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Unknown Fungus  -  Candida fungus   -   Morgellon fungus  -  Mold Spores
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Fungus / Molds
I have found fungus present in people what had originated directly from the infected tick bite.
Most others with fungus had been infected prior becoming infected by a tick. 
*** Systemic infections, can occur deep within the tissues, involving vital organs and/or the nervous system, which may be chronic or fatal. I've fairly often found it in the jaw and in pulp of teeth, also in brainstem and further up in the head, sinus, on glands, lungs,liver, colon, in arteries, in atriums, on valves, in lymphatic's, pancreas, in prostate, in uterus, and in ears . Systemic fungi 
are neurotoxin producers.
  • Human fungi (saprobes) come from soil. 
  • Entry into the body is usually through inhalation of spores or open wounds. Blood circulation or respiratory system may then transmit fungus throughout body and additional infection of internal organ may occur. 
  • Dermatophytes attack appendages of the skin; ringworm's, jock-itch and athlete's foot. 
  • Endocarditisorn smut is known to cause skin lesions.
  •  Chizophyllum commune, a wood decomposing fungus has been documented to cause several different types of infections, including meningitis and lung disorder. 
Some identified human fungus what grows within body or on surface body:
Armpit fungus (Tinea axillae),  Hands (tinea manuum), Head Fungus / Dandruff (Tinea capitis) face (tinea versicola), Aspergillosis, Aspergillus, Jock Itch (Tinea cruris), blastomycosis, Breast Fungus (Submammary candidiasis / Tinea mammae), Bum fungus, Coccidiomycosis, Histoplasma Capsulatum, Cryptococcosis. Cryptococcus  Fungal meningitis, Fusarium Fungus, Mucormycosis, Pneumocystis carinii fungus, Pulmonary Aspergillosis, Blastomyces Dermatitidis, Sporothrix Schenckii,  Blood fungus: Candida parapsilosis, Histoplasmosis, Blastomycosis, Cryptococcus neoformans and Coccidioidomycosis, Coccidioides Immitis and Malassezia Furfur, Morgellons, and also, many other fungus both known and unknown fungus. 
An example of what a fungus can do: 
  • Sporothrix Schenckii fungus comes from rose bushes, plum trees, in mulch and in some mosses. It enters body through a break in your skin. At first, you will have a small lump. But, within a few weeks, the fungus will spread, moving up your skin in a line as it follows your lymph nodes. Sporotrichosis can also spread throughout your body, affecting your bones, lungs, joints, and even the membrane that covers your brain.
Little is actually known  by health practitioners about the different systemic fungus and it is difficult to find unbiased studies of these fungi. Some had fungus within them for over thirty years and were told nothing was wrong with them, even when their brains were now severely impaired from the neurotoxins.
Through the process of energy scanning of a body  I find one or more fungus in at least 90% of people who have never done a complete fungal eradication. Many naturopath's know fungus is always found around the source of a cancer. I have always found unknown fungus around tumorous cancers. My three younger siblings, who lost their body's from cancer, had fungus and molds in them; one had five, one had three, and other four.
     The goal is for complete eradication of any fungus whether Candida fungus or other unseen  fungi. Having either in ones system most often  produces symptoms of  feeling of drunk, of having a hangover, depression, anxiety, and moods swings, to name but a few symptoms caused by fungus toxins. Their neurotoxins get trapped in the fat cells and soft tissues as they are non flushable toxins. The fungus can be eradicated and their neurotoxins can be released. Once a person has had fungus they are susceptible to contract again. I have not figured out the reason for this yet. I eradicated Mycoplasma, Bartonella, Lyme, Candida, and other fungus with only one eradicating agent all at the same time.    Fortunately we do not need to have a name of the fungus  or  type of Candida's in order to eradicate them completely. When these die during eradication they release very potent toxins that manifest an array of awful symptoms. Helpful eradication suggestions. SYMPTOMS
    Candida Fungus / Morgellons
  • Candida is NOT naturally found in the body, nor does "everyone" have Candida fungus. It does not belong there. It is contracted.
  •  There are 56 identified types of Candida's - over 22 types found in and on humans. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candida_%28fungus%29)  I have found up to three types in one person. 
