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My very first post Oct 2010 - Montel Wiliams, Noel Batton, and Dr. Windman, them I Thank


I was diagnosed, in 2000 of having MS (Multiple schlerosis). This was based on a positive MRI.

Today this diagnosis I totally refute  100%. I have declined to enter any current NHS system that exists regarding this condition, which I now believe has been embelished and added to over the years to the definition that exists today.

Somebody once questioned me via the mss website, "so you know more than a neurologist do you?" not that I answered this publicaly at the time. But as regards to my own body and it's reactions to various situations, (particularly stress,) then yes I do.

I have observed every move and every reaction I have had over the last years.

I did attend an NHS physio a couple of years ago, she was trying to get me to raise my legs, to which I explained, that, that wasn't going to happen until my upper body was right. She then resorted to performing accupuncture on me along the bladder line and continued to do so until my sessions ended. I experienced many small benefits, the main one being that my bladder increased in density. I did see an NHS neuro at the time to request further sessions, but this was refused, I could only access more physio if I got worse, (yeah made sense to me to) so I continued privately until progress ceased.

I then decided to visit a chiropractor. I have known for a long time, that I have a problem in my cervical spine which is the neck. I have done my own research on the implications of a misaligned  atlas, I have been interested in a procedure Montel Williams had some years ago, Noel Battons example on a lady called Tiffany and on a Dr Windmans discriptions and diagram on the knock on effects that a misalligned Atlas is responsible for, there are remarkable similarities TN being one of them fatigue, nervous tension,knee pain, neck pain,arm pain, hip pain, lower back pain, sciatica numbness and fibromyalgia. Others are sinus problems asthma, tinnitus,allergies, balance problems.

I have been seeing a chiropractor called John, who is treating me as an individual, the ms diagnosis doesnt come into it, he doesn't believe in xrays either, which is good as some neck issues don't show up on xrays even an MRI. Since I have seen him I am aware that I am untwisting and gradually straightening, no I can't walk yet, but I expect to and I know that I will, but it took me 9 years to get this twisted, it is not going to happen over nigh t but it will.

I have thrown the ms rule book out and I am finding answers, my Dad did a lot of engine maintenance and D.I.Y. things don't work for a reason, I have found my reason.

Just some other points, the bladder meridian (acupuncture speak) runs down the spine and the right leg if you correspond the points to the problem areas of Dr Windmans  example, the concur. Also there are pressure points to consider, and the lymphatic system it all seems to relate and makes perfect sense of this whole big mess.
Also theres the mind body thing, which again causes a catch 22 the physical effects the psychological and the psychological effects the physical and it just continues, the stress gets bigger and never gets less and all it does is add to the mess.

By Me

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