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Candida, misaligned Atlas and eyesight

Pressure in head!!!!!!!

i have been getting pressure in head for months and it is daily and constant now. I have tried allsorts! Chiropractor, eye tests, dentist, medication.........I have just had MRI and don't think it'll show anything serious up!!!
Please can anyone help......don't think it's anxiety or stress, not sinusitis......god knows but it's getting me down and i am desperate!
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  • jessica00172 alan14588
    Hi Alan, I am 35 and my head pressure began just over 2 and half months ago. 1 dr diagnosed me with a sinus infection and put me on a antibiotic, which I had a bad reaction to.. However, I ended up in ER a few a days later as the head pressure just became unbearable. They did a CT, came back normal. The ER dr said I didn't have a sinus infection at all as I had no symptoms of it, just head pressure so he diagnosed me with cluster headaches and prescribed Butal (basically tylenol and caffeine) to help with the headaches. It did help keep them at bay for a while but I still wanted to get to the source. I went to a Chiropractor who showed me on Xray that my C1 and C2 vertebrae are out of alignment and that this may be the cause of my head pressure. I went a few times for an adjustment but didn't feel that it was resolving my issue. I went to a Nuero dr who ordered an MRI which came back normal. We took it a step further and I had a Lumbar Puncture (spinal tap) and blood work done today at the hospital to check for possible spinal fluid leak, lupus, MS, infection, inflammation, etc.. If no answers from these tests, then it's back to the drawing board I guess. I have always been very healthy, active and recently began a mostly all organic diet. Just not sure what could have caused this head pressure. The last apartment I rented had mold/mildew issues I feel. It was a nice place right on the water and would have never thought it had issues but I could smell it on my clothes after a few months when I traveled. Although we couldn't see evidence of it, they did 2 ozone treatments over the course of 2 or 3 months. The building went under renovation 4 months after i moved in, my head pressure began 2 months after that.. After the smell came back after the 3rd time, they ended up letting me out of my lease. I was there a total of 8 months. Maybe this could be the cause of it in my case, we'll see. I will keep you posted. Thanks.
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  • shesa2 alan14588
    I am so happy to know I'm not alone. I have had the vice grip for 6 years. After having teeth pulled the dentist gave me hydro's and for those 5 days i was pressure free. so my primary back then agreed to put me on tram's but it's getting to be where docs are so afraid to write scripts i want off and to find a cure
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    • megd103 alan14588
      I have had the same kind of pressure and sharp pains along with other symptoms for the past nine months now. I have taken migraine medication and amitriptyline, but niether worked. Pain killers also do nothing
      I've had a blood test but no kind of screening. I have also tried a chiropractor where they found something wrong with my back but that had nothing to do with my head problems.
      I hope you get answers soon and nothing serious shows up!
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      • megd103 shesa2
        If you have something close to migraines and a few other types of headaches Mg can help I've heard. My neurologist has ruled out migraines or tension headaches so nothing for those types of headaches would likely work for me. If you have any other symptoms than the pressure let me know or you can check out the discussion I posted to see the whole story. Thanks for the reply and I hope Mg helps!
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    • sonia19911 alan14588
      I have been getting pressure at the back of my head for 7 weeks now and jumping in my vision. I know I have been suffering from health anxiety as I am worried itvus a brain tumour. I have had my eyes checked 5 times over the course of 6 weeks all normal. I have had a ct scan and bloods are all normal. The doctor has upped my citalopram from 20 to 30 per day mbut I still don't feel well. I get tingling in my lips now and my feet, off and on blurry vision. The doctor has now put me on lyrics also but I feel out of it. The doctor has referred me to a neurologist but it is a waiting game. He is assured it is tension headaches but I can't stop worrying it is something serious even though the ct scan came back normal and my gp said that should be reassuring but it isn't because I am still getting the symptoms. Please help

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    • shesa2 alan14588
      Back when i was in early 20's i would get painless migraines where i would get tunnel vision and all perephrial vision turned black, i seen a doctor but never got an answer why and then by late 20's they just stopped
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      • munnakhan0101 alan14588
        I was suffering from the smae problem. doctor suggested me to wake up early in the morning and donot sleep till afternoon and keep busy yourself and go to bed night
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      • jordan1234 alan14588
        Maybe this is the right place to vent.. I've been suffering from constant head pressure/blurred vision for the past 9 years, and over the past few years I have develped snow/static vision(fuzzy/grainy/like a bad picture on a tv screen) as well as eye floaters and ringing in my ears. These symptoms seem to be constant/never seem to ease up and it's become almost disabling. I have been to 20-30 specialists and I've had pretty much everything checked from head to toe, been on more medications than I can count on 4 hands. If anyone has any ideas and would like to talk then that would be great because I have 0 people to relate to and no one really wants to listen to my problems.. even family is tired of hearing about me. Also if anyone has suggestions or any Ideas.. that would be greatly appreciated.
