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Testamonials to Lisa Richards - The Candida Diet


Hi Lisa I can’t tell you how much difference the candida diet has made to my life. I have been unwell for over 4 years now with what I thought was just M.E. I have had over 80 courses of antibiotics in this time for all sorts of infections, and also a years worth of steroids too. I started your diet 4 months ago and I am now able to go back to work and have a life again. I wanted to thank you for putting the book together for people like myself who have benefitted so much from it. Thanks again!
— Simone C.
Many thanks for these very informative guides and recipes to help me with what I am combating now (a condition that perhaps for many years I did not know I had). I sincerely appreciate your efforts for dedicating what appears to be a lifelong calling for you, and your help for so many afflicted individuals. Thank you, Diana
— Diana K.
I have been on the diet for two full weeks and have notice incredible improvement in my health. My husband just started the program today and we are hopeful it will help with his Acid Reflux disease. Thanks for sharing your program with others like me!
— Lori C.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the only thing that has ever worked for me! I have been struggling to figure out what was wrong for over 10 years now. When a friend told me about this book. I ordered it and got started as quickly as I could! That was a over a year ago now. I’ve fallen off the wagon at times, but nothing has worked as well as this.
— Joy T.
Thank you! I have never seen such delicious looking recipes for a Candida diet… Until now, mostly bland, flavourless & boring was my experience, but these look to have the potential to be life transforming. I might even be able to sneak some into my family’s meals & have them enjoy them, so I am not always having to cook separate meals for them and for me. Thank you again!
— Kim J.
I have been doing your diet plan very strictly for three months now and I am finally able to start functioning like a normal human being again. Thank you for changing my life! Last year I was stuck in bed a lot of the time because of the pain, fatigue, and complete sick feelings. A big difference now!
— Sarah G.
All I have to say is Thank You so much from the bottom of my heart. There is so much stuff on the internet about Candida and your program explains it ALL so clearly. I feel so educated and confident now knowing how to eliminate this life long struggle! Ahhhh thank you so much! Feeling empowered! On week 3 of the diet and feeling phenomenal, really thank you thank you thank you! Before I kept making myself get die off and feeling like hell! Now I get it! Thanks sweet angel. Your work is applauded. Educating the masses to end our suffering. Big Hug!
— Jessi C.
Just a note of thanks! After seeing 6 doctors who told me nothing except diseases I didn’t have, your Candida Diet has helped place me on a path to restored health. Thanks so much for writing this book and providing excellent recipes. The coconut bread is keeping me sane at this point. All the best, Brian
— Brian S.
I bought & read your 2 books last December. Afterwards, I bought several more candida books from Amazon. Your recipes are out of this world, so delicious I never want to go back to the meals I was preparing before. You’ve rekindled my passion for nutrition & cooking. I haven’t bothered with the recipes from the other candida books, tried the odd one & wasn’t impressed. I hesitated about buying the recipe book but went ahead & bought it. That was a start decision, it made following the diet easy & pleasant & delicious! Thanks for your great recipes!
— Alida P.
This Candida thing is no joke. Thanks to you I am on my way back to good health. I purchased the recipe book and I have been cooking for myself again. Using your recipes make it fun, healthy, easy and delicious! All the best, Nick.
— Nick G.
Thank you so much, I just finished reading the book and I am ready to beat this horrible fungal infection. The book is amazing, very easy to read and understand and I love the easy to follow plan. I love the recipes, no more sugar for me if I want to live a healthy disease free life. Amen!
— Carmen M.
I started this program less than two weeks ago but I am already feeling the effects of the changes I’ve made. My skin fungus is almost all cleared up. It was so bad that I not only had a large rash but in some areas the skin had actually split open. It itched and was quite painful. Now I have no open sores, the rash and itching are greatly reduced and I have even lost 18 pounds. Thank you, Lisa, so much for your program. I will write again in the future to let you know how I am progressing. You have been a life saver for me! God bless and have a wonderful Christmas!
— Nedra B.
Dear Lisa, as everyone else I want to thank you so much for what you are doing and for your wonderful book. I love your diet and recipe book, it is the best one I have seen anywhere.
