Friday, 15 May 2015

Repost of a repost re Antibiotics, the medical industry and big pharma have created the catch 22 that now exists today, break the cycle by returning our guts correct balance that nature provided us

The UK and no doubt other westernized countries are now having the problem that Antibiotics are losing there effectiveness against some bacterias and if this keeps happening it can have catastrophic consequences..........WELL HELLO!.... the medical profession has spent decades denying the existence of Candida/Candiasis that it has become rampant within the human race,   I believe that now it is passed from one generation, to the next. It is also in our food chain as they are routinely given Antibiotics, especially cattle as it is given in their feed, hence why they give off high levels of methane Antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria, but the natural good bacteria of the stomach. it causes leaky gut syndrome, vitamin deficiency, diabetes, obesity, toxicity of the liver, and many many other problems allergies etc. etc, etc. The list is endless.    Candida Vs Antibhave been making us SICK and for years, If they don't wake up to this soon, many lives will be lost. That's why I believe MRSA has a bad  affect, as Candida invades the blood, our immune system is already compromised and our body is already weakened by it, it can't fight extra problems or bacterias that may occur

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