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Micheal Jackson

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  • Find the center with the best success rate for your diagnosis
  • Explain treatments and protocols
  • Provide orientation on cost and length of stay
  • Help you set up free doctor consultations for you
  • Explain how to file insurance claims
  • Help you set up free transportation from the San Diego airport to the clinic
  • As a patient advocacy center, Our services are always free to cancer patients and their families, all we ask in return is that if you do decide to assist to a center in Mexico, you let us know what your experience was both during your stay and post-discharge
For years, patients have been going to Baja Mexico for natural cancer treatments.  Mexican cancer clinics offer holistic treatments that are painless, non-invasive and have no side effects.

In the USA and many other countries, the standard of care is surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. In Mexico, doctors bring in successful proven treatments from around the world, and in most cases, their success rate is higher than conventional treatments alone.

In the US alone, over 500,000 people go out of the country now for cancer treatments. We can help you find the clinic that is right for you.


We have 20 years of experience, and collaborte with many different clinics. We hear patient feedback every day so our information is up to date.

Baja is just minutes from the US border. There are no language barriers as these dedicated doctors and their staff speak English.

Our patient advocacy center will help you navigate your way through the overwhelming amount of info out there.

Hundreds of websites tout everything from stem cells to hyperthermia.  How do you know which ones are legit?

For over 20 years, we have worked with some of the best hospitals in Mexico and abroad.

Every day, we hear patient feedback so we keep current on the clinic conditions, staff, success rates and follow up programs.


Which Clinic Has The Best Success For Your Diagnosis?

Natural Cancer Treatment Centers.  Because we work with many hospitals, we can be objective in our assessments.  We assist hundreds of patients every year, so we know which facilities are having the best success with what types of cancer. And that’s the bottom line – it’s what every patient wants to know – can you really help me?  We can also explain treatment protocols, costs, length of stay, insurance coverage, financing and aftercare.  

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Most reputable Mexican cancer clinics are located in Baja, California, just across the border from San Diego, California.


There is no language barrier as these dedicated doctors and their staff speak English - in fact, in Baja you are only minutes away from the US border.

These clinics will send a driver to pick you up at the San Diego airport. The clinics provide all the amenities of a US hospital - satellite TV, DVD players, WiFi, etc. World renowned cancer clinics such as Angeles Functional Oncology and Integrative Whole Health Clinic are dedicated to providing safe and effective natural and alternative cancer treatments.

Alternative Cancer Therapies

You're not far from home - a 15 minute car ride will take you to the border.

Treatments cost much less in Mexico, and travel is less expensive than the long trip to European clinics. And many insurance companies will reimburse you for the cost of treatments across the border. Mexican hospitals will treat your whole body - they minister to your emotional, spiritual and physical needs, treating body, mind and spirit.


Most Cecnters provide nutritional counseling to help you understand the need for proper nutrition as part of your protocol.

Doctors here take time to talk with you, usually every day, to answer your questions, and go over your progress. Some doctors will pray with you. They treat you like family, and they are not under pressure from insurance companies to see fifty patients a day.

Many doctors choose to practice in Mexico because they want to be free to do whatever is best for the patient, and they can offer treatments and medicines used around the world – except in the US - where it takes millions of dollars to get a new drug approved.

Most treatments here are non-toxic, non-invasive and have no side effects. Some clinics combine conventional medicine with alternative treatments, and some offer only safe, proven natural treatments.

Our patient advocates will be your partner on your journey back to health. Call us today!


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Repost 2013 Subluxation

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neurological conditions such as MS and Parkinson's and Atlas subluxation