— Filip A.
This is a wonderful plan and a very helpful guideline. Candida shows up visually in my hands as eczema. Less than 60 days of following the elimination of wheat, potatoes, sugar and fruit my hands cleared up and I lost 20 pounds. I feel wonderful and when I don’t it is because I have “slid” off the plan and I know what to do when that happens. I feel fortunate to have found and committed my diet to the advice of Lisa.
— Elizabeth B.
Candida is a nasty condition that afflicts more of us than we know. It is a yeast infection that can go systemic, at which point it is now a fungus and can invade any part of the body. It comes along when we eat too much sugar, take lots of antibiotics or have a low functioning immune system. It is hard to get rid of and takes a lot of patience and persistence. The Ultimate Candida Diet system is really good in helping a person understand what it is and what to do to get rid of it!
— Norene M.
I just wanted to express gratitude for your comprehensive program – especially and most especially the recipes! I LOVE these dishes. I have done MANY other programs – it is hard to stay “starving” for too long. Every time I make one – I think “Oh this tastes so good AND it is helping me” – thank you Lisa! I am on day 20 and progressing really well so far, although I had some rough days in terms of energy, mood, die off and all the nastiness coming out! I am inspired and determined to continue as long as it takes to finally get well.
— Lynn A.
Hello Lisa, I’ve followed the Ultimate Candida Diet from your excellent guidebook for 115 days now. My constellation of Candida symptoms have subsided considerably, and I generally feel much better. Thank you so much for the wealth of excellent, clear, and straightforward information you provide to candida sufferers!
— Dana H.
I made this order and have absolutely fell in love with the book and the way it is written. I hope you get enough credit for how much you change peoples lives. I’m not even halfway through and so much has changed it’s scary. Anyway thank you very much all the way from the UK!!
— Simon G.
Thank you for all your information, it has certainly opened my eyes since i was found to have a nasty Candida infection in my oseophagus and throat. I had been feeling very unwell for months but the doctors could not get to the bottom of it until they sent me for a gastroscopy which is when they found the extensive thrush. I was prescribed anti-fungals and told it would soon go but after 3 lots of treatment although feeling a bit better I did not feel right!.
After researching on the internet I came across your book and information which opened up a whole new world to me. Thank you again for your extremely helpful book and emails, maybe now I will be able to see light at the end of the tunnel and feel completely back to normal again!
— Sherry L.
I think your website and your e-book are absolutely fantastic, I really like your way of communicating information. Candida and fungal diseases are serious problems but your way of treating the topic plays it down just enough to convince people in taking action and give them hope at the same time. Thank you very much for your help. P.S. I think you should translate your website in many languages, like french for instance!
— Gabrielle M.
After reading your first few free emails, and following your advice, I immediately felt better. I almost thought I didn’t need your book, but decided to order it out of appreciation. Well, it’s really fantastic. Well done, comprehensive, and clearer than anything I’ve read about candida. Thank you.
— Jake E.
I realized I had a candida overgrowth six months ago when repeated UTI’s became almost constant. It was wreaking havoc on my relationship and was detrimental to my self-esteem.
I read as much as I could find on the subject, trying to take into consideration all the different approaches in the varied information out there and started implementing changes in my diet. Lisa’s book was the most informative and comprehensive I found; thorough, easy to understand and educational. Once I understood the impact those little microbes had on my system it was a serious effort to clean myself up.
After about two months things were mostly better and I started adding things back into my diet. I wouldn’t say my candida overgrowth is 100% gone, but I no longer need to take the anti-fungals every day and I can have a little of some of the forbidden foods from time to time. I no longer eat trigger foods and don’t think I ever will. I feel so much better and now have the knowledge and understanding of how to deal with this life changing overgrowth if it ever reappears again.
Thank you, Lisa, for the best information I could find anywhere.
— Jen R.
I started a vegan lifestyle about three years ago, which was actually was triggered my Candida overgrowth and eventual diagnosis. I was addicted to nutritional yeast and that combined with the high carbohydrate vegan diet (even though I was only eating “good” carbs) grew the yeast in my body. I started waking up with puffy eyes that had a white substance coming out, which I learned was yeast. My regular doctor thought I was allergic to my eye cream, but I knew it had to be something else. Sure enough, after being diagnosed with Candida by another doctor, I found that following the Ultimate Candida Diet literally eliminated the symptoms.