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      • Elisabeth35372 alan14588
        Dear Alan and All,
        I have been dealing with this for 4 years now.  I have had so many tests (MRI, CAT, EEG, blood, etc.).  This is what I have found out about MY case.  Yours may be different, but some things to think about . . . My problem is digestion!  I know, it seems weird that digestive problems can give you pressure in the head.  But after years of searching for an answer, I finally went to a digestive doctor and I have finally been diagnosed with Histamine Intolerance and SIBO (also my Vitamin D is very low which can interefere with digestion).  I have found that if I don't eat for a few days (found this out by accident when I was very sick), I almost become normal.  As soon as I start eating again, wham--head pressure is back.  For me, if I eat carbohydrates (especially grains, sometimes fruit), it feeds the SIBO and causes these symptoms.  If I eat high histamine food, it elevates the histamine in my body and I get symptoms from that.  I also have a problem when I eat meat, so I think my stomach acid is low.  Needless to say, I'm down to very few foods.  My doctor is trying to treat the Histamine/SIBO situation, but so far no luck, because it sends my head pressure out of control--total shut down in thinking and even the rest of my body gets numb.  I also have so much anxiety with this because I think my body is trying to deal with the Histamine/SIBO.  I have many, many, many symptoms that sent me to neurologists (3), cardiologist, GPs, ERs, acupuncturist, chinese healers, more, it looks like I've finally found my doctor (she's a Integrative MD specializing in digestive issues).  I may have some adrenal fatigue, too, but  not sure about that.  So, please google these things that I have mentioned and see if they fit your case.  I'm still very sick and I have a long road ahead, especially since the "solution" gives me more problems--for awhile at least, but I feel so hopeful that I have finally found the cause and can go forward and cure this thing.  Good luck to everyone and please, please let me know what you think!

        Regarding my digestive issue, I forgot to mention that I also have IBS-C (Irritable Bowel Syndrome-Constipation). I'm not sure which of these issues is causing the pressure in my head (IBS, SIBO or Histamine Intolerance), but I think it's one of these. I do, however, also get migraines and am an anxious-type of person, so I think these play a role as well. In my studies of myself, I feel that it's a whole-system type of issue. If I am able to relax, my digestion improves. If my digestion improves, my migraines improve, etc. I also have reactions to sleep, weather, chemicals, etc., so all of these play a part. For me it wasn't just one thing, but it's when my digestion started to act up that I really got the head pressure going, but maybe that was just the last straw. It seems like I had been building up to that with a stressful life for quite a long time.
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        • Elisabeth35372 shesa2
          Hi sheasa2,
          I went to my son's allergist and asked him for a histamine test.  Here's the thing, though--it came out negative!  This is after I had already gone to the ER three times with a histamine reaction, though, so from all the research, I knew I had a problem in this area.  But, I looked more into the test I had.  They just tested my histamine level.  Apparently, you have to have the test that tests histamine and DAO (this is the substance that your body makes to counteract histamine).  I believe that I'm very low in DAO.  To make matters more confusing, I was going through a period in my life where I was very thirsty and filled up 1-1/2 containers with urine, so I think that diluted the histamine I was actuallly making.  Also, I found out that there is a blood test--maybe it's more accurate.  BUT, the good thing about this situation was that this is what alerted me that my head pressure/neurological problem (after 3 years of going to neurologists, etc.) may be digestion related, which sent me to the digestive doc.  She tested me for SIBO which was sky-high.  She thinks that the SIBO is causing my histamine issue and that once we get the SIBO erradicated, the histamine problem will be solved, too.  BUT, it is very hard to erradicate SIBO in some people as die-off brings on even worse symptoms for awhile (deleting sugars and grains from my diet has helped a lot).  I have tried taking the gentle, natural medicine she advocates and my head pressure is so intense, I think I'm going to die. My feeling, with me at least is that I had IBS first--probably for many years--which lead to SIBO which lead to histamine intolerance.  Any one of these can cause the dead-head feeling in me.  I have been reading that sometimes digestive problems may be related to childhood emotional trauma (in my case--yes) and/or low serotonin (the digestive system produces 95% of the body's serotonin) and how the body handles stress and what it perceives to be "invading" forces.  Stress also slows down the motility (movement) of the digestive system and everything just sits in there and ferments, filling the body with gas--even a little of fermented gas that you may not even notice can wreak havoc in some people.  Oh, she thinks I have Leaky Gut, too.  