The atlas subluxation is so common yet so easily missed by mainstream medical practitioners. This problem is not very difficult to detect, in fact my daughter has become quite adept at picking out people walking down the street who exhibit the hallmarks of this upper cervical subluxation. There are maybe two reasons why most medical doctors do not detect this phenomenon. One could be that they doubt completely the existence of such subluxations and the other is maybe that their training is focussed on looking for major problems like dislocations, fractures, tumours and the like. The purpose of this section is to summarise what an atlas subluxation looks like and what actually happens to one's body when one does sustain such a misalignment of one's atlas. There is a wealth of information in medical texts, on websites and in scientific papers that provide more in-depth information. Hopefully, my summary will assist the layperson to understand the phenomenon, which is "the atlas subluxation".
The term 'subluxation' means 'minor misalignment' however the affects on the human body as a result of a subluxation of the first cervical vertebra (C1 or atlas) with respect to the skull can be far from 'minor'. To understand what the 'anatomy of an atlas subluxation' looks like it's first important to understand the anatomy of the atlas. The following graphic depicts the atlas (C1) vertebra articulating with the axis (C2) vertebra below it. The spinal cord with exiting spinal nerves can be seen tethered by dentate ligaments to the inner margins of the vertebral foramen. The human skull via the occipital condyles at the base of the skull sits on top of (or articulates with) the superior articular condylar surface of the atlas. According to Gray's Anatomy[1] "This articulation is a double condyloid joint. Its ligaments are the Anterior Occipito-atlantal, Posterior Occipito-atlantal, two Lateral Occipital-atlantal and two Capsular." There is a passage on each side in the Posterior Occipito-atlantal ligament to allow penetration of the vertebral arteries and 1st cervical nerves. The vertebral arteries exit the foramen in the atlas transverse processes; penetrate the ligament and then loop up into the brain. A number of strong ligaments support the skull and its contents and attach it to the cervical spine. Many other ligaments and muscles enable movement, bending, twisting and head rotation. There are other key structures within the vicinity of the atlas and supporting ligaments. These are 4 pairs of cranial nerves, namely the vagus, spinal accessory, glossopharyngeal and hypoglossal. The common carotid arteries, which run underneath the sternocleidomastoid muscle and jugular veins, are also present in the tissues of the neck. At the base of the neck near the junction of the shoulders there are some deep muscles known as the scalenes. These are the posterior, middle and anterior scalenes. The anterior scalenes are of particular interest as they are in very close proximity to the brachial plexus of nerves and the origin of the vertebral arteries where they leave the subclavian arteries. Even though the atlas is at the top of the cervical spine and the above-mentioned structures are near the base of the neck, a subluxation of the atlas and skull can result in these scalenes compressing the brachial plexus and/or the vertebral arteries. This is due to altered weight bearing from a shift in the centre of gravity of the skull, which in causes the muscles of the head and neck to strain in maintaining the head upright on the cervical spine. Also the phrenic nerve, which runs between anterior and middle scalenes on its path to the diaphragm, can be likewise affected by muscle and ligament compression and/or traction.
Atlas-C1 and Axis-C2 Superior viewsubluxation