Although I still consume mostly plants, I have incorporated eggs, fish, and some meats as Lisa recommends. Her diet is easy to follow and I don’t feel deprived as I’ve learned how to make things like coconut bread sweetened with stevia or xylitol. In addition to the simplicity of following her plan, I have really learned a lot about how stress, sleep deprivation and strenuous exercise (all of which I am guilty of!) can cause my candida to worsen. Lisa has helped me really take a look at my lifestyle and make positive changes, for which I am so grateful.
— Selah M.
I cannot tell you how your book and the suggested recipes and treatments have affected my life. They have brought my body back to health. I cannot thank you enough. Your book is amazing.
— Leela D.
The Ultimate Candida Diet is an amazing resource that will guide you through understanding and beating your Candida overgrowth. I am currently finishing my graduate studies in Nutrition and I can say that Lisa’s research is solid and very reliable. This e-book is very simple, very well explained and detailed. It will guide you through step by step in a very comforting and straightforward manner. I really appreciate the money-saving tips that are included, which make this program very affordable. The recipes are delicious and very creative, which makes this program very enjoyable! I am very grateful for Lisa’s e-book and would highly recommend it to anyone.
— Monica G.
I wrote to Lisa regarding a medical situation and felt that maybe doing the candida diet would help. Due to finances she was kind enough to offer me her book free of charge, something unheard of! I stopped drinking soda and sweet tea, took myself off all sugar, followed her program closely and boy did it work! My mood swings stopped, my energy level increased and I felt all around great.
The first three weeks were hard for me. Detoxing wasn’t easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. After just eight weeks I could tell a life changing difference. I now know without doubt that getting rid of yeast and sugar does make a difference. Lisa’s diet not only removes yeast but also other toxins that work against your overall health. And the diet was not hard to do with the support of family who care!
I realize that it is up to me to stick with it and not fall for the ‘easy way’ of feeding myself with comfort food. I crave the healthy feelings I was having and know that it is up to me to maintain that sense of balance in my body. Without this program I could not do it.
Lisa’s program makes it easy, clear and doable. I would advise anyone who wants to feel good, overcome depression, mood swings, low energy levels and more, to take this challenge. It’s the least expensive way to improve your overall health and well-being.
— Carla C.
Thank you so much for putting all your hard work and research into such an accessible program. I am really looking forward to feeling better and moving forward with my life again :)
— Lindsay G.
Thanks so much for your program. It’s hard, but it’s working and you just can’t argue with success.
— Debbie B.
Two weeks ago I started the Ultimate Candida Diet program. It was horrible on Day 4, but by the morning of Day 5 I was feeling a whole lot better. Than ever! I always knew I had a negative relationship with sugar, I just didn’t understand how much it affected me. I now recognize the empty stomach feeling of hunger whilst being able to function normally, not the mind-altering sugar-low of feeling sick, dizzy and unable to concentrate. Wow. I have so much time to think about other things, no more guilt about eating processed food, sweets and not enough vegetables. No more packing my handbag with cereal bars or being grumpy when food is delayed. I am using my kitchen to make delicious food and have finally figured out that I really need a spice rack in my life! Not to mention that I have lost weight and dropped a dress size in those two weeks. THANK YOU for giving me the skills and guidance to be free of sugar. The best $37 I ever spent!
— Caroline K.
I have had horrible diarrhea for more than 10 years. One doctor told me it was in my head and another one called it colitis. I thought I was going to die on the first day of the Candida Diet, but I didn’t and now my energy is back and no more diarrhea! I have my life back! Thank you so much!!!!!
— Debra S.
I just had to write a quick note to say thanks so much for making this information available and in such an easy to use format. I was incredibly uncomfortable before going on your plan, with itchy, weeping rashes all over my body as well as chronic thrush. After the detox stage, the thrush was gone. My awful rashes cleared up within the two months of the plan. I discovered other health issues cleared up too while on the diet – achy joints and a persistent cough. It’s been a wonderful re-education into a new way of eating. I used to be a big bread, cake and biscuit eater, but now I happily eat a grain free and sugar free diet and feel much better for it. Thank you so much.