Also, low Vitamin D can be an issue.  The Catch-22:  Low Vitamin D can cause digestive problems, but if you have digestive problems, you can't absorb enough Vitamin D.  Also, histamine intolerance makes it impossible to sit out in the sun as heat amplifies symptoms.  Even showers are a problem. Also, high histamine can cause horrible, itchy rashes, but I don't have that, thank goodness, but I just want to tell you in case you do.  Anyway, I went low-histamine and now I'm low-SIBO as well, in addition to gluten-free, dairy-free, etc., because all of these can play a role.  But, you have to check each food group for yourself.  My problem is that I have hardly anything left to eat, so now I'm looking at my emotions (emotions and stress can contribute to digestive issues and can actually cause more histamine in the body, without even eating--pollens in the air, too--I'm worse now that it's Spring),  It's been a long road for me.  I think this whole thing had been building up for years and then the stressors of menopause pushed it over the edge (but, not everyone is a woman or menopausal age, so don't let that throw you--others have these issues, too.  Maybe if I had caught it before menopause, I wouldn't have gotten so bad).  Everyone needs to check their own situation because symptoms and possible solutions are different for everyone.  I think the key is to start checking IBS symptoms and see if you have some of these, then SIBO, then histamine.  Also, there's h.pylori (which I tested negative for--yay!) and candida (doc says there's no reliable test for that).  But, what I've learned from all of this is that the gut is what's called the little brain and everything that affects the big brain affects the little brain and everything that affects the little brain affects the big brain.  I've had even more symptoms than I've mentioned here--believe it or not, this is the short version.  If anyone wants to send me a direct e-mail, I would be more than happy to talk about what I've discovered in this "adventure".  I'm still working on it--some things I've tried help; some things make it worse--but I've made progress.  Still a long way to go, though, but it would be nice to talk back and forth to all of you searching for a solution.  BUT, I do want to emphasize that this is MY situation.  Yours may be completely different, but it's something to consider in your quest. I could give you some links that have helped me.  All the best, shesa2--read about your MRI scare, too.  Wow, I guess we're all lucky to still be here.  I thank God every day.  Lots of love, prayers and hugs to all.
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        • Elisabeth35372 shesa2
          Moderators:  Why do you keep deleting my comments?  I am trying to help people.  I have had several comments deleted to several topics in the past few weeks and they are all related to what I am going through--that many seemingly unrelated head problems can be traced back to digestion.  I have suffered terribly for 4 years trying to find out what my problem was and I see others suffering.  I want to help them.  I am just saying what my issue is and what helped me.  I am NOT diagnosing them.  I am just giving them information if they want to check things out for themselves.  Look at sheasa2's comment--she wants the information I am trying to tell her.  If you do not want it printed the way I wrote it on the site, then please tell me how to modify it or please tell me how I can contact her directly so that you're not involved.  I have asked before how to contact people directly and have not received a reply.  At this point, your website is extremely frustrating.  Other websites allow this kind of discussion.  What is the problem?  People on here are looking for help.
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        • Emis Moderator Elisabeth35372
          Hi Elizabeth,
          Your comments were not deleted but went for moderation due to the nature of the content. This is because some users who talk about SIBO etc use these forums to try and sell products or promote dubious websites about these subjects. The posts are approved once checked. The one that was deleted in this thread was because it was a follow up to your longer post so I edited it into the initial post. It is the paragraph starting "Regarding my digestive issue".
          If you want to contact people directly then use the private message facility.  If you have had other posts deleted in the past it will be because they breached the T&Cs. I do not read every post in the forums so if you have a question for me then you need to contact me. There is an FAQ section here
 which is linked at the bottom of every page in the forums which has more information about all of this.
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        • shesa2 Elisabeth35372
          Liz, (i hope its ok to call you that)  I am starting hormone blocker today/tmrw and havind ovaries out soon, so i am gonna be even more screwed up, lolol  i have a lot of weird symtoms too, blocked gas every cpl mths, sometimes severe pain when a bowel is moving in place and occasionally almost black out. (happened once) one day loose next stopped up. my gut talks loudly a lot. on and on. i want to thank you spending time of your to help us, you have given me hope of finding an answer.