Figure 1: Upper Cervical Spine - No subluxationFigure 1: Upper Cervical Spine – No subluxation
Figure1 opposite is a drawing of the upper cervical spine articulation between the occiput (C0), the atlas (C1) and the axis (C2). The 'usual' anatomy is for the occipital condyles (cream) of the skull to sit on the atlas condylar surfaces and for the atlas lateral masses (white) (shown cut away) to articulate with the facet joints of the axis (brown) below it. The odontoid peg or dens of the axis should sit about central to the foramen magnum. This is the front (anterior) view, if you were looking directly at the face of this person. The double condyloid joints are represented in this drawing by the 'gaps' between the occiput and atlas lateral masses.
Figure 2: Upper Cervical Spine - Skull to atlas subluxation Figure 2: Upper Cervical Spine – Skull to atlas subluxation
Figure 2 opposite shows what can happen to the 'usual' anatomy in Figure 1, when a force is applied to the skull on one side. The blue arrow indicates the direction of trauma, which in this case is from the left side of the person's head. This trauma can take many forms. In my case it was my head striking the ground in a football tackle. For one little girl it was falling out of bed and hitting her head on the bedside table and for another lady playing basketball, it was a direct hit to the jaw. The force is enough to push the skull sideways as it slides along the atlas condylar surface. The occipital condyles of the skull can slide off (over or underlap) the atlas condylar surface, however the anatomy and the restraining ligaments limit this over and underlapping. The result in this example is a head tilted to the left, and an atlas that's high (elevated) on the right. The axis dens is no longer central to the foramen magnum. See then animation OCCIPUT TO ALTAS SUBLUXATION to view the mechanism of injury. The actual slope of the atlas condyles will determine whether or not the atlas will actually rotate a little with respect to the occiput (skull) and to the axis (C2). Flatter condyles will result in slight rotation of the atlas, whereas steep angled condyles will most likely not produce a great deal of rotation. The skull is quite heavy thus any change in the centre of gravity will most likely produce undesirable stresses on structures within the tissues of the cervical spine. This situation has important implications for the spinal cord, which leaves the foramen magnum and travels through the foramen (holes) in the atlas and other skeletal vertebrae to the base of the spine. This also has important implications for the vertebral arteries, which travel through the cervical spine from C6 to the atlas, for the carotid arteries, which travel beneath the sternocleidomastoid muscles, and for the cranial nerves leaving foramen in the skull base. All of these structures have the potential to be trapped, compressed, stretched or otherwise interfered with by the taught muscles and ligaments involved in maintaining the skull and its contents on top of the cervical spine. The resultant stresses on arteries could yield reduction in oxygenated blood flow to the brain, and on cranial nerves could result in attenuation of nervous system signals to and from the brain. The cranial nerves which are potentially involved are the vagus, spinal accessory, glossopharyngeal and hypoglossal. Of course these arteries and nerves are of major importance to proper functioning and maintenance of the human body.
Figure 3: Even Death does not hide the proof! Figure 3: Even Death does not hide the proof!
(Source: The Chiropractic Story silently told in a medical museum – William G. Blair D.C., Ph. C., F.I.C.A., ©1973)
Copyright permission granted by Mrs Blair and Dr. E. Addington, Blair Chiropractic Clinic, Lubbock, Texas, USA.