— Nancy L.
Thanks! Great program. There is so much information out there – I love that this is all in one place and easy to use! Candida can significantly effect your brainpower. This makes it so much easier to plan and decide what to eat. Thank you! I feel better after only three days.
I have been put on candida diets numerous times over the past 20 years. I always think I am over it for good, but significant stress seems to be the culprit for me, even when I’m following the diet. I know the diet, but there is always new information and then there is sooooo much information. This made it easy to “get back on the wagon” without the pressure of trying to discern what advice to follow. Thanks. I think the herbs and spices are a huge help because they add variety and healthy nutrients that can be difficult (and boring) to get in vegetables alone.
— Jenni O.

Hi and thank you for all this. I am an RN [Registered Nurse] and your E-book has been so exact & thorough.
— Anne N.
I purchased your full program and loved all of your amazing, well thought out information. It was such a breath of fresh air.
— Kristin C.
The only book that I have seen work in the past is Lisa’s Ultimate Candida Diet book … It really gives you a great diet to follow to promote your immune system … Thank you Lisa for everything you have done with your book. It is an excellent resource to have and the only book in the market I would trust!
— Craig R.
I just ordered your eBook. It is awesome & very informative – thank you so much!
— Summer M.
Hello. I bought your book a few days ago. I actually started on the program straight away as I have treated candida before but it had been some time and I needed a ‘refresher’. I’m delighted to have found yours as I really find the guidance helpful while I am doing it. You have also told me about supplements that I did not know existed which has been enlightening. Many thanks!
— Robin K.
I feel so much better. My hands are not swollen; I can hear better; I don’t feel depressed and I am sleeping very well; my speech had become somewhat slurred, now that is gone; my joints do not ache; my tongue felt twice as large for my month, now it is normal. I was almost critically ill with the Candida. I truly thank you.
Stage four cancer and Strep A had me on IV antibiotics for two months a few years ago… then the Candida hit a peak during the last two months. Your book and emails have taught me the direction to take. I cannot thank you enough. The most obvious improvement to me is that my sense of balance is stable now, plus my ear aches have gone.
Now I am back to taking two to four mile hikes again. I had missed these very much as my heart and spirit love being outside. May you all of the at the Ultimate Candida Diet program have a very good day. I truly thank you.
— Jean Ann W.
Thanks so much for the very helpful book! I was so sick last week when I started I could barely make a decision… thick, foggy, headache… YUK! I feel so much better now after one week.
— Robyn H.
I tried to eliminate candida a couple of years ago through a health consultant, but sadly she gave me no information about candida at all. She gave me some very strong anti fungal drops, she didn’t explain about the ‘die-off’ and gave me no information at all. In hindsight I should have asked some questions, but I was so desperate to feel better I very naively just took the drops as she directed. As you can imagine the effect it had on me was a huge shock. In short I stopped the treatment but stayed on the diet (not as strictly), I ended up having a nervous breakdown and was suicidal. So it is just great to have a program to follow step by step. All the information and advice that Lisa has given will be invaluable to people. I will certainly be recommending the program to other people.
— Suzanne H.
The Ultimate Candida Diet has been a life saver for me! I was the average, hardworking, overweight, 30-something wife and mom. I was feeling as though I was having difficulty thinking clearly, and felt tired all the time and easily overwhelmed emotionally. Then I found the Candida diet. Initially it was difficult to let go of all those foods I wanted to eat, but I was desperate for a change so I took the first step. Within the first few days my brain fog lifted. Over time I was popping out of bed each morning without coffee, ready for the day. My mood lifted and overall I was just feeling better. Following the Candida diet as a lifestyle choice I have lost weight as well, which is a plus for me! I still have a long road ahead of me, and I am not perfect. But now, after having gone through such a huge change in how I look and feel, I know this is the right path for me.
— Danielle B.
I have read the Ultimate Candida Diet program and I find it fantastic. It is simple, clear and achievable. It’s great to at last find all this information and a cure for Candida.