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        • Elisabeth35372 shesa2
          My prayers are with you!  You're going through a rough time.  I hope my story has helped your situation some.  If you find that this is part of your problem, that's great.  If not, at least it's something to eliminate.  I'll be thinking of you as you go through this journey.  Lots of love.
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        • harish90377 Elisabeth35372
          Hi Elisabeth my mother has been suffering from headache(serious pulling sensation )for last six months.She is Vit D deficient ,hypothyroidic as well as menopausal. She had an operation for removal of ovaries 5 years back.Her thyroid is now normal ,Vit D is now normal But her headache problem is stagnating. Please suggest if u have any solution to this .
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      • lauren38428 alan14588
        Hi Alan. I have had a constant headache for over a year now. Had MRI'S, the lot. I have seen a neurologist and even now i still dont know what it actually is. I know how you feel, but just stick to it and be positive it is the only way i can get through my day. You may also feel worse because you dont actually know anyone else who is in the same boat. Family and friends may show support but its not the same because they just dont understand. Make sure you communicate with them and let them know if youre having a bad day, otherwise this can make you feel even worse
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        • shesa2 alan14588
          CLOSE CALL ON MY MRI'S- i have breast recomstruction tissue expanders in and I told receptionist when i made my appt. for mri. then when i arrived i filled out questionaire form, where it asked for expander info. in 2 places, so after 20 minutes Tech comes to take me back and get changed and then i said, "is it okay i leave my cami on i have no bra on cos of expanders?" he stopped, looked at me and said, "u have tissue expanders in?"  which means he didn't even look at form and would of just put me in machine.
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          • JohnnyB052366 alan14588
            I have the dreaded head pressure too.  I am currently dealing with an iron deficiency and I had a magnesium deficiency that gave me a type of seizure and sent me to the emergency room.  Currently, I am massaging my temples, neck and forehead and drinking lots of hot liquids (tea. mostly) and it is slowly but surely helping.  Also, being in an airconditioned room or office for extended periods can exacerbate the problem.  The more I massage my neck and temples, the closer I feel to a pop when I mimic swallowing.  I'm still working on it and I'll definitely post again if I succeed in popping my ears.  I had a friend who had this problem and he had his ears cleaned of major wax and it helped him.
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            • lgstarr JohnnyB052366
              I was leafing through a special interest magazine from the UK that's in Barnes & Noble and in Sprout's here in Arizona recently--it's about diet and nutrition--and it said that too much tea can deplete iron! Good luck with the head pressure--I'm awaiting results of a neck MRI.
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          • Davidsolution alan14588
            Hi alan im not sure ur a christian or what but I do beleive in jesus and let me tell u something when you start worrying about something thats when the satan starts doing unwanted things in you. So read up bible and pray to god im sure he will deliver you. Im going through slightly different from you. Feels like something moving in head sometimes tingling sensation in arm and legs vonstant slight pressure in head gets good after a intense jog try jogging before work and after work try if it helps. I have just the wrist partially numb with this feeling. If u have like something pulling at ur side of the head try sleeping and good rest as it can be tension headache and another thing do not worry of that problem do more exercise. Try magnesim its good. Dont go on western medication. As I can remember my problem starts after drinking L-carnitine juice with contains apple cidder and keep me updated how its now. Everyone here lets form a family prayer a chain prayer Everyone prays for Everyone if all good let me know and we will start it.
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            • maddyjackie Davidsolution
              Yikes......sorry Davidsolusion.....I wouldnt jog, if there are blood vessels pulsating that wil make it worst. Thats what it feels like for me. I spoke to my doc. about this way back and he said yes, if u job it does make your vessels swell/open/pulsate which ever u call it.