Figure 3 opposite is the skeleton of a soldier from the Spanish American War (1898). He developed chronic rheumatoid arthritis, the disease progressing and fusing most of his joints from his skull to his sacrum. His teeth had to be removed in order to feed him since the rheumatoid arthritis had also fused his jaw. Following his death and in accordance with his will his body was given to the Army Medical Museum. His family honoured his request and the skeleton is today displayed in the museum. Dr. William G. Blair was given permission to examine and photograph the skeleton. Figure 3, shows the head inclination as a result of a subluxation in the upper cervical spine. Since rheumatoid arthritis does not progress in death it is demonstrably obvious that the "spinal joints are fixed in the same position they occupied at the time of fusion occurred" and "since fusion can take place only in a living person, the present position of these spinal vertebra in death are the same as they were during life". These images are powerful and help to prove the existence of such subluxations of the upper cervical spine, which are the focus of specific upper cervical chiropractors like Dr. Blair and of my website. I suggest that it would be interesting indeed to hypothesise that rheumatoid arthritis is one sequelae of subluxations like this of the upper cervical spine. Fusing of joints may well be the body's way of protecting the spinal cord, brainstem and surrounding neurological and vascular structures from damage, by allowing no additional movement, which would compromise them further. Certainly it would not be the only disease process, which would be initiated if someone sustained such a condition! This injury is so high up and so close to the human central processing unit and other structures, as mentioned earlier, that it's not hard to visualise such subluxations may well be a root cause of human illness.
Figure 4: A close look at the subluxation!Figure 4: A close look at the subluxation!
Page 9 of Dr. Blair’s document (The Chiropractic Story silently told in a medical museum – William G. Blair D.C., Ph. C., F.I.C.A., ©1973) shows the photograph in Figure 4 opposite. Let’s have a closer look at the anatomy of this subluxation. The numbered structures are: 1. Right mastoid process; 2. Right styloid process; 3. Right side occipital bone; 4. Right occipital condyle; 5. right lateral mass of the atlas (C1); 6. Right side posterior arch of atlas; 7. Right lamina of axis (C2).
According to Blair, "You will note the fusion of all three cervical vertebrae. These vertebra are fused not only at the usual joints but also at an unusual union of the posterior arch of first cervical (6) with the right lamina of the second cervical (7). Since the growing together process can take place only in the living body, every structure is fused in the exact position it occupied during life.
Continuing our examination of Figure 4, note the two arrows. The arrow on the left points to the outside (distal) margin of the right occipital condyle (4). The arrow on the right points to the outside (distal) margin of the right lateral mass of the first cervical vertebra (5). These are the margins of the adjoining joint surfaces. Without misalignment the two arrows would line up, instead there is displacement. The first cervical vertebra is decidedly misaligned with the skull. By actual measurement on the skeleton this displacement amounts to 3/8 of an inch (approx. 1cm). The second and third cervical vertebrae have followed the first cervical vertebra to the misaligned position."
Figure 5: An even closer look at the subluxation!Figure 5: An even closer look at the subluxation!
Page 10 of Dr. Blair's document shows these numbered structures: 1. Right mastoid process; 2. Right styloid process; 4. Right occipital condyle; 5. right lateral mass of the atlas (C1); 6. Right side posterior arch of atlas; 9. Right jaw (ramus of mandible). According to Dr. Blair, "Note the two arrows. The arrow on the left points to the front (anterior) margin of the right occipital condyle. The arrow on the right points to the front (anterior) margin of the right lateral mass of the first cervical vertebra. Again these margins are of adjoining joint surfaces. If there were no misalignment, the two arrows would line up. Again there is displacement. Again the first cervical vertebra is decidedly misaligned with the skull. The actual amount of misalignment on the skeleton is 5/8 inch (approx. 1.6cm). Also note the bony fusion of first cervical lateral mass, number 5, to the body of the second cervical vertebra below and to the occipital condyle above, number 4. These structures having grown together during life are found in exactly the same position after death as they were during life. The body of the second cervical vertebra has followed the atlas to the misaligned position and is aligned (juxtaposition) with the atlas."