  • A few ways Candida fungus is contracted;  sometimes by absorption,  but, mostly by ingestion of bodily fluids (spit), antibiotics, artificial hormones, sweets, fish, oils, other, and sometimes during birth or in vitro. Candida is a fungus that reproduces when inside the body. Candida fungus is difficult to avoid contracting, fortunately we can do a annual eradication to prevent it becoming problematic. 
  • The body produces small quantities of anti fungal Caprylic acid helping to ward off Candida fungus entering the gastrointestinal track. 
  • The Candida fungus releases wastes and toxins into the blood stream seriously affecting the nervous system and immune system. In overgrowth these candida fungus manifest an array of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Candida wastes produce an acidic environment conducive for ugly illness.
  • Candida fungus produce neurotoxins.
  • Both Candida fungus and other types of fungi can be completely eradicated from the body. 
    Many fungi, when established within the body, can cause debilitating illness. It is therefore best to eradicate with anti fungal prior to paying for expensive  zoonotic lab  tests. Then, if symptoms remain, to either pay for expensive tests, or take an eradicating agent that kills zoonotic infections, as well as fungus.  Helpful eradication suggestions:
    When doing body scans on people who thought they had Lyme because they were very sick with so many symptoms, it sometimes turned out they were severely infected with Candida fungus and/or other types of systemic fungus.
Morgellons Fungus
    This odd fungus is different to Candida and other unknown fungus in that it looks and feels like fibers and bits of plastic coming out of the body, yet it is alive and grows and spreads in the body.I have not found any eradication agent able to kill it, other then CHIM, to stop it and kill it, but it takes a long time. 
Here are the ones infected trying to describe it to me:
Intense itching patches that were clear and scaly lookingComplete loss of libidoHyper sensitive to computers Diminished eye sight
Creepy crawly all over skin sensationsBiting and 'super scabies' outbreaks that nothing could killMy symptoms were always worse near electronics and at night.
.Alligator skin/tortoise shell look across shouldersSuper brain fog and mental shut downYet the fibers had a particularly polyester look to them. 
Once after a bath I was covered in black specks, later under the scope, they just looked like black balls of fiber.And then there was the group that was super fluffy and white and large. It was like I had snowballs coming out of me.Seldom were there changes in the texture along the strands and they always appeared super smooth and almost shiny like fishing line. Weird small electric firings on nerves; like someone kind of hit me with a jolt
Helpful to kill this type of fungus/synthetic: 
CHIM-FLOUX-AVIVA about 10 packages
depending on how much it has spread..
    Mold spores 
  • Mold spores come from a source where they are being born, such as around a tub, along walls, our vehicles, damp storage areas. 
  • Mold spores are neurotoxins.
  • The source is visible, though may hidden behind a wall or under a carpet. Their spores are not visible. These cause illness.
  • They rise and float throughout a house from basement to upper level. 
  • We carry them in and out of our home in our hair and clothes and deposit them in our vehicles or vice versa.
  • As long as source is there they will float around looking for a moist place to land and grow.
  • They enter nostrils, trachea, lungs and spread throughout body where some types release their destructive toxins and sabotage our immune system. Left exposed to mold spores long enough they will deteriorate bones, sometimes their toxins embedded in fatty cells do so long after exposure. Some grow into fungus such as Aspergillosis.
  • Molds are  found in  work places, moldy storage areas, trees, air, plants, foods...
  • There are a number of mold types that are either black or gray in color. These include Cladosporium, Pithomyces, Stemphydium, Ulocladium, Penicillium, Aspergillus

  • Aureobasidium, Alternaria, and Stachybotrys. Stachybotrys is known to produce mycotoxins, which produce a potential exposure hazard when infested materials are disturbed. Stachybotrys infestations typically only occur on repeatedly wetted materials that contain cellulose. These include the paper on gypsumboard, cardboard, ceiling tile, cellulose insulation, wood, and other organic materials.
  • While it seems Mold can cause many symptoms one must remember that there are thousands of species of Mold.
  • There are at least16 mold species which are toxic to humans. Different species of Mold can have a wide variety of reactions within people.
