Monday, 6 July 2015

Facebook, Google, Twitter are now also getting in the way

I have tried very hard to avoid the advertising bandwagon that exists on the internet today. It has always been my intention to provide people with free information, as we all deserve that especially those looking for answers.

It's a place where joining of the dots can be made. Yes I paste and post, if anyone has a problem with that, they can sue me, I have nothing of any value not in pounds and pence anyway.

A lot of information I have found is courtesy of Wikipedia and for that I am very grateful.

I now use Jeeves hoping that it was Google free, but that is not the case, which is now irritating me because when I used them as a search engine it was obvious that they manipulate to guide you in a way that benefits themselves especially if you are a consumer, it is shameless as Amazon is then in your face, constantly poaching our custom away from u.k. companies.

Every time I access my blog an error message comes, which I click x and it goes, google have now sent me an email informing me of a problem with this blog. THERE IS NOT ONE

Also I think that I was inadvertently sharing what I was looking at with Facebook which was then involving my private life as also made my children aware.

Also Facebook Google and Twitter find it necessary to position themselves within an article which is frustrating and inconvenient, but I have managed to scoot round the issue.

I did fully expect this blog to be pulled and access denied in the early days and if it did even today it would not surprise me. So today I have decided to save it to file. and hope through Windows they don't have access to my laptop enabling them to delete it. Who knows eh!

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