Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Stand up and say NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE leave our parents and our chilren alone

They will not find a cure for Alzheimer's, they will not find a cure for cancer, nor MS or MND because the conditions do NOT exist, and are nothing more than a secondary of a misaligned Atlas or Candida or probably both, as misalignment can create Candida

Charities such as Cancer research or MS Society raise millions and million of £ to only sustain their own existence, employing people a scientists that are barking up the wrong tree.

It seems to me that there is a reluctance e to realise the TRUTH as too many people linked to the medical or pharmaceutical industry make money out of us being sick, whether it's just by keeping us alive with surgically removing tumours, supplying wheelchairs etc. or setting up support groups with endless fund raising events where the innocent public are asked to dig deep in their pockets.

How many parents are left to go crazy on Candida and because their brain is also affected by abnormal blood flow to the brain due to misalignment.

It's a ridiculous scenario, and one that just prolongs the agony and is now affecting our children and it's nothing more than abuse, mothers watching their children die. it's time for them to stand up and say to the western medical world, NO MORE

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