Monday, 6 June 2016

Does a misaligned Atlas irritate the vagus nerve, that then causes CCSVI or is it vice versa, one thing is for sure, they are linked

Now there is again a great deal of money being made out of CCSVI and in many many cases scarring is caused and stents do not hold plus no benefit is experienced.

A symptom is being treated such as CCSVI. clinics profit left right and centre, it's criminal really, people are being duped, by originally being misdiagnosed with a disease that does not exist and that in turn has been a huge worldwide money spinner.

And it's not just ms it's ALL neurological disorders, plus Candida can also be involved a condition that causes diabetes to cancer.

With the yeast infection Candida the body is trying to decompose as candida attacks and degenerates all organs, we  transplant infected livers, damaged lungs and hearts.

Just test for it, apparently 80% of Americans are infected and we are a close 2nd it's a hidden epidemic

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