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Grow youthful - Kill your candida

At last... a courageous, truthful book that exposes years of lies from the giant food and drug manufacturers, showing you how you and your loved ones can regain your health amidst all the confusion!

Most people's good health has been stolen by foods and medicines designed to be profitable, not healthful. The big pharmaceutical, food, medical, diet, exercise and health industries have lost their integrity in their quest for profits.
After years of public misinformation, many of our beliefs about food, health, remedies and pharmaceutical medicine are completely wrong. Scientists are paid well to fudge or even falsify their work. Highly effective home remedies are deliberately discredited and where possible outlawed, after lobbying from these industries.
My life's work is to expose the immoral lies of these huge corporate industries. The sickness, pain and suffering their products have caused to millions of people are almost beyond belief. I will show you how the products they sell are designed for their profits, not your health, and what to do to regain your health.

This information is revolutionary

Around the world, millions people are starting to realise what has happened - their lives and families are ruined for the sake of profits and prestige of big corporations and medical lobby groups.
Many of the assertions I make in Grow Youthful are the exact opposite to "common knowledge" or the messages that we have been getting in the popular media for many years. I have taken extreme care to ensure that every statement, every assertion I make, is backed up by credible scientific research, common sense, and my own experience or the experience of people that I know personally. Over fifteen years I have built up a network of contacts and knowledge of scientists with integrity. These men and women are unbiased scientists, rather than paid shills subject to the bribery and corruption of pharmaceutical drug industry and governing bodies controlling the food, legal drug, and medical industries. My book contains over 500 references to their works.
Throughout Grow Youthful you will discover many traditional, natural, non-pharmaceutical cures and remedies. They are highly effective, cheap or free, have no side effects, and can be used at home. The pharmaceutical and medical industries hate them, because such effective and low-cost cures threaten their lucrative livelihoods and very survival. I will point you to many of these remedies that have been used for decades or even centuries, but which have now been deliberately discredited. I give examples of unnecessary and debilitating surgery, or years of pain and suffering, that could have been avoided by a fast and effective cure. In most cases doctors don't know about these cures - they have been outlawed or removed from medical curricula after corrupt lobbying by the pharmaceutical industry.

Simple, doable changes to your diet and life that will absolutely transform your health without deprivation or calorie counting

In just a couple of weeks, sometimes much sooner, you will see improvements in your health and wellbeing.
This really works
Do you suffer from:
  • Feeling tired, have low energy?
  • Brain fog, being unenthusiastic or depressed?
  • Muscular and skeletal aches and pains?
  • A variety of allergies or intolerances?
  • Digestive problems?
  • Frequent fungal and other infections?
  • Diabetic, pre-diabetic, overweight, mood swings?
  • Finding it near-impossible to fully recover from other chronic complaints?
Most chronic ailments are caused by low-level toxins in the supposedly-healthy foods that nearly everyone eats. Get rid of these toxins and it makes a HUGE difference to your health and aging.
My book offers the possibility of real relief for you. I will show you how to transform your body to a new level of health and youth - literally, to Grow Youthful.
I wish everyone could read this wonderful book. I had no idea how far "off the mark" were my beliefs about healthy living, diet and medicines. So many common foods and products that I was using, like products made from soy, low fat dairy products, sunscreens, and certain vegetable oils, had actually made me very ill. I just had no idea.

David's book was so convincing that I immediately took action as I read it. Within a couple of days some of my complaints started to improve, and after a month the changes to my state of health were nothing short of miraculous!

Thank you so much David, for your courageous work.

Susan Gardner, New York City, USA
Often, we are doing the OPPOSITE of what your body wants for great health and longevity. To create a slim, healthy, younger body you do NOT need:
  • A low-fat diet
  • Lots of hard exercise
  • Any kind of dieting
  • Daily supplements
  • To avoid all sun
  • To drink fruit juice or eat lots of fruit
  • Any kind of processed or manufactured food
  • And other myths which I will explain, referring to published scientific studies
Thousands of people around the world have successfully transformed their lives using this contrarian approach to health. This is not a diet, or something that only works for a few people or for a limited time. It is based on hundreds of published scientific studies that were NOT sponsored by corporate businesses.

What I will reveal to you has completely changed my life

  • I feel younger than I did twenty five years ago, strong and full of energy.
  • Several chronic ailments I had for years have completely cleared up.
  • My skin is clear again, grey hair has disappeared.
  • I wake up every morning feeling happy and grateful.
  • Friends comment that I look great - and they mean it.
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You simply don't need to suffer from today's modern chronic diseases

  • I will show you how to lower your risk of getting cancer.
  • You can avoid metabolic syndrome, and getting diabetes.
  • How to heal your liver, even an ageing liver, and prevent liver cirrhosis.
  • How to protect yourself from allergies, all kinds of inflammation, chronic infections, digestive malfunctions, heart disease, strokes, asthma, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis and other diseases.
  • Shield yourself from mental diseases and decline. Memory loss, Alzheimer's, depression and numerous brain and nervous disorders.
I felt down, unenthusiastic, low in energy, had aches and pains in my hips, legs and hands. I felt old, was getting old too fast. My doctor had prescribed several medications including steroids. Nothing really changed until a friend put me on to David's book three months ago. I feel a combination of outrage and gratitude. How is it allowed, that so many products that are supposed to be healthy are not? But thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my health, vitality, enthusiasm, and taking away the pain. My life is renewed.
Jonathon Laptham, Kensington, London, UK

I love your book! IT is absolutely on target. I wish every American and, for that matter, every person in the world would read it.
Monika Haugstetter, West Hartford, CT, USA.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for that incredible book you managed to put together. It is now my BIBLE. It is structured perfectly and is such an easy read. I feel indebted to you for the remainder of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Be well,

John, Danvers, MA, USA.

