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Atlas and hayfever and allergies -

Atlas Vertebra

the small bone with the big effects!

  • Have you tried out everything but your ailments are still unresolved?
  • Do you want to stay healthy without making constant use of drugs?
  • Do you want to conclusively free yourself of your ailments? You must then stop fighting only the symptoms, and you must get to know ATLANTOtec!
  • Activate your body’s self-regulation with just 1 TREATMENT.
  • Discover how the realignment of the Atlas vertebra might solve headaches, migraines, vertigos, ailments consequential on whiplash, neck pain, back pain and tens of other ailments.

If you keep on reading this site, you will come to know the reason why the first cervical vertebra might be responsible for a whole series of ailments, seemingly unrelated to one other, for which therapies have so far only aimed at suppressing the pain, without succeeding in removing the cause. The realignment of the Atlas might bring relief in many cases.

Atlas Vertebra: the hidden cause of several ailments

The first cervical vertebra, called Atlas or C1, plays a primary role in the spine.
A malfunction located in that area might have a “domino” effect on the entire musculoskeletal system, the circulatory and the nervous systems, by creating imbalances and dysfunctions in various parts of the body. These malfunctions might turn, over time, into serious health problems: the body is no longer able to function the way it could and should. Quality of life proves to be seriously compromised, even though no clear-cut organic cause might be identified and diagnosed.
In this video, you will discover all that you should know about correcting the first cervical vertebra, and you will come to know the reasons why it is so important to have an aligned Atlas.

7 Facts you should know

about misalignment of the Atlas vertebra

  • The trauma of childbirth creates in many infants a permanent misalignment of the Atlas (first cervical vertebra) and sometimes also of the Axis (second cervical vertebra).
  • Following traumas, such as: whiplashes, falls, intubation during surgery under total anaesthesia, can cause or worsen the misalignment of the Atlas and of the vertebrae below it.
  • It has been found that misalignment of the Atlas is responsible for a number of disorders and conditions at both the physical and mental level.
  • Conventional medicine does not consider misalignment of the Atlas vertebra a possible cause of disorders in the patient. As a result this problem generally goes undiagnosed.
  • Failure to diagnose the problem is due to the fact that misalignment of the Atlas does not show up in regular X-rays or magnetic-resonance imaging.
  • A multi-slice helical CT scan allows misalignment to be detected clearly and measured, but only if the radiologist specifically sets up the device.
  • Leaving aside severe dislocations of the vertebrae requiring surgery, conventional medicine offers no treatment to correct the misalignment of the first cervical vertebra.
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Are your complaints

really just psychosomatic?

How many patients are told by their doctors that their problems are unknown and that they "obviously" have a psychosomatic origin? It is quite likely that your doctor doesn't know – and therefore doesn't tell you – that a misaligned Atlas might be the cause of your problems.
Chronic complaints after whiplash trauma and recurring migraine attacks or headaches find a simple, logical explanation in the Atlas misalignment. Correction of this problem offers a real, lasting solution without being forced to take drugs continuously with the ensuing side effects.
In addition, correction of the Atlas vertebra is the ideal method to improve posture, thus preventing postural defects such as functional short leg, pelvic obliquity, hyperlordosis /hollow back, kyphosis, functional scoliosis, loss of the cervical lordosis.

Some of the ailments

which have benefited from a correction of the Atlas

The negative effects of misalignment of the Atlas may manifest themselves throughout the entire body. Data collected and records of patients treated with ATLANTOtec, have enabled us to draw up a list of the most common complaints and symptoms which may be alleviated by repositioning the Atlas.
It is important to understand that not all disorders listed disappear in anyone who undergoes Atlas treatment, as they may have other causes or contributing factors.
It would be wrong to interpret correction of the Atlas as a miracle cure that can solve all problems. On the contrary, it is essential to understand that the purpose of ATLANTOtec absolutely does not consist in diagnosing or "curing" a variety of disorders, but simply in seeing whether it is necessary to treat the Atlas. What is miraculous is the to body’s self-regulation ability, once put in a position to do so!
Beschwerden Atlaskorrektur
  1. headache – tension headachemigraine
  2. chronic pain following whiplash
  3. vertigo – dizziness – unsteadiness
  4. Ménière´s disease
  5. trigeminal neuralgia
  6. jaw pain – jaw cracking
  7. chronic sinusitis
  8. asthma (may have other causes)
  9. limited or painful head rotation or bending
  10. cervical pain
  11. stiff neck – torticollis
  12. shoulder pain – one shoulder higher
  13. formication / numbness of the arms
  14. recurrent tendinitis
  15. tennis elbow / carpal tunnel syndrome
  16. muscle tensionmuscle pain
  17. back pain
  18. functional scoliosis
  19. lumbago
  20. herniated disc – disc disease – protrusion of discs
  21. compressed spinal nerves
  22. pelvic asymmetry
  23. arthritis – osteoarthritis (if arising from poor posture)
  24. sacroiliac joint pain
  25. sciatica – inflammation of the ischiadic nerve
  26. hip pain
  27. functional leg length difference
  28. pain in the legs, knees or feet
  29. chronically cold hands and feet
  30. vision disorders – recurrent eye inflammation
  31. buzzing or ringing in the earstinnitus
  32. recurrent middle ear inflammation
  33. tachycardiahypertensionlow blood pressure
  34. gastritis /gastric ulcer
  35. gastric hyperacidity
  36. gastric reflux
  37. chronic diarrheaconstipation – irritable bowel
  38. depression (if resulting from chronic pain)
  39. insomnia – falling asleep
  40. chronic fatigue
  41. chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
  42. allergies / hay fever (improvements for unknown reason)
  43. learning difficultiesdyslexia (difficulty reading or writing)
  44. epilepsy

How do I ascertain whether my Atlas is misaligned?

