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Bay leaf kills roaches

Bay Leaves
How to Kill Roaches Naturally With Bay Leaves. Cockroaches, commonly referred to as roaches, are insects with over 4,500 species, of which only 30 are associated with human habitations. Roaches are known to live in a wide range of environments, but most prefer warm conditions around buildings and homes. Most roaches are about the size of a thumbnail as an adult. They can become an unsightly and unsanitary nuisance in homes if not treated. Bay leaves are strongly disliked by this insect. Roaches dislike the taste of bay leaves and will be deterred from areas which contain these leaves. A solution of heated water, bay leaves and liquid detergent can be used to kill live roaches; it will repel others from coming back.
Get rid of coackroaches by using bay leaves.

Things Needed

  • Cooking pot
  • Bay leaves
  • Spray bottle
  • Liquid detergent

Step 1

Break up bay leaves into small, quarter inch pieces.

Step 2

Scatter the bay leaf pieces in your cabinets, kitchen and any other areas known to attract roaches.

Step 3

Heat fresh water in a cooking pot on the stove.

Step 4

Add bay leaves to the hot water. Let the leaves steep in the water for at least 5 minutes. Allow the water to cool for three to five minutes so that it isn't scorching hot.

Step 5

Pour the water into a spray bottle. Add several drops of liquid detergent to the mixture.

Step 6

Spray any live roaches, and areas where they are known to frequent, with the solution.


  • Bay leaves can be purchased from most grocery stores in the seasoning aisle.


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