Thursday, 15 September 2016

My record, he's so close - The Doctor that gave up drugs - I've waited years for someone to get it and before we become a nation hooked on pain killers and much more

Dr. Chris van Tulleken.

Bottom lines is that I was diagnosed with "ms" in 2000, I don't have it though, my Atlas had become misaligned, which caused my spine to twist anti clockwise, over the years I adapted to the anomaly until it was no longer possible to stay on my feet, hence now being in a wheelchair, which in time I fully intend to get out of.

I have seen John Goman a Chiropractor, then Volker Teweleit a Neuro Physio, I have stayed out of the NHS system as flawed, holistic medicine is the way forward for our everyday health.

As my body has healed itself, strange things have happened, hot spots hips and knees, crops of spots, twisting and slipping inside. I also had the added complication of having Candida, a condition doctors deny, in doing so, they know  not what they do. I now know that  I  will not get cancer, which too is a fungus.

The musculoskeletal system is a very complex  one, one that I  am totally in tune with. It all boils down to physics and gravity, I  now understand it. because  my head wasn't on straight my body failed to follow it correctly. The biggest impact was that my Vagus nerve was affected and that has caused huge problems.

It is all so incredibly interesting and I believe that you will benefit from my experiences.

I refute my own  diagnosis, others are forced to accept it, when it just doesn't make any sense. Don't deny yourself denial.

I want to help the medical world to understand and learn from  me,

Fiona  Marshall

P.S. Look into Candida and misaligned Atlas, that's why our hospitals are full, the NHS is making us sick, both conditions have same symptoms. The use  of antibiotics, stress and poor diet make us perfect hosts. Leaky gut affects our immune system and the brain, Candida invades the blood, but does not show up in a blood test.

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