Based on your symptoms, it is not possible to state for sure whether your Atlas is misaligned or not. The simplest solution would consist in letting the position of the Atlas be directly ascertained by a qualified Atlastechnician, who, by employing the right technique and the necessary manual skill, can easily identify any misalignment of the Atlas through a scrupulous manual examination.
If the outcome of the manual test, which only takes a few minutes, is negative, no costs will be incurred.
Be understanding: by e-mail or over the phone we cannot assess at all the position of your Atlas, based only on your symptoms. In order to get a verdict, it is necessary to visit an ATLANTOtec centre.
Usually, X-rays are not necessary. In some rare specific instances, a computed tomography (CT) scan might be required. It will in any event be up to the Atlastechnician to assess the need for it in every single instance.
X-rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI’s) are utterly useless to the task of determining the position of the Atlas. Only a correctly performed computed tomography (CT) scan is useful in that regard.
Experience tells us that an assessment of the position of the Atlas carried out by a physiotherapist or by a doctor who is not specialized in the Atlas correction technique, often proves to be totally erroneous. The techniques taught in the relevant training courses are in fact created and learnt by persons who have never carried out a suitable radiological investigation on the Atlas so as to ascertain the reliability of their tests. You don’t believe so? Let your Atlas be tested by 5 chiropractors, osteopaths or assorted doctors. You will be surprised by the result!
definitive atlaskorrektur

How many sessions are necessary?

The Atlas correction ATLANTOtec, treatment is carried out in JUST ONE SESSION + a subsequent check-up. Rare exceptions are excluded.
WE must consider that, in the presence of a constantly profound stress or anxiety or a skull-mandibular dysfunction, even though it is unlikely that the Atlas will become misaligned again, the treatment does not grant immunity from muscular tension. When needed, a repeat session to lighten the muscular tension might prove useful.
manipolation no

Is the correction of the Atlas dangerous?

Many people deem it dangerous to intervene in the spine. You should know that any possible danger is limited to the performance of chiropractic manipulations, the so-called trust.
The ATLANTOtec exploits a totally new principle, one absolutely danger-free, which has nothing in common with chiropractic treatment or osteopathy, less still with other methods.
Neither sudden head movements nor any stretching or straining of the neck are carried out.

Atlas correction

is not the same as Atlas correction

There are different methods of Atlas correction which differ significantly from one another in terms of theory, methods of execution and achievable results: Atlasprofilax, Atlaslogia, Atlas-Orthogonal, Upper Cervical. Here you will find a comparative article: Atlas correction is not the same as Atlas correction

Is an osteopath or a chiropractor

capable of correcting my Atlas?

Some people believe they can get the same type of treatment even from their own trusted therapist.
ATLANTOtec has nothing in common with any chiropractic manipulations, whether in terms of methods of execution or in terms of results. The cervical manipulations must be regularly repeated, whereas ATLANTOtec unfolds itself in just one conclusive treatment. The cervical manipulations entail some degree of risk, unlike ATLANTOtec which is risk-free, since it does not consist in a cervical manipulation.
ATLANTOtec is a unique treatment of its kind; unless your therapist happens to be an Atlastechnician as well (i.e. a therapist who also practices ATLANTOtec), you stand no chance of receiving any treatment vaguely resembling ATLANTOtec: You will accordingly be unable to benefit from all the results achievable through the Atlas correction. The testimonies of the persons treated with it attest that fact. Atlastechnicians, who are also osteopaths or chiropractors, can confirm this reality as they are using this new technique.
There is no intent to denigrate other therapies, but rather to introduce a more effective and riskless technique compared to the old ones. To put it in an IT jargon: "an important update is available". The update is valid both for patients and therapists.
On the basis of our experience, an incorrect Atlas position cannot be corrected using chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, or manual medicine. The theory being taught today maintains that blocked articulation always results from the incorrect position of a vertebra. From here it is believed that once the articular block has been resolved, the incorrect position of the vertebra is also corrected. This, however, cannot be applied to the Atlas, because it behaves mechanically, more like a part of the cranium than a vertebra.
It is commonly believed that a chiropractor can solve Atlas misalignment, however the disturbances can reappear. As it is a very mobile vertebra, after a short time the misalignment returns. Using spiral CT images before and after chiropractic treatment, it could be seen how Atlas misalignment continued being present even after manipulation. This is often the reason why disturbances return after a short period of relief.
Those who do not believe us can take CT images before and after treatment. In the case of the ATLANTOtec technique for correcting the Atlas, usually only one treatment is required to return it solidly to the correct anatomical position. This can be seen in the same manner, namely by taking TC images before and after treatment.


is the best cure

Correcting the position of the Atlas, in the event it is misaligned, is necessary regardless of the possible ailments which might be temporarily suffered, since it is an “investment” aimed at attaining a good future health. The realignment is advisable since childhood, and it enables the body to function and develop to its full potential.
REMEMBER: a slight ailment neglected today turns into a much costlier problem tomorrow!

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