— Alicia O.
I realized my son (42) had Candida after he took strong antibiotics for a staph infection from back surgery. Then he got double pneumonia and then Candida. I nearly lost him, then 2 weeks later he was back in the hospital with the same thing… more antibiotics. For 7 months, he had nearly all the symptoms you mention in your website. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together, till he got Candida again.
I started him on your program and within 2 weeks, he was doing 50% or more better. His doctor could not believe how much he had improved, as I nearly lost him 4 times since March of 2012. He had been going downhill, losing weight, weak, in the house and sleeping or on the couch 23-24 hours a day every day… but within 1.5 weeks he was up, walking around, color back and having much better bowel problems. His primary doctor said it was amazing and to keep doing what we are doing!
I cannot thank you enough, and now I look forward to following your plan myself. I even went back to school to become a Holistic Health Coach myself, and I graduated in December of 2012.
— Barbara M.
I purchased the book online today and received all the downloads. I have been on the diet for 4 days and I’m already feeling much better. I stopped eating sugar and drinking alcohol, and I already eat gluten-free as my husband is Celiac. I really love what you have done and think that the information you have provided is well worth the money spent. Thank you so much.
— Connie J.
I have been trying to beat Candida for years, but for a long time I didn’t know what I was fighting against. The Ultimate Candida Diet program, and especially the chapters on stress and how to manage it, has helped me to understand what Candida is, why and how it has been ruining my life for so long and how to keep it away.
For years I suspected that stress was behind a lot of my problems and this publication only confirmed my suspicion. It makes so much sense. The shopping lists are exceptionally helpful too. I often catch myself glancing at them to make sure my food is ‘Candida safe’. There are also some great recipes as a kick start on the way to new cooking habits.
The anti-Candida diet is probably the healthiest diet in existence and I’m sticking to it for a while now. I feel fantastic and will never go back to eating any other way. It does require some self discipline and will power, but once you get used to it you’re on a journey to a very healthy and enjoyable life.
— Zuzana K.
Although I only had a mild case of Candida (eczema, a yeasty tongue, some bloating and weight I could not lose), the Ultimate Candida Diet program was very helpful in ridding myself of the problem.
It is very logically ordered and written so that anyone can read it; you don’t need to be a medical doctor or work in the field of health to understand it. Everything you need to know is laid out in order and step by step. I have to say that the recipes are delicious and filling so I never felt nor do I feel deprived.
I don’t miss any of the foods from my old diet (that were not helpful in making me healthy) at all. This is a far better way to eat and live, compared to feeling sickly, tired and listless all the time, as Candida can make one feel. I have lots of energy now and my insides feel great! Thanks for a great program!
— Jennifer B.
I was struggling with Candida for over two years. At first it only occurred every few months but after a year I had it permanently. I tried every possible “remedy” available with no success. I decided to do some research and came across the Ultimate Candida Diet. It really has helped me overcome my Candida and I have now been Candida-free for 3 months. The book is a wonderful, easy to understand guide and it provides all the information you need to overcome Candida.
At first, following the diet was a challenge, but with all the helpful information in this book, I overcame my Candida infection. There is no quick fix for Candida, but with commitment and a positive attitude there is no reason why it should ruin your life. I still follow the diet to some extent just because I feel healthier and happier. I would recommend this book to anyone suffering from Candida.
— Amy S.
Earlier this year I ordered your book, followed it to a “T” and lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. All my family, friends, and coworkers were amazed. I couldn’t stop telling people about your book and program. Amazing! Over the last 15 years, I’ve been somewhat athletic, but not 100% healthy, but after this diet I cut 20 minutes off of my half marathon PR. Amazing!
Now…I’ve got my sites set on Half Iron Man Triathlon, and one of the women I’m training with suggested I contact you. She suggested it because she said my story (your program) so inspired her. Your research and book is so awesome and real, it literally made me healthier and now I preach it to everyone I meet.
