Thursday, 23 July 2015

Repost from march - Candida and Atlas misalignment, is why our hospitals are full

I know the implications that Atlas misalignment can cause from spasm, tremor, blood flow, eyesight, neck pain, severe lower back pain.

As I sit here and type, it's  hard to comprehend how bad I had become. As I begin to realign my physical strength improves, so does my psychological wellbeing.

The purpose of this blog is to join up all the dots, as the are most definitely out there, just not yet connected.

The other reason is a young 15 year old girl/boy UAE4EVA on MS Society  boards, she/he had received a positive "ms" diagnosis, but  they had plans, but now couldn't realise them. How grossly unfair was that. the youngest to receive a diagnosis is 6

So for all UAE4EVAs out there, I will continue to fight until they hear.

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