Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Neurologists and doctors are wrong

ALL neurologist conditions/diseases is because the body is out of alignment, MND, MS, Parkinson's, Cerebral Palsy, Alzheimer's, dementia even locked in syndrome.

Messages from the brain to the body are affected, blood flow is altered causing stroke and blood pressure issues, the brain too is affected causing cognitive issues, it affects hearing, sight speech and feeling, fingerprints are erased, mine have finally returned, as I wasn't  in my sin right and pressure/gravity was wrong.

Atlas alignment is crucial for the body to function, we need to be able to yield to the earths gravity, little Bailey Mathews cannot do that, he is a prime example where doctors have got it so catastrophically wrong, he does NOT have cerebral palsy. Mohammad Ali does NOT have Parkinson's, neither does Michael J Fox.

I am concerned that those worldwide cannot access this blog, as it is being made difficult by the powers that be, the internet is being grossly manipulated in many, many ways in Google's favour, as they are making millions out of us being sick as is the pharmaceutical industry.

And  I suspect that is why this blog is blocked from other countries, Germany and France seem to be able to and I am appealing to them, to spread my word please.

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