Figure 6: The Effects of the Atlas SubluxationFigure 6: The Effects of the Atlas Subluxation
(Figure 6 - reprinted with permission from Daniel O. Clark D.C., Website:
Figure 6 opposite provides information about the effect an atlas subluxation will have on the surrounding ligaments and muscles. In this case the head is tilted to the right, the chin will be rotated to the left and the neck will be in a left inflexion. The ligaments and muscles in the sub-occipital area and those holding the head on to the cervical spine will now be under stress and/or go into spasm. The spinal cord (brainstem just above C1) will be 'kinked' at the craniocervical junction (skull to atlas articulation). See the animation KINK SUBLUXATION to view the mechanism of injury. The average human skull and its contents weigh in at around 4.5 to 6 kg (approx. 10 to 14 pounds), and under normal circumstances one can bend and rotate their neck without compromising the critical neurological structures at this level. However, when this 4.5kg (10 pounds) 'bowling ball' is shifted the whole centre of gravity throughout the cervical spine changes and this altered weight bearing will have negative effects on neurological and vascular structures at the base of the skull and throughout the neck, especially those structures which are in close proximity to the muscles under stress. Remember that the vertebral arteries and 1st cervical nerves pierce the posterior occipito-atlantal ligament and it is highly possible that this and other ligaments will irritate both these structures. The sub-occipital and cervical ligaments and muscles implicated in this situation include but are not limited to the rectus capitus posterior minor and major, obliquus capitis superior, obliquus capitis inferior, sternocleidomastoid, leveator scapula, trapezius and scalenes (in particular the anterior scalenes). Go to a bowling alley and pick up a 10-pound bowling ball. Balance the ball on your fingers and then tilt your hand so that the centre of gravity is now altered. You will soon find out how hard it is to maintain this position for very long. I know that in my own circumstance, my trapezius muscles were so painful that I found it relieving to allow my head posture to go forward, although over time the only relief was through putting my head down on a surface or laying down in a bed. The stressed muscles and those in spasm will begin to waste and over time this is very noticeable in sick people. Their posture can be used as window into their health. There is so much atrophy in the neck and shoulder muscles of people with obvious atlas subluxations that part of the healing process or approach, after the correction of the atlas subluxation, must include rehabilitation of these muscles. This atrophy is very noticeable in people suffering from Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological diseases. For further information on a suggested rehabilitation process for sufferers of an atlas subluxation see my section "A NEW APPROACH TO WELLNESS"
Figure 7: The Effects of the Atlas SubluxationFigure 7: The Effects of the Atlas Subluxation
(Figure 7 reprinted with permission from Daniel O. Clark D.C., Website:
Figure 7 opposite explains what happens to your body if you unfortunate enough to sustain a head injury which shifts your skull on your atlas and results in a skull to atlas subluxation. Make no mistake for this is exactly what happens. The ramifications of the subluxation can extend to all parts of your body. In the most benign of these subluxations you may only experience a little lower back pain and in the more serious your whole body can be racked with pain and dysfunction. The tight sub-occipital ligaments and cervical spine muscles can be responsible for headaches or migraines as well as neck pain.
Figure 8: Myodural Bridge
Some years back Gary Hack D.D.S. et al 1995. "Anatomic relation between the rectus capitus posterior minor and the dura mater" Spine 20 (23): 2484-2486 discovers a previously unknown ligament directly attaching the posterior arch of the atlas to the dura mater of the brainstem and cerebellum. This attachment has become known as the myodural bridge and it is shown following in Figure 8.
The structures numbered in this dissection are as follows; 1. Posterior arch of the atlas; 2. Posterior occipital bone; 3. Rectus capitus posterior minor (RCPMI); 4; Dura mater of brainstem and cerebellum. The arrows indicate the myodural bridge attaching the posterior arch of the atlas to the dura mater of the brainstem & cerebellum. It is not difficult to see that any misalignment of the atlas with respect to the skull could traction the dura mater of the brainstem and cerebellum area. What would be the effects of such traction? Certainly it is possible for headaches and migraines to be an effect, but also there may well be other consequences. Researchers at Michigan State University; "College of Osteopathic Medicine" suggest "that the function of the RCPMI muscle is to provide static and dynamic proprioceptive feedback to the CNS (central nervous system), monitoring movement of the head and influencing movement of the surrounding musculature." In fact amongst other joints, the joints of the upper cervical spine are rich in proprioceptors, which provide positional feedback to the brain, in order for the brain to understand where the joints and therefore the head are in space and to make appropriate adjustments during movement. Close your eyes and point your first fingers on both hands. Now try and touch the tips of these fingers without opening your eyes. Your ability to touch your fingertips is an indication of your proprio receptive abilities. Any problems in this area may well be responsible for over and under corrections made by your brain, which would manifest as dizziness or balance disorders. Atlas subluxations, especially because they go hand in hand with some atrophy of these sub-occipital cervical muscles, could manifest as dizziness and/or balance disorders. Meniere's Disease has been associated with cervical dysfunction in a number of medical papers, and I have personally witnessed and know of other people diagnosed with Meniere's Disease who have had dramatic reversal of the disease's symptoms following upper cervical correction to their atlas vertebra by specific upper cervical chiropractors. This deserves further investigation as Meniere's Disease and other balance disorders are highly distressing to sufferers.
Now looking at Figure 7 further you will note that because the skull is tilted the pelvis will pull up on one side to compensate for the body imbalance and pull that leg off the ground. This is known as a functional short leg as opposed to an anatomical short leg. Of course, the leg is not off the ground because the weight of the body keeps it on the ground during walking. With the pelvis pulling up on one side the spinal column will now twist into scoliosis. Now the back muscles are contracting on one side which creates trigger points mainly at the 's' bend points in the scoliosis, lower back pain is evident and now hip problems can be a result. Leave this for long enough and the result may be surgical replacement of a degenerated hip. Knee, ankle, groin and calf problems can be a direct result, which people normally pass off as an aging thing or an accident. For me this explains the back pain all the way down my back and my ankle and knee problems, which corrected following correction of my atlas subluxation. The brain is the key initiator of this lifting of the pelvis, in order to align the pelvis and skeleton underneath the skull. There are cases of scoliosis that have resolved completely or at least improved considerably following upper cervical specific chiropractic correction of an atlas subluxation. Re-position the skull on top of the atlas, and thus cervical spine and the pelvis will be realigned directly underneath the skull.
Figures 9 & 10: NUCCA Types
Figures 9 & 10 reprinted with permission of National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association - see Website with special thanks to Robert Goodman, D.C. NUCCA

