Tuesday, 9 August 2016

MND, MS, Cerabral Palsy even Parkinson's do NOT exist, as they have made them up, the problem is, misaligned Attlas with the possible complication of candida

The truth is that no one with a misaligned spine that results in restricted or limited nerve flow can be healthier than someone whose vital organs and life support systems are fully functioning. It is only through unrestricted flow of brain and nerve signals that the body can generate coordinated function, which is the foundation of health. Unlike normal chiropractic, upper cervical care balances the whole spine so there is no more nerve interference, strain, or postural distortion.

How do I achieve health through proper alignment?

Your body is a miraculous self-healing organism, without drugs and surgery. However, it can only achieve that by proper nerve signals between the brain and vital organs. To ensure the flow of proper nerve signals, we need to be body balanced. This is the goal of Synergy Balance of Dallas, where the goal is to correct with NUCCA, the cause of many painful conditions rather than covering the symptoms and suppressing your immune system. Think about what is causing the problem; is it the lack of aspirin? or medication? Or is it caused by nerve interference? Remember, healthy people do not get “sick”, only unhealthy people get sick.
The spine has three major structures: Skull, Atlas, and Vertebral column. The atlas (C1) is the first bone of the spine and it cradles the skull, remember Atlas from Greek mythology? Atlas held the world on his shoulder. The earth, our skull, sits on top of the atlas. So can you imagine how much more effort is necessary to hold our skull if the most efficient and effective way isskewed.
The shifting of the atlas will affect and irritate the spinal cord causing pain, numbness, tingling, and burning sensations. Have you experienced any of those symptoms?

The misalignment of the Atlas can be checked with several tests. The supine leg check shows a correlation to alignment or misalignment of the upper cervical spine. An Atlas misalignment will show a contorted imbalanced position and draw one leg “short.” Postural analysis will look into HOW the body has been distorted due to the atlas misalignment: including that of the pelvis, shoulders, and spine. Finally, the misalignment of the upper cervical can be confirmed by x-rays. These images will look into WHERE the atlas has moved to and HOW the misalignment can be corrected. To see it to know and not to see is to guess. We refuse to guess about your health without proper x-ray to see how to correct the misalignment.

What is NUCCA?

NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. It is a unique form of spinal health that utilizes a specific procedure to correct a small misalignment of the upper neck known as the Atlas Subluxation Complex. This type of gentle approach with no cracking or poppingrestores optimal balance to the entire spinal column. The spinal column protects the central nervous system that controls and coordinates all body functions; therefore, a good spinal balance is critical to good health.
Extensive research and clinical studies show that improved body balance effectively reduces stress throughout the body and helps to relieve pain and stress. Although the NUCCA correction is performed on the neck, it affects the balance of the entire body. NUCCA calculations are specific to restore balance to help reduce pain and discomfort to enhance overall well being.
The NUCCA organization was formed in 1966 to conduct educational seminars. The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Association, now called the Upper Cervical Research Foundation or UCRF, was formed in 1971 to do extensive research related to understanding the small misalignment in the upper neck called the Atlas Subluxation Complex. There has been ongoing research in how NUCCA has helped with various health issues. Click on our article of the month to see what has been the latest research from NUCCA. Listed are some of the conditions that this precise technique has improved:
AllergiesArm pain/numbness/tinglingAsthmaAthletic injuriesADD/ADHD
Neck/Back/Hip PainBed WettingCarpal TunnelCerebral PalsyChronic ear and sinus infection
Chronic FatigueConstipation/Digestive problemsDepressionFibromyalgiaFrequent colds
Headaches/MigrainesHypertensionHerniated DiscsLeg Pain/SciaticaInsomnia
Multiple SclerosisMuscle SpasmsScoliosisShoulder PainTMJ disorder
TorticollisTendonitisTrigeminal NeuralgiaWhiplash Injuries& countless more …

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