— Lorenzo Villafranco
I thought I would take the opportunity to share my story with you. For the past 6 months or so I have been plagued with chronic anxiety and tummy issues that were diagnosed as IBS. The head-banging anxiety was more than I could take. Some days, the only time I would feel good all day was in the evening when I was relaxing with a couple of cocktails. I started making lifestyle changes. I quit drinking coffee, started eating breakfast, started taking vitamins. All helped a little but nothing quite did the trick.
I had remember a friend of mine was put on a diet years ago for candida, so I googled candida diet and that’s how I found you. I printed out the list of foods to eat, and also the ones to avoid. Within a week or so I became familiar with the foods and all the materials and recipes on your website. What a wealth of information! I made my list, went shopping, had one last cocktail with a girlfriend, and started the diet.
I immediately felt better. I was on a low carb diet before, but was eating a lot of processed meats and cheese. It has been over a month and I am still in phase 2. I feel great, have lost 5 lbs, and haven’t had an anxiety attack since I started the diet. My tummy issues are much better, and when I am following the diet perfectly, I am totally fine. It’s when I veer off the diet a little where I can run into problems. I think everyone should be on this diet. It is a great, healthy plan, and I am eating more and better than I have in years!
— Karen W.
I just want to pass on a heartfelt and body-felt thank-you for this awesome program. I purchased it about 18 months ago, and it has radically changed the way I eat, the way I see food, the way I listen to my body. I use your recipes several times a week and absolutely love them—the flavors are interesting, rich, satisfying, and it just feels good to eat such good food. I read your newsletters, too, and I find that each one is relevant, well-written, and engaging. I frequently share them online or with friends. Thanks again!
— Siri M.
I am almost 2 months into the diet and i can really see the results. I really consider your book amazing. It is the best thing I ever bought in my life. I really changed my lifestyle and with your help i realised that many “healthy” meals and food were actually packed with hidden sugars. While thinking I was doing the right thing, I was doing the exact opposite. Your book and your web page gave me a chance to educate myself, and I finally understand what led to my Candida overgrowth and how to fight it. I am looking forward to some new recipes and thank you for writing your book. You are changing lives!!!!
— Martina B.
Just letting you know that your program is great. It took 8 weeks to start feeling better – my skin, my energy and my mood. The recipes were very helpful, and all the other information has given me the kick start into a new heathy lifestyle.
— Nadine C.
This is an AWESOME plan and my money was well spent! I have followed it faithfully for the last two months and done everything you told me to do in your book. I love making my own kefir and yogurt and plan to continue as well as make my own fermented veggies. My gut is feeling better, my brain is not as foggy as it used to be. I also wanted you to know that my family and I think the recipes are great and I will continue to use them on a continual basis. Many blessings to you!
— Nancy L.
I am following the cleanse and have seen dramatic improvement in only a few days. Taking an anti-fungal, probiotic and drinking the bentonite clay with water. I haven’t had a skin flare up for the first time in 10 years. My skin has cleared up too. Wrinkles and dark under eye circle have even diminished and I no longer have insomnia. Now my mother is doing the cleanse with me! This site is such a blessing! Thank you!
— Nicole L.
I just have to let you all know how amazing this program is! I’m so grateful you took the time and energy to put it all together! Everything is very easy to understand, clearly laid out, instruction is described multiple times in multiple ways, the tips and suggestions are applicable, you’ve broken everything down to the necessary basics, nothing is overly complicated…. I could go on and on!!
Thank God for you, your team, and this Candida guide. You took what was overwhelming and stressful and made it simple. Have a wonderful day, all of you, and thank you for all you do!
— Kristen A.
I am writing to say thank you to Lisa Richards for the creation of the Ultimate Candida Diet e-book, for this website, and for the helpful recipes. I suffered from chronic yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis for a long time. I was stuck in the ongoing cycle of antibiotics/antifungals prescribed by so many doctors. I couldn’t find relief and was feeling worse and worse by the day. It seemed as though no one understood me, and I was alone in my illness.
When I came across this incredibly thorough resource, I knew I had to give it a shot because all the symptoms described me exactly. It wasn’t easy – I had to change EVERYTHING about my diet…and I love food (especially sugar)! But after I got through the first month, I started to feel better. As I continued to eat right and take the recommended supplements, my health continued to grow. My energy came back. My digestion improved. I lost weight. And the best part of all – since starting this program more than 1 year ago, I’ve not had a single instance of yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.