Figure 9

Figure 10
These graphics from the NUCCA site also show further the types of subluxations that can occur at the upper cervical spine level.
Which one actually occurs in each individual really depends upon their prevailing anatomy at that level and the direction and amplitude of the force imparted during the trauma they received. While it is not always the case, I have noticed that some people who have particularly large misalignments in their upper cervical spine sometimes can exhibit only minor symptoms, whilst others who have less of a misalignment can be in a very bad state in terms of the symptoms they are experiencing

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Sometimes I sit and wonder, why me? why me? ............ and it's because

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Ear Acupucture (I think these may help)




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Geo engineering - is that why we are all so sick

Geoengineering is the scientifically used term for artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems through two primary ideologies, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). According to the chemtrail conspiracy theory, long-lasting trails left in the sky by high-flying aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed for sinister purposes undisclosed to the general public. Chemtrailing is the publics term for the classified ongoing artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems using reflective nano-materials (aerosols) to reflect sunlight. The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds. Because of the widespread popularity of the conspiracy theory, official agencies have received many inquiries from people demanding an explanation, and rarely do the authorities make attempts for Accountability to the public, citing its a conspiracy and not worth investigating. Believers and experiencers in the conspiracy theory speculate that the purpose of the claimed chemical release may be solar radiation management, psychological manipulation, human population control, weather modification, or biological or chemical warfare, and that the trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems.
Our ongoing research and direct experiences with Chemtrailing points that this is indeed true. Geoengineering is related to bioengineering, and both point to the Transhumanism agenda implemented by the NAA and their human puppets or representatives in military or government office. We have observed the energetic weakness that occurs in the planetary body as the result of Chemtrailing, such as micro black holes and burned out lesions punched throughout the matrix of the field, as well as the growth and proliferation of a variety of microorganism that prove to be toxic to the natural flora and fauna of earth. Obviously, what is toxic to the earth is also toxic to humans.  Chemtrails also seem to have magnetic particle attractors that resonate to certain programmable targets to adhere to those same frequencies implanted in the human public, when they are sprayed over certain demographics. The particle attractors that may be sprayed in Chemtrails have been observed to trigger bio-etheric implants, we call them Alien implants, even though these implants may have been sourced from human covert military operations. This is because whether it’s a human being acting on classified military orders, or an Alien group contributing to the artificial intelligence signal that is pulsed in the earth to magnetize these implants, all mind control and implant technology ultimately serve one source only, the Negative Alien Agenda. Geoengineering and its direct relationship to bioengineering, will not be discussed and disseminated appropriately to the science community or public until the earth has full disclosure on the involvement of off world human civilizations, as well as the Extraterrestrial involvement influencing earthly and human affairs.
Geo-Engineering is Bio-Engineering
Please note that Alien Implants work in the human body similarly as the chemical process of Geoengineering is used in spraying Chemtrails in the skies. Alien implants are a bio-engineering technology designed to shape the human body into the submission to agendas, while chemical (nanoparticle) geo-engineering is used primarily to control the weather by harming the ozone layer, create excessive methane gases and disrupt the nitrogen cycle. Nitrogen is a chemical element with the atomic number 7. It is a transparent, odorless diatomic gas. Nitrogen is a common element in the universe, and many of the invading Reptoids breathe and flourish in 100% nitrogen rich environments, rather than earth’s oxygenated atmosphere. The Reptoids would prefer the earth to return to a full nitrogen atmosphere, as it was during the Triassic age of dinosaurs, who are a reptilian created species that roamed the earth.
In the case of chemical sprays or implants, when foreign (unnatural) material is introduced to the natural body it disrupts the electromagnetic energetic balance and the homeostatic rhythm of the body. This puts the body in hyper-immunity state and/or adrenal exhaustion while fighting off the “invader”. The body develops coping mechanisms to deal with the foreign invader while extreme stress is placed on the central nervous system, brain and immune system. As with chemtrails, Alien Implants most generally act as a “metallic” frequency overload and exposure to impact the overall bodily energies and its auric field. Eventually, this disrupts the body organism and as a result, Parasites, fungi, yeast and other microorganisms become overgrown and imbalanced in the body, creating a variety of disease states. It is important to understand that energetic parasites (this is just one byproduct of alien implants) eventually manifest turning into a variety of physical parasites in the human body. Physical parasites impact all bodily functions, mental body functions and thought-forms, induce emotionally hysterical states, as well as promote disconnection from the inner self and spiritual energies. If the body is heavily implanted, and therefore parasitic, anti-parasitic therapy such as cleanses or fasts are highly suggested along with meditation practices, to regain energetic balance in the homeostatic organism of the entire body, mind and spirit. (If you are new to cleansing please research to help inform yourself of the phases of cleansing the bodily internal organs to help you regain energetic balance and energetic health.)
