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We need to be allowed to be responsible for our own health and that of our children and their children, plus don't trust google

To Enjoy Life to the Fullest
On the basis of 30 years devoted to studying nature and its implementation in preserving health and correcting man’s health problems I have created an educational and practical program for utilizing nature’s generous gifts for creation of healthy, happy and inspired individuals. So called Heaven on Earth.
Nature in its unadulterated form is a most potent aid in preserving, maintaining and bringing the mind and body into balance. We need to observe nature, learn about and from it and utilize it to the best of our understanding, but we cannot alter nature the way we see fit. Human beings still do not fully understand nature’s total nutritional content with many possible chemical reactions that take place, even in the tiniest of plants, scientists in their laboratories cannot produce a seed which can germinate, as only nature can do that.
In nature lies mysterious intelligence and divine order beyond the reach of our mind. healthy_planet
Nature is a wonderful teacher and all we need to do is to trust it, observe it, learn from it and apply it for our own good. Nature in its purest form, unadulterated, can provide comfort and balance and properly administered can free us from pain and suffering, and in time correct even the most difficult health challenges like cancer.
Why then does man in his ignorance challenge this superior power by employing his mind, complicating the solution and creating disastrous results? The obvious is overlooked and simple is complicated. Man resorts to altering products of nature and using modern technology to provide healing, mainly for obtaining power and financial gain
Administering drugs, cutting, trimming and burning is not only destroying man’s defense mechanism, the immune system, but very often the entire body, in the process of so called healing. Despite this fact, many people follow commonly used approaches to their detriment. Lack of belief in the alternative knowledge and fear of losing their lives by not conforming to the orthodox approaches creates a situation where the control over one’s health is relinquished to those who do not have reliable answers.
Obvious is well hidden. Very often so called experts have their own interest rather than yours in mind. The results depend more on who has the power then who has the right answer. Representatives of orthodox medicine think that we will come to the wrong conclusions if we do our own thinking, and so they try to bluff and intimidate us, but we do not have to pay by losing our lives for following well publicized but intrinsically flawed ideas. We do have alternatives. One of those alternatives is the Nature Health Program, which i have written with you in mind.
The mind must be kept open – not limited by the set of believes, because we can be dead wrong about some of the things we think we do know. In actual fact it is all very simple, but what complicates the matter are common believes and solutions created on the basis of suppressive treatments and monetary gains.
Nature in its revolutionary mechanisms creates possibilities which freedom of thought and human intelligence needs to discover and incorporate into our life to achieve the best possible life experience.
The lessons which have already been learned and utilized for creating fabulous results in regards to human health are incorporated in the Nature Health Program.
The human body has an amazing ability for self-healing, provided we know how to support it rather than using man made devices as a substitute, destroy it and take over its work, which turns to our disadvantage.
An unfortunate suffering of human kind is due to man’s ignorance in thinking that his creation is superior to that of nature.
We are part of nature and only nature can heal and cure, however nature cannot be patented and made into drugs, therefore so called “Big Pharma” is not interested in studying and implementing it. There is so much money to be made on drugs, surgeries and radiations but reputation and status do not count for anything against the actual fact that so many people are dying, not so much from a disease itself but the debilitating treatments. The biggest drug addiction is to the drugs prescribed by doctors and the biggest suffering due to the side effects of taking medication.
Most initial health challenges are a result of over toxic and nutritionally deficient body.
We are all aware of our toxic environment and nutrient deficient food. We are also made to rely on nutritional supplementation in a pill form, which does not provide what we need and/or can not be utilized. So people keep on throwing their money down the drain and keeping their health problems for life, which can be very much shortened by those steps.
The nutrients, body’s building elements need to be supplied from the natural sources which are best absorbed by the system and an excess of it can be easily removed by the regular channels of evacuation and not stored in the body as it is in case of man made chemicals.
Nature Health ProgramThe nutrients which are the most important to our system are called essential nutrients, and they cannot be manufactured by our system, therefore they need to be supplied from the best and most potent natural sources.
They are like the foundation of a building which strength, durability and performance depends on it. All the other functions are very much effected by the strength of a base. And in case the foundation is weak and further weakened by wrong repairs the whole structure can and will collapse, in time.
We all know that all medicine addresses only the symptoms of a problem and creates side effects which in many cases are more severe then the actual symptoms.
There are alternatives, but many people are fearful to get off the common truck and take the road less traveled, even though devastating results from those treatments stare them in the eye.
Being aware of people’s pain and suffering and having sufficient information and experience in dealing with many different health problems i had to put it into writing, in the form of a program. And make it accessible to those who believe in an amazing power of nature and live in a different part of the world. The program will allow me to teach those who cannot come to see me for a private consultation, which in its form is very limited to a very few people i can look after in a day.
Within the comfort of your own home and in your own time, choosing which suggestion you will implement first you may be able to achieve results which defy up to date human experience.
Unbelievable becomes not only believable but also attainable.
The program is comprised of two parts: educational and practical, with a very precise instruction for its implementation.
The program is very simple, easy to understand and implement. The results are based on the body healing itself with the help of nature.
You will learn about essential nutrients from the most powerful natural sources and how to prepare and utilize them.
You will need to do some work but your efforts will produce phenomenal results, which may amaze and covert you to a person who admires and adores nature and extends gratitude for its gifts.
Everyone can learn how to follow those instructions and take their health into their own hands. The body heals itself in the process of empowering an inborn defense mechanism, by employing nature in its purest form.
However, you need to be aware that only time and effort in implementing the program will produce needed results.
The results may be observed fast but at the same time you may have to wait a while and even experience some discomfort due to the process of detoxification. Everyone is different and no one can predict the road to recovery but i can reassure you of lack of side effects, the result of taking medication, in the process of attaining a healthy nutritionally balanced body.
You will never know how good the opportunity was if you are afraid to do something different, so i challenge you to think outside the box, read and implement the nature health program, which will lead you to marvelous results, courtesy of nature, until the rest of your life.
Health is your best commodity, do not take it lightly and arm yourself with a very sound knowledge of nature’s miraculous ways and use it to your benefit.

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