So thank you for all the work you have done. I honestly would be lost (and very likely, still suffering), if it weren’t for your book.
— Sophie M.
Thank you for your help! My headaches, IBS, and aching joints have stopped, I’ve lost 10lbs in a month (that’s a bonus) and the bloating is much less. I won’t be stopping when the Candida has gone. This is my healthy lifestyle not a diet.
— Katie H.
I feel great… The diet works perfectly and I am so glad.
— Edna A.
Thanks for the great information! My Candida overgrowth is controlled and I feel better than I ever have.
— Bruce A.
My dream is to someday show you how much confidence I gained once I learned such vital knowledge from your book. I’ve struggled with hyper pigmentation, psoriasis and eczema for more than ten years. Boy I feel foolish because the answer was right here! I have also wasted hundreds of dollars going to the doctor and I received nothing but worse effects to my body from the antibiotics or creams. Every time I meet someone, I ask if they consume any of the foods to avoid – just so I can help them if they were in my shoes and don’t know the cure. Reading your book changed my life, I know more about what I should eat and foods I need to avoid. I stick to the diet plan you have on there and I have never looked better in my life. Thank you so much.
— Veronica K.
Dear Lisa – Just wanted to let you know how successful your diet has been for me!! It has been very easy to follow and very tasty. I had followed a candida diet cleanse in the 1990’s by using just a list of foods not to eat and a few recipes (that were awful) – I did it for 3 months and boy was it hard but it worked. Your system is far more manageable. Before starting phase 1 I made a list of all of my symptoms and there were many.
By the end of phase one into phase 2 all my symptoms were gone except for the die off of which was minimal. The two most impressive changes in my body that floored me were – 1)- the burning in my legs and joints and the heaviness in my body were gone! and 2) – my breathing had been restored!
No longer was I running out of breath doing minimal movement nor was there any rattling in my chest! Being rid of just those would have made the cleanse worth it but so much more happened! I also lost 15 lbs since I started and I have one month to go. I truly thank you for all your hard work in researching the latest information on candida and for your work creating such wonderful recipes, many of which I will continue to use. The step by step format with tips and easy instructions cannot be beat. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and so glad that I found your program! Thank you so much!
— Fjola H.

Review from Mitchell Schwindt, M.D.

Dr._Mitchel_SchwindtCandida is ubiquitous and many suffer ill effects without a clue to their source. Having cared for patients in the ICU fighting for their lives as Candida overwhelmed their immune system, I congratulate the author for her diligence in bringing Candidiasis to the forefront.
This book spells out the critical issues related to Candida, how it starts, why and how people are affected and the symptoms that many experience. Common factors such as diet, stress and antibiotics all fuel the growth of this fungus in our bodies. Knowing how to respond to a Candida overgrowth requires skill, knowledge and experience. Lisa Richards has done an incredible job of researching and sharing the most up-to-date information on this important health issue.
Physicians are pressured by patients to prescribe antibiotics, often unnecessarily, and the end result is an increased number of Candida infections. Patients are then left to decipher what is going on with their body. Along with Candida, antibiotics can lead to digestive problems and a weakened immune system due to bacteria developing resistance to the very same drugs we use to kill them. It all can be very confusing and frustrating for patients.
Readers are provided an easy to follow plan, including a comprehensive shopping resource, to restore their health and rid their body of Candida. The dietary and supplement advice are based on sound nutritional principles and are foods that I myself consume on a regular basis. As a physician and an endurance athlete, I know the importance of proper nutritional support. The diet recommendations made by the author also provide an impressive amount of anti-oxidants to combat the damage caused by free radicals that circulate in our bodies, creating damage everywhere they travel.
The recipes are delicious and easy to make. Don’t be confused, these are not dry tasteless cardboard foods, but rather colorful flavor-packed nutritional powerhouse meals that keep Candida from invading while fueling your body with natural ingredients to optimize your health.
I recommend this book for anyone suffering from the ravages of Candida or just looking for a way to bring their health to whole new level.
— Mitchel Schwindt, M.D

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