for them to hear what Simoncini was saying first hand and give them the chance to ask any questions.

What happened?

They never came.
Additional Information