Thursday, 10 March 2016

Micheal J Fox Is like me, misdiagnosed with Parkinson's as I have been with "ms"

The west has invented numerous neurological conditions that are merely |Atlas related. Scientists are searching for cures that do NOT exist. Candida is also involved, as misalignment causes problems with the gut as it becomes unbalanced.

The west America and UK have created both conditions through poor diet that  America has created, over use of Antibiotics which have made drug companies very profitable.

Over the counter drugs such as treatment for thrush, nail fungus, musculoskeletal pain remedies, for knees, back and shoulder help hide the true cause, which is Atlas misalignment.

An epidemic of both conditions have been created hence our hospitals being full and this incompetent government, is blindly unaware, because this has been happening for decades mainly since the 80's

It has got so out of hand, can we recover???????????????

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