Sunday, 5 July 2015

Close to the edge - supermarkets use by dates

I went to use some bread rolls  that went out of code on 30th, and thought they'll be ok it's only 31st, but no they were mouldy, not being a scientist, I don't know the chemical  interactions that happen during the rotting process of food, but I am not stupid mould doesn't just appear and all is safe before that date.

I have noticed with strawberries I have brought from well known supermarkets go mouldy and furry very quickly after buying them.

Also I have noticed that the use by date on milk brought from a local shop far extends further than those of a supermarket.

Therefore I have come to the conclusion that I would much prefer To have my milk delivered to me daily and in a bottle by a much trusted milkman, who would then take the empties back to be recycled. A win win don't you think.

Also I would like to by my fruit and veg from my local greengrocers and my meat from my local butcher.

But I cannot do any of the above because I am housebound, so how FAIR is that

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