Friday, 3 June 2016

Complex, complex, complex, I am or was one big catch22

I had Candida, a misaligned Atlas which has affected my vagus nerve and my bladder meridian and caused me neck and lower  back pain, I had physical  pain and a  psychological pain. My centre of gravity is off but returning, it's quite amazing how we work. during this whole process, I am aware of things slipping and twisting inside. My eyesight has corrected itself, I should be short sighted, I'm sure my hearing has improved. I don't have any pain, I can't walk yet  but it WILL happen. My finer motor skills haven't returned yet, my dexterity is poor, but it too will return.

Yesterday I struck a match 1st time, that I did not expect, now that made me happy. I constantly click and twist, but  it gets less and less  needed.

Gravity has worked against me, its been awful but now  is starting to work in my favour

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