Q. When will Chemtrails stop?
A. I just want to say that this is obviously very hard on all of us in our hearts, when we recognize the destruction and damage that the chemtrails are intended to place on planet Earth and humanity. The sadness of this is that the many human beings that carry out the particular task of putting chemtrails in our sky are a part of the military, a part of the government; and unfortunately their levels of working, are at an automaton level. They’re not questioning what they’re doing, or the harm they are causing to others, because they’ve been given orders to carry out classified top secret projects, and they are being told that they are saving the human race and earth, rather than hurting them. The military would not be in existence unless they were organized as they are to wield absolute authority in the guise of hidden top secret projects that are a matter of National Security. They exist with factions that have been given absolute power, no accountability, compartmentalized in rank, and many feel they are above the Law, to be able to give orders to those of less rank and tell them, “do this or else”.  So unfortunately we have a lot of human beings that just take orders and don’t ask any questions, and carry out these horrible crimes against humanity such as chemtrails.
The issue with chemtrails and why they are not going to stop, is that they’re controlled ultimately, at the higher levels of the food chain here – they’re controlled by the negative aliens.  Even though humans are mostly responsible in carrying this agenda out, the higher level is that there is the agenda to keep the chemtrails going because the chemtrails are changing the geophysical structure of our planet Earth.
This comes into understanding other branches of the same dark agenda on genetic food modification, that is designed to change the actual physical elemental structures of food and water. There are parts of controlling the food, water and air supply, in so that they will be able to potentially exist on the surface of the earth at some point in the future. If they decide that they want to exist on the surface of the earth, they want to create those conditions, which they aren’t exactly fully able to be on the earth surface right now, unless they hijack a human body. Meaning, the eventual goal for some of these entities is that their physical alien body and non-human body is actually walking around down here, and flourishing in an environment that supports their biology.
The chemtrails, one of the things that’s interesting about chemtrails is that,  the military and the governments are responsible for sending out the chemtrails.  Many people believe that what they’re doing is changing weather patterns and that changing the weather pattern is good.  It is hard to understand logically how going against the natural laws is considered good – when you go that far against nature it’s never a good outcome.  So understanding that arrogant mindset to bend nature to technology doesn’t make any sense to me, but a lot of people actually are very positive about genetic food modification and changing the weather patterns, as if this isn’t going to hurt anybody. Most of these people are not aware of the existence of the bio-energetic field that makes up the living matrix of all things.
The chemtrails are ultimately designed – what I notice and what I feel also – is to create pathogenic material in the form of microorganism fungus and mold in the planetary crust and lower atmosphere.  One thing I started to notice about 13 years ago, is that everybody has some level of candida infection;  and I often wondered, all of the major diseases that are diagnosed in the medical system today: they are never recognized as sourced from microorganisms, toxins that either pollute, or allow parasites to deeply infest the matrix of the body.  When you start to understand the spiritual-energetic organism of the human body and our relationship to nature,  and how when we’re out of balance with nature, we start to get infections and then diseases.  Microorganisms and pathogens start to grow in the environment and body, when we’re not in balance with ourselves.
So when you put chemtrails out into the air, this creates imbalance: first of all, it can be used for purely medical testing to look for certain genetic anomalies that you created conditions and now want to see what happens.  ‘Well let’s see, if we put some nanoparticles out there and this group of humans breathes it in, what happens to them?  And then let’s give them a vaccination to act as the catalyst for that chemical compound and see what kind of disease comes out of that.’   This is the sick truth of some aspects of this agenda.  The other part is understanding that when we put chemtrails in the sky like this, we’re changing the natural compounds of the various elementals of our planet.  What they’re finding these days is that many species on the surface of the planet are actually expiring, we are in extinction crisis of species because they’re being eaten and overrun by fungus. This is an unapproved topic in the controlled media, so humans see very little of this being reported.
When the fungus is introduced into the body, this creates multiple versions of microorganism hybridization in the body (also known as pleomorphism) which starts to create a terrain for multiple cancers.  This is why when we look at cancer, there is a tremendous amount of relationship and connection in the naturopathic world – not the allopathic or Western medicine world – in knowing that fungus and certain strains of candida, mold and aspergillus, these mold and yeast forms actually create the terrain where cancer can actually be easily cultivated or cultured in the human body.
So the chemtrails are not going to stop until there is a change with extraterrestrial and Secret Space program disclosure on this planet.  When we understand actually what the ultimate source of the motivation behind the chemtrails are, because that motivation is not being shared with the human public, because it is deeply entrenched with the negative alien agenda.  This is one of the major issues, just like with Monsantos involvement with chemicals, genetic food modification and cloning and whatever else they’re doing out there:  these are all related to the genetic modification agenda of bioengineering and Transhumanism,  which is coming from the Orion groups, from the negative alien groups.  If you want to know how the Orion groups behave and think, bring to mind the insanity of Adolf Hitler’s Nazism. He was personally trained by the Draconians, given the esoteric information to collaborate control in the planetary logos and elements, so that he could wield that particular terrorism on our planet.
