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Chiropractors can help - On MSS boards, I could have written it, but it was not me

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Chiropractors can really help!
hi all,
Just wanted to share my experience with chiropractic care. t may sound like an advertisement but i can reassure you my doctor never advised me to do this,  just want to help people like me discover relief and possible elevation of ms symptoms.
Neuro's dont advice on such complimentary treatment but im glad i never listened to them, im not saying stop your medications all im saying is go and visit a chiropractor who has experience with ms patients. My chiropractor has been very helpful - he explained a lot of things that i have wrongly interpreted thanks to Doctor Google :) . He is using a new kind of treatment with vibration on your skull along with the usual adjustments chiropractors make. The thing is not many do this treatment and im very happy i found him. He is doing a research trial and is trying to prove that this sort of treatment can be very beneficial for MS sufferers . He has ms patients who not only reduced their symptoms and can lead normal lives but also show no new brain lesions on the MR.  know it sounds hard to believe but its true! At the end of the day  had nothing to lose as he is not prescribing medicines or can harm me in any way/  was a bit sceptical at the begining , like many of us when newly diagnosed i made the mistake to go on Google and read all the horrible things that are connected with MS.
The uncertainty  about what the future holds fo each one of us could be very scary i know!.  was depressed for 2 days  thought that is it my life is normal only 26 yrs old.
After going to my first app with the chiropractor and he examined me and started treating me  felt a flow of energy going through out my body and mostly some movement of fluids(  dont know how to better explain it sorry!)   felt energised and  definitely  changed my way of thinking about the disease now. Still have some days when i feel uncertain about thigs but i did some research on the net and started believing more in the treatment. He has 20+ years of experience , a lot of MS patients and he is trying to prove that this treatment can be very beneficial.He is doing upper cervical adjustments as well which has already been proven to improve ms symptoms and even stop the progression.
 i am just sharing my experience im not trying to make anyone go to one, thanks

I have MS
i read something on here a few years ago and fully intended to give a chiropractor a try, but never did.
i'll see if there is one locally who has experience with ms.
i love my osteopath. it feels great to have my body put in the correct alignment.
complementary therapies are great and don't involve swallowing more pillssmiley.
carole x
Yes Carole its true :) but i never been to osteopath.. I can only suggest you go to someone who does upper cervical alignments as only this treatment can influence the brain stems and the CSF. Try and do let mr know how it went ! ;) thanks

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