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            • chris82121 Davidsolution
              Hi D a vid solution, you hit it right on the head. 99% of all of the illnesses on this website and any other website are in some way or another related to the evil one. Over and over in the Bible, God wants us to be happy, joyful, full of peace and enjoying this life, and have a glorious life with Him in heaven. But, so many things that get us down, and believe me, read my other post and you'll see just how depressed I am... I'm dealing with several emotional physical biological, you name it factors. But, the bottom line is that Satan wants us to be down hurt, in pain, by doing this we can't give glory to God, we can't Share the beauty of God with anybody when R HEalth is at a low. just in the last few weeks, after 40 years of suffering with the most tremendous pressure in the back of my head and on the crown of my head, - I have finally found a doctor who is pretty convinced that my c1 and c2 vertebrae otherwise known as your a Atlas ,which was mention at the very top of this Talk... it's very true that whenyour c1 and c2 vertebrae are off you have so many symptoms. I looked into this called many doctors, nature doctors neurological Doctors spinal Doctors and the one thing they all agree on is that this is the most important vertebrae in the spine, vertebraes, c1 and c2. When these are out of order you get tremendous pressure at different parts of your head and sinuses you get back pain that is unbearable joint pain digestive symptoms that mimic sibo and mimic Candida. But, because your Atlas and c1 and c2 are out of alignment, this can cause SIBO and can cause Candida because it weakens your digestive system and it weakens your gut. And when your gut is that week and in a stressful state bad bacteria will overgrow, And the bacteria will flow from the large intestine into the small intestine and there you got Sibo. you can get rid of aibo pretty easy with an antibiotic for a week or two weeks, and then load yourself with yogurt. One more note, I talk to a special doctor from Germany was here on vacation I just happened to run into him walking my dog, got the talking to him belongs to one of the leading hospitals in Germany where all they treat is Digestive And headache disorders. Because, the digestive system and the Gut are directly related to our brain. and it is true 95% of our serotonin and Gabba form n our Gut. so, no matter what the patient has , and its very very expensive to go to this clinic, for the very first two weeks you're there for two months, and the very first two weeks the only thing that they give you is cottage cheese, tons of yogurt, and they put in a blender kimchi and sauerkraut. Please don't think this is funny, because it truly works, because I tried it. I bought a blender, added , kimchi, this is loaded, loaded with probiotics and so is sauerkraut. I blend add a little water and I drink it three different times of day. For the first couple of days I felt weird as heck, I was having all sorts of negative reactions due to the fact that all of this healthy bacteria that I'm putting in my body was overwhelming the bad bacteria, killing it pushing it aside, if you will hand taking over my complete digestive system And making it healthy again. It took about 1 week, I can't tell you the difference that I feel now. if I could only get over the emotional issues due to the fact that my wife left me after 20 years and stoled my retirement stole all of my rental houses, etc, put me in the total state of depression. along with about 5 other issues well, I would be ok. but I guess there's always something to deal with. But, again Satan is behind everything that is negative in our lives. So it always helps to invoke the name of Jesus,always, and if you are a Catholic the Virgin Mary helps tremendously, , or not...We do not worship Mary but she is a tremendous advocate and she crushes the head of saton, like it says in the Bible the woman clothed with the Sun. Satan hates the Virgin Mary and when we asked for her help, just like when we ask any of our friends and buddies, for . We never die in Christ... I love all my English friends, I wish I could be there with you, nothing negative against this country, But I would leave in a New York minute if I could. Your brother Chris
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            • Elisabeth35372 chris82121
              I appreciate what you have to say, Chris.  Without God to see me through this, I shudder to think what would happen to me.  It's been an almost impossible situation and I pray many times throughout the day.  Thank you for the blender recipe and your kind throughts.
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          • Intdesignerjs alan14588
            I can't believe how many people are having issues similar to my own. Prayers going out to all of you!  I have had constant 24/7 pressure around my temples, forehead and around eyes for 8 months now. On top of that I have chronic migraines and chronic tension headaches. I am sensitive to sunlight all the time and also get dizzy randomly. I have been to two neurologist, chiropractor, ENT, Primary care dr, ophthalmologist, optometrist, dentist. Had CT, MRI, blood tests. All came back clean. I've had Botox, been on muscle relaxers, steroids, antidepressants etc. I tried chiropractic and acupuncture. I am currently getting lymph star massages. I have my third one tomorrow. We will see if that makes a difference. I am desperate and at a loss. I think my next step is Physical Therapy.
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          1 comment:

          1. Try AtlasProfilax and/or Neurologic Relief Centers Technique (NRCT).

            Also be aware of possible meningeal compression caused by meningeal adhesions, which in that case you would need to also have Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) type of corrects/adjustments, which include meningeal releases to break up the adhesions and for adjustments to hold.

            Also for hardened fibrin that contribute to adhesions and hardness over the body, Fibro-Ease by Elijah Free, and also Arthritis-Ease for hardened calculi.

            On my own blog here, there is much info about all of these.