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C1 -C2 (Alas Axis) & Brainstm

C1 – C2 (Atlas & Axis) & Your Brainstem

Dr Christian Farthing, 30 July 2013

Why Are They Crucial for Life And My Health?

X-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool.
X-rays are fundamental for evaluating the health of your spine & nerve evaluation and as you can see, there is very little space between the bones of your neck and your life-line, the brainstem and spinal cord.
Patients and Practice Members often ask me “Why is the adjustment you do at the top of my neck so important?”
I love it when you ask me questions like this because it allows me to share with you some of the most important anatomy and physiology in your body!
Let me share with you why:
Vertebral Subluxation Complex (better known as SUBLUXATION) is a spinal misalignment that causes nerve interference or blockages to communication between the nervous system and the body.  These misalignments are caused by physical, chemical, and emotional stress.  If left unchecked, Vertebral Subluxation eventually leads to obvious dysfunction in your body and can manifest itself in many different ways and conditions such as high blood pressure, depression , behavioural problems, ADD/ADHD, vertigo, migraines, shoulder pain, fatigue, low back pain, allergies, ear infections, dizziness, sinus problems, acid reflux, carpal tunnel, parasthesia, tinnitus, trigeminal neuralgia, lowered immunity, Meniere’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, just to name a few.
 When you speak to family and friends about Chiropractic, they might think it is used for the person with the “bad back”.  Whilst research has demonstrated that it is the most effective form of care to manage and solve back pain, the first person to have an adjustment was actually a deaf man called Harvey Lillard and he had that transforming adjustment on 18th September 1895.  His deafness was restored and that day was the turning point for health care, allowing people to realize that there was a “correction of cause” available and not just treatment for symptoms.  Chiropractic was born!  Therefore Chiropractic, at its core, is about restoring proper function to the nervous system.
We focus on the upper neck (cervical spine) where nerve irritation and interference is at its worst.  This bony misalignment resulting in interference to nervous system communication is called the Vertebral Subluxation.
The first cervical vertebra, Atlas or C1, is the most freely movable vertebra in the spine AND the one most likely to cause irritation or tension to the spinal cord.  It pivots around the second cervical vertebra, the Axis or C2, connected only by ligaments and tendons, but no disc as in the rest of the spine.  This is what allows the majority of spinal rotation to occur, but at the price of instability.
When a vertebral subluxation occurs in the upper cervical spine, you won’t feel it in most cases, but it will have a number of negative effects on the body because it is causing irritation and/or tension near the brain stem.  The brainstem is the base of the brain tissue that connects the brain to the spinal cord.  Without this connection, it is not possible to live.
When irritation or interference occurs at the brainstem, vital organ function is negatively impacted and the body’s physiology is compromised.  Conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, allergies, and digestive problems usually arise.  Then there is ADHD, ADD, tension, glaucoma, migraines, epilepsy just to name a few.  Because of a high number of sensory nerves in the upper cervical spine called mechanoreceptors, a vertebral subluxation can manifest itself in various conditions such as neck pain or stiffness, pain or tension headaches.  You could even experience other conditions like dizziness, vertigo, fainting or even epilepsy as a result of having an upper cervical (C1-C2) vertebral subluxation.
Now you can see how just ONE spinal misalignment (subluxation) in your neck affects your whole health.
Take a look above at the complex compensatory patterns that occur as a result of upper cervical subluxation.  This is just one distortion pattern.  Now you can see why we want you to check others you care about because one misalignment can cause many other problems. 

Can you see why we check every member of your family?

Can you now see why people who have subluxation and nerve interference are weaker and ultimately get sick?
I share this intricate and complex information with you this week in a simple format to allow you to understand why we always check your Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2), but most importantly, so you can share this knowledge and wisdom with others.
Why xray2
This person was very sick. No amount of massage, acupuncture or medication could ever resolve this. This person needed Chiropractic and possibly didn’t even know about it…
Vertebral Subluxation also causes overall body imbalance that, because of the misalignment component of the upper cervical spine, results in overall spinal compensation.  This will be characterized by spinal curvature, contracted or tight muscles on one side of the spine, postural imbalance such as a tilted head, high shoulder, high hip, and an imbalance in leg lengths.  Over time this will lead to advanced forms of degeneration like bone spurs and fusion of the vertebrae, as well as back and shoulder pain, and even herniated discs.
In short, a Vertebral Subluxation WILL decrease the quality of your life if not found, reduced and removed.  This is why we are committed to keeping you and your family well-adjusted for life.  Check-ups only take minutes, but it has the ability to return you to the best of health providing you with a quality of life for years!
For Love, Life & Health
Choose Well!
Dr. Christian Farthing BAppSc(ClinSc); BCSc; FCBP; M.A.O.
Chiropractor (Australia); Wellness Doctor (UK)
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