Monday, 13 July 2015

We need to FACE the truth, our health is at risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Over 3 decades the government have allowed our food market to be flooded by unhealthy processed and sugar laced products. They have sat by and allowed our high streets to be taken over by fast cheap and grossly unhealthy food, burgers, southern fried chicken and pizzas.

They have created the obesity problem that exists today, as obesity is not caused by sugar alone, but CANDIDA, it causes addiction to the foods that help create it

                                         A CATCH 22

It is the reason our children's teeth are rotten and why our hospitals are full. It's created a scenario of the rich get the best and we get the rest.

Do you honestly believe that the likes of George Osborne, David Cameron, Alan Sugar, Peter Stringfellow would sit down and share a bargain bucket together then NO.

I am sorry to Alan Sugar for using your name, but I need to make a point.

We are feeding ourselves and our children a type of poison, which helps to create a toxicity within our system which causes us a HEALTH risk.

Making the scenario "The rich  get the best, and we get the rest"

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