Symptoms of Mold exposure:
    Coughing Sinus congestion Red, bloodshot eyes Headaches 
    Sneezing Sinus headaches Itchy eyes Nose Bleeds
    Sore throat Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath Itchy ears Feelings of Constant Fatigue 
    Irritated, itchy throat Wheezing Hair loss, baldness Breathing Disorders 
    Blocked nose Irritated, itchy skin Hay fever symptoms Coughing up Blood or Black looking Debris 
    Itchy nose Skin rash, hives Itching SkinNausea 
    Runny nose Watery eyes Redness and skin irritation Diarrhea 
    Loss of Appetite Weight Loss Skin Rashes Vomiting 
    Memory Loss "Short Term" Neurological & Nervous Disorders Open Sores on the Skin Sexual Dysfunction 
    Swollen Glands in the Neck Area and under the Armpit Sudden Asthma Attacks or Breathing Disorders Ear Infections and Pain Chronic Bronchitis 
    Chronic Sinus Infections Pain in the Joints and Muscles Blindness Brain Damage 
    Bleeding Lungs Bone lossCancer Death 
What you can do :
  • The Source of black mold must be removed from environment by Mold Specialists. 
  • If it is a lesser mold it can be removed by your masked self. 
  • All clothes and bedding must be washed. 
  • Objects, and floor must be cleaned with Laundry chlorine or other anti-fungal. 
  • Airborne spores can be killed by diffusing a few drops of pure Cinnamomun Verum oil for two hours for each small room.
  • Everyone in this house will have spores in them. If they have been exposed for many months the spores can be found in most organs and need to be removed. If only days it will be always found in nostrils, trachea and lungs and then sinus and on face ears, hair etc. 
  • After away from source the following will remove spores and many toxins embedded. May need more depending on how long exposure was. Most people will have fungus begin to grow in them also and will need to do Systemic fungal eradication.
  • To clear mold spores from the body 
    • MMS for 30 consecutive days.
    • CHIM-FLUOX one package to clear spores only. 
    • **** A fungus may also be growing and would require eradication.
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  • Helpful for complete eradication of Candida fungus and other unknown fungus:
  • MMS (Average 3 drops every hour for eight hours for four months.(Cannot eradicate all unknown fungus types of Candida or other types of fungus.)
  • Neem Leaf. (Neem Natures Way brand) 2 capsules with meal for up to 90 days for worst infections of these fungus,some much more depending on the type.(Some Neem leaf is not powerful enough.) 
  • Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) diluted applied on Soles of feet. Up to 90 days for worst infections. (Does not kill all)
  • Olive Leaf extract ingested capsules sold as in vitamin shops.(difficult to find the correct Olive oil with the power for this task and it is best to take only for two consecutive months of  consecutive days. 3 week breaks could be taken after every 2 months.) (Does not kill all types)
  • Oregano oil ingested capsules sold as in vitamin shops. Oil of Oregano will kill parasites and Candida and any unknown fungus. It will kill some weak bacteria's, but will not kill spirochetes, protozoa's or viruses.  2 capsules for  85 consecutive days (if still herxing then add more time) Difficult to find the correct eradicating oregano capsules. Best to take for only 3 weeks and break for one week. (Does not kill all types of fungus only the most common.)
  • CHIM-FLUOX  8 or more packages for the difficult type fungus. For Candida and others 4-5 packages depending how long established.
  • ** When nearing end time do energy testing, informational resonance test, dark field blood analysis or similar. It will give you an idea if more days are required before all fungus is eradicated. Note: It takes long and consecutive days to achieve a successful eradication.
    • There is absolutely no way a fungus can be eradicated completely with only a diet or most things sold as Candida cleansers used for only a few weeks. Fungus is very tough.
    • Candiasis is systematic and when doing body scans it can be found throughout the torso and usually head and then its' toxins are seen negatively affecting throughout the body.
    • There are many identified types of Candida. A person may have numerous in their body all at one time.
    Few,  if any,  doing a complete fungi eradication find this a pleasant experience! The Herxheimer reaction will be at its worse during the last two weeks of the eradication when those last tough fungal spores can no longer sustain life. They are potent toxins.  Some will suffer these die off symptoms at the beginning of the eradication up to the end. It may have to do with type of fungus. Once the candida and fungus and their neurotoxins have been released are completely gone from your body not only will resonance testing indicate such, but you will feel it in how you eat, hunger differences, cravings cease, and the symptoms being manifested by the Candida or the  fungus disappear.  Herxheimer reaction of fungus: How people have described it to me  and how I experienced.

    Do your own Research Here YAHOO or here GOOGLE ~ Take what you want and leave the rest! ~ Next  Heavy Metals, chemicals, drugs, PBA's, vaccination and radiation poisons.


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