Friday, 22 July 2016

Repost December2010 it's as relevant today as it was five years ago, why do they still bark up the wrong tree,

my research
As over these past years I have gathered research, I think the only sensible thing would be to tell you all my conclusions that I came to.step by step

Google Dr Windman Atlas, take note of the human diagram 

Then go to then find the diagram of bladder meridian, then cross reference the points to Dr Windmans 10,bl 42,bl 47,bl27, bl54 & 31, bl 30, 39, 57 and finally 60  they all match.

Then go to and find the diagram of pressure points, they also mostly correspond.

Prior to these I was particularly interested in Noel Battens, case study  on Tiffany and her spine misalignment photgraph,

Hope this makes sense to you, the cross reference points that there are, are quite incredible

And that is why I have a mess, but not MSI am just a 

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