Monday, 19 September 2016

My alternative reason letter

My name is Fiona from Nottingham, I'll explain why I believe that my story of experiences will benefit you

I was diagnosed with "ms" in 2000, I don't have it though, my Atlas had become misaligned, which caused my spine to twist anti clockwise, over the years I adapted to the anomaly until it was no longer possible to stay on my feet, hence now being in a wheelchair, which in time I fully intend to get out of.

I have seen John Goman a Chiropractor, then Volker Teweleit a Neuro Physio, I have stayed out of the NHS system as flawed, holistic medicine is the way forward for our everyday health.

As my body has healed itself, strange things have happened, hot spots hips and knees, crops of spots, twisting and slipping inside.

Chiropractic health should be so entrenched into our everyday wellbeing, we watch our children, but we actually don't look at them.

It has taken me years to rectify the damage that this misdiagnosis has done, but I am nearly  there.

What I have learnt and this will make sense to you is that we operate as puppets, our upper body dictates what our legs do.

Also it's the Vagus nerve that causes all the problems, I can actually feel mine pulling  behind my right ear and down my neck.

I could go on and on for hours, but I'll leave it there, as I am used to not being heard, but I think that you will because modern day medicine have got  it so catastrophically wrong about all neurological conditions, including dementia and Parkinson's even MND.

Please trust me and what I say.

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