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Atlasprof Vladimir Tomljjenovic


Everything rests on the Atlas, the first cervical vertebra

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The world renowned AltasProfilax  specialist, Vladimir Tomljenovic, who will be giving lecture and discussion sessions regarding this unique and powerful treatment and will be available for treatment sessions on both days. More information is available below and at the website:

I highly recommend you attend this special event and consider the AltasProfilax, if you:
  • Suffer from neck/back pain or other joint pain
  • Fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue
  • Migraine or tension headaches
  • Are an athlete desiring improved performance
  • Would like to enjoy the benefits of increased range of motion and  better  posture.
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Video: The AtlasPROfilax method
(English version, March 2012)

Are you in pain?

Do you suffer from headaches, migraines or vertigo? Do you have discomfort while turning or raising your head? Do you have back pain? AtlasPROfilax is a safe, non  invasive method, a suboccipital release massage, that offers immediate and lasting results. This application successfully re positions the atlas vertebra in only one session.

What is the atlas?

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra connecting the skull and the spine. When malrotated, it is the underlying cause of many health problems. A misaligned atlas leads to continuous pressure on the spinal cord and blood vessels while changing the biomechanics of the body. This adversely affects the skeletal, muscular and nervous system. An atlas in its correct position optimizes circulation and shifts the center of gravity, thus reducing, or in most cases, eliminating headaches, migraines, vertigo, neck stiffness and back pain. 

Effective results

Here is a sampling of results from common pain complaints that we see the most.

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Over a million people in Europe are already enjoying the benefits of this amazing and simple method.

As a doctor I know the danger of manipulating the spine and neck and therefore postponed this application. But I was pleasantly surprised that the AtlasProfilax method was safe without any rough handling.
Dr. Gavranic, Anesthesiologist
I often recommend the AtlasProfilax application to my patients and I see positive changes.
Dr. Stacey Poole, Doctor of Chiropractic
I have nothing but praise for the AtlasProfilax method.  Right away I felt so much lighter, and I could walk much better at age 83.  I don’t have to wear insoles anymore since the AtlasProfilax treatment, which I had to wear for 30 years due to my pronated foot.
Dr. William Johnson, Doctor of Chiropractic

Having a very busy schedule, what attracted me the most to AtlasPROfilax is the one-time-application. And I do feel much better now.
Slaven Bilic, Head Coach – Croatian National Soccer Team
My neck mobility is now optimal. I feel much better and without any discomfort.  Thank you AtlasProfilax.
Petar Muslim, Olympic Gold Medal Winner 2012
The costs of $300 includes the price of the treatment and the follow-up visit.  
(Our success is based on results – if not satisfied the cost will be refunded in full.)
 Visit our website for more information www.atlasprofilax.com
 Vladimir Tomljenovic, certified Atlasprof   –  Jasna Karakas, certified Atlasprof
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  1. I love AtlasProfilax. However, I've had it done three times, and even though they lasted longer than other atlas treatments, my Atlas still didn't hold. The fact that I'm missing back bottom teeth on both sides causes the back of the head to sink, thereby compressing the meninnges and nerves. I had it done by Ranan Shahar twice, and the last time it was done by Michael Hane. Michael was in our area, so he came by the house to perform it on us. When my Atlas is out, it causes compression on the meninges.

    I will probably have to get a bite splint to wear in order to keep the head from sinking. See Starecta.com and scroll down to the moving gif and you'll see what my head does. When I can afford them, I take the Doctor Brice E. Vickey Platinum Plus Amino Acid formula to help to rebuild the spinal disks.