So that is the mindset of the Orion group in elitist genetic experimenting.  There is no regard for life or humanity.  It’s practical for them to act like a mad scientist and think, ‘Well if we put an animal genes together with this human, and we sew a horse head on a human body,  what will happen and what does it look like?’ That’s the kind of twisted mentality we’re dealing with in this predator mind of the Orion and negative alien groups.
The good news with this is, is that once we understand what the chemtrails are, we can immediately take steps to help strengthen ourselves.  As an example, for myself I cannot tolerate any sugar or any fruit at all. I believe this is from extreme fungal exposures in my life due to inhalation of toxins and chemtrails, and my mission to heal the Mother principle, of which fungus represents the decay of the Mothers body. I know that this is because I’ve had to strengthen my immune system from an onslaught of candida and fungus that has been there for probably as long as I can remember.
So a lot of us when we understand the source of this, we can take steps from an informed awareness to strengthen and heal our body.  Whether it’s qi gong, whether it’s breath work, cleansing and whole foods (when possible) whether it’s meditation – all of this awareness helps to change the impact this has to your body and consciousness. Remember that meditation changes your consciousness, changes your body.  You can talk to parts of your body.  Resting, and not allowing yourself to get stressed out, while employing periods of intermittent fasting and detoxification is extremely helpful.
One of my favorite things is the implementation of frequency devices that explode the yeast forms via Rife machines or photonic light tubes.  Not all of us may have frequency devices available, but there many different things that we can do when we stop and listen to our body and we ask,  ‘Body, what do you need?  What do I need to strengthen my immunity?  What do I need to strengthen my consciousness?’  Because when your consciousness is strengthened, your body is strengthened, and they go two and two together.
We also have meditations in our community that are designed to help – such as the health upgrade.   Many of the meditations are about strengthening the physical vehicle, making the physical body a strong spiritual foundation so your spirit can commandeer your physical body.  There is a saying in ancient Eastern medicine that the Shen takes over the body at a certain point, and I have experienced this to be exactly true.  ‘The Shen’ is a way to say your inner spirit.
When we get beyond certain ego filters and start to understand the world of energy, that everything is a vibration,  and we discipline our mind to not live in fear of our physical health anymore, we start to recognize the Ascension symptoms have certain symptoms in our body, but they’re not disease symptoms. There is a frequency difference from Ascension detox symptoms and disease symptoms generated from the regular 3rd dimensional person, who’s living fully in ego and dealing with the medical system. One starts to feel these changes moving through our body and learn that everything is energetic, and from that particular state, we can get a lot of impressions and information that help bring overall balance to the body at a different level.  This is when the inner spirit has taken over the body, because you allowed a space for the spirit to exist and be nourished inside you. One recognizes that this isn’t exactly an ego faculty that’s doing this symptom. When we don’t understand that, when we don’t have tools to understand that everything is energy and everything is vibrational, we can get really bogged down and scared when our physical body starts having these types of symptoms.  So know that we have the consciousness, we have the strength. When we start to come into the monadic level of our being and our crystal seed atom starts to become open in the higher chest area, this also strengthens the immune system and is another level of where the monad body starts to take over the physical functions of the physical self, and it’s a much different process than the uninitiated third dimensional person.
It doesn’t mean you feel fantastic all the time, because we are going through Ascension symptoms and you’re transmuting lower density patterns into higher vibrating forms. There will be a type of byproduct of purification that is needed with that.  This process of embodiment of higher frequency is way beyond us, this body has an intelligence and once we connect it with our spiritual selves, it changes everything.
Being aware of chemtrails is important.  Being scared of them is another thing.  Don’t be scared or in terror of chemtrails;  know that our first objective is to strengthen our bodies, strengthen our consciousness.
When we become more adept on the Ascension path, we can also communicate with the forces of nature such as the Sylphs, such as the wind spirits, to help us with chemtrails.  I know that there are some people in our community that are already doing that and have been doing that for a long time, communicating with the devas of the Sylphs. This means the living consciousness spirits of the clouds, of the wind, the consciousness of air, and working in companionship, partnership and love with these particular natural elements to help us to deflect the harmful impacts of chemtrails.
If all humans had access to this knowledge, we would have nothing to worry about with these chemtrails.  But the issue is, is that the majority of people don’t know the purpose of them, it’s a hidden agenda, and they are deceiving the public, and this is where they get their foot in the door and are allowed to burrow in deeper.  Because we don’t understand what’s going on and the web of deceit grows and grows, it gets even more complicated and compartmentalized, so that, very few people know the whole truth at all.
Be aware that any person who seeks to find the truth about Geoengineering, Bioengineering and Chemtrails, will be accused of being a conspiracy theorist and further, marginalized, discredited and in some cases, psychically attacked...Read More at Energetic Synthesis