Thursday, 23 July 2015

Repost 2012 - children are being misdiagnosed with ms, they've got it wrong

They have to be stopped doing this, its nothing less than abusive. A young girl that horse rides could easily had a fall and damaged her Atlas, causing her these problems, UAE4EVA was 14 when diagnosed, this young girl had plans for her life, how DARE they get it so badly wrong. And as I improve daily, my most recent happening is my feet have returned to their normal color, they used to be very dark, purple in fact, that has happened in the last two days. The NHS has done this to me, not only by misdiagnosing ms on a positive MRI, but I had Candida too, a condition that Doctors deny exists. Western medicine have created this problem and its MASSIVE, as it is not just me, but all of them. The condition ms does NOT EXIST.




New research suggests the number of children suffering from multiple sclerosis may be higher than previously thought.

It remains a very rare condition and only a third of young people who have an attack will go on to develop MS in later life.

But it can have a devastating affect on children and their families.

One of those is 15-year-old Emily Murdoch from Cannock in Staffordshire.

Like many girls her age, she loves horses and has been riding since she was a little girl.

One day she hopes to represent Britain in competition, but she does not know if it will be in the Olympics or Paralympics.

At the age of 12, Emily was diagnosed with childhood multiple sclerosis. An attack can leave her confined to a wheelchair when her legs stop working.

She suffers from severe tiredness, muscle spasms and numb hands and legs.

"It's not really very nice," she says "especially when my legs go on me, because it's the second time my legs have gone on me."

"It took my left hand last time.

"My legs get weaker. I know when my MS is bad because my legs get weak and my horse can feel it."... Read More - ... ageid/1408

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre

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