You can even heal some of the damage from years of abuse

  • Whatever your state of health.
  • At any age.
  • No matter what your weight or level of fitness.
Your body wants to heal itself, if only you will let it. I will confidently explain to you the greatest causes of ill health that nearly everyone suffers from, and they are probably not what you expect.

You've been sick or less-than-well for years?

  • You've tried several diets and cures.
  • Doctors haven't helped.
  • You're taking a couple of medicines.
  • It's hard to feel enthusiastic and full of energy.

Extraordinary, exceptional health at any age is possible.

I am so confident that I can transform your health that I actually WANT to refund your money if you are not absolutely delighted with my book.
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In Grow Youthful's 500 pages you'll also discover:

  • The widely-used foods that are responsible for low-level inflammation and digestive problems in almost everyone.
  • The hurdle your body has to cross before it can extract the full nourishment from the foods you eat.
  • The one thing every centenarian has - regardless of diet, exercise, drinking, smoking, family, social life or emotional level.
  • Which simple food group we are short of. High consumption of it cures numerous diseases. The food industry does everything it can to discredit it - and why.
  • How to improve your memory and mental clarity.
  • Why sunlight is critical for good health, and how much is too much.
  • How to prevent breast and other cancers.
  • The surprising link between sleep and certain foods.
  • Which foods and minerals build your bones and prevent or reverse osteoporosis (and they're not what you think).
  • The foods and drinks which are responsible for nearly all bone loss.
  • How to prevent or reverse prostate disease.
  • Revolutionise your sex life (men and women) and stop erectile dysfunction.
  • Banish constipation forever.
  • Transform your skin - rejuvenate your skin from within.
  • Sail through menopause without any drugs.
Dear David, I am an Australian-trained doctor currently living in China where I've been based for three years. Since moving here I've definitely felt the aging process creep up on me, Shanghai is the most stressful place health-wise I've ever lived! The air is heavily-polluted most days, all water is bottled/filtered, it's very hard to feel confident about how one's food is produced (even that labelled 'organic' is not reliable) and we have a food scandal nearly every week related to growing / production / distribution of food (chicken, pork and fish are all off the menu for me due to the very questionable use in China of massive amounts of steroids/hormones - and you may have heard of the milk scandal where several children died). So living healthily is a challenge and after my very healthy life in Australia I was really feeling it. After a bit of net-searching however I found your site, and as I was brought up to be open-minded about health I ordered your book. Well, what a great book, full of great, practical, sensible advice, possibly the best thing I've read in years - or ever.

So thank you David, your research abilities, intellectual rigor and passion really show and I'm just so pleased we can all benefit from that! Warm regards,

Dr - -, Australian-trained doctor living in Shanghai, China

Most doctors don't know what to do!

Most doctors look just as old as everyone else. In medical school, they are not taught how to create really great health and prevent diseases ever occurring. Instead, they learn how to treat problems with drugs and surgery. Did you know that most medical schools allow only 1-2 days learning about diet?
You just have to look around you. We have an epidemic of allergy, inflammation, cancer, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and other diseases that were rare a century ago. I will show you how to protect yourself and your family from these diseases.

Here are the keys to getting back and keeping your health - when everything else you've tried doesn't work

I will show you:
  • The root causes of aging and modern diseases. They are embarrassingly simple. You will need an open mind to accept some of what I suggest, because it is quite contrary to what we have been led to believe.
  • Simple, common sense guides to gain real, vibrant good health. After reading this book it will all seem obvious and self-evident.

Three good reasons to preview Grow Youthful right now:

  • I've lived through it myself. I know what it's like to feel old and sick. Most doctors think that sickness with aging is just normal. I know that's not the case and prove it to you.
  • The same approach is working for others all over the world. Thousands of elated readers have changed their lives. I receive numerous unsolicited emails with delighted testimonials.
  • A few enlightened doctors agree - they and other health care practitioners are now quietly recommending Grow Youthful to their patients.

Exclusive. Not available in Amazon or bookstores

The new 2016 fourth edition is a complete re-write detailing several major breakthroughs that have already changed my life. It draws conclusions from new scientific studies on how we evolved to eat, exercise, interact with others, sleep and work. These breakthroughs do not involve pain or deprivation!
A note regarding the old 2003 and 2007 editions

    The old editions are completely out-of-date

    The old editions have been completely re-written with large parts removed and new chapters added.
    The new 2016 edition now has over 500 scientific journal references to support the new work.

Grow Youthful is only available as an eBook. The only place it is possible to purchase it is from this website. The main advantage of being an eBook is that it is updated frequently, sometimes weekly as new research becomes available.
Never bought an eBook before?
Well, it's really easy. Immediately after you pay, just click on the Download button. It's a PDF file, which every computer and pad can read. (With Apple, you may have to download a free PDF reader app.) Over 500 pages which are fully hyperlinked. This means you can click on cross-references and get there instantly. There are many other options for easy reading - bookmarks, full screen, page size and much more.
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Grow Youthful

How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health

Grow Youthful: How to Slow Your Aging and Enjoy Extraordinary Health
money back 30 day guarantee

100% Satisfaction guaranteed - no risk to you

Go ahead. Download your RISK FREE copy of my eBook right now. If it isn't everything I promised, just ask for a full refund of the purchase price. I want you to be delighted with my eBook. If for ANY reason you don't believe that what you've got are THE answers you've been looking for ... if for ANY reason you are unhappy with it, contact me within 30 days for a FULL money-back refund. Cheerfully. Promptly.

Change your life forever

If you are serious about taking action, after ordering this subversive best-seller you will know exactly what to do to enjoy an improved and healthier life.
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