Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Animals that scavenge will also have Candida rats in our sewage system will mutate

Pigeons, seagulls, foxes, crows, rats, etc. etc. they are eating our junk food waste, gulls come inland to feed on waste sites.

Trees and plants are dying of fungus, because it is in the rain, its in our food chain and also affects our pets, dogs urine is acidic and burns lawns, cats poo is toxic and is dangerous.

Cows have it and is why their methane levels have rocketed.

It alters hormone levels, causing gender issues, and infertility and PMT

It causes depression, violent behaviour even schizophrenia,

the list goes on and on, as poor diet, stress and Antibiotics cause it, making us the perfect hosts.

The end result will be CATASTROPHIC because no one in authority has wised up to it

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