Monday, 27 March 2017

Matthew Scott - Australian - Chinese medicine - 100% correct

Traditional Chinese Exercises
& Holistic Health Programs


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Traditional Chinese exercises have been in use for at least 2000 years. They are still in use today. Walk through almost any park in China in the morning and you'll see people right up to age 80s and 90s doing their daily workout of stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises and acupressure and self-massage techniques. Why? Because these are time-tested ways to:
  • Strengthen and tone your body

  • Balance your emotions

  • Calm your mind

  • Boost your energy

  • Increase your flexibility

  • Relieve your joint and muscle pain

  • Improve your sleep, digestion and bowels

  • Enhance your circulation

  • Deepen and regulate your breathing

  • Boost your cardiovascular fitness

  • Maintain good health

  • Prevent ill health and more

If traditional Chinese exercises didn't work they simply wouldn't still be in use! Make them a part of your life together with a clean, natural diet and a balanced lifestyle and you have a very powerful, proven way to live a long and healthy life. In addition to the above benefits, the specific techniques and methods on this site:
  • Target body areas such as abs, back, hips and thighs

  • Make an ideal pre-sports warm up and after-sports cool down

  • Require no equipment, classes or training partners

  • Are suitable for men, women, kids and seniors

  • Are easy to learn and simple to do - all you need is 15-30 minutes

  • Can be done inside, outside, at home or in an office

  • Form a range of holistic exercise programs for long life,
    sleep, stress, pain, colds & flu and more

This website offers you practical, effective traditional Chinese ways to get and stay in physical, mental and emotional shape. Millions of Chinese and increasing numbers of Westerners can't be wrong! What's the catch? The only one I've found in over 20 years is you must practice regularly to get maximum benefits. Do each exercise and technique as instructed and you will reap the benefits.
If you have questions about traditional Chinese exercises or any of the holistic exercise programs let me know, I'll be happy to help. And make sure you sign up for my free Chinese Health Tips by email. My health tips are based on my 22 years of experience with the traditional Chinese way of health and are MUST reading. Sign up box below.

To your health, may you live to 100!

Matthew Scott

Australian, former Chinese medicine practitioner of 10 years,
Graduate Australian College of Natural Medicine (1990),
Exercising the traditional Chinese way for 22 years,
Living in China since 2000.
New: Get free Chinese Health Tips by email
I have a weekly email for you called "Chinese Health Tips." My natural health tips are based on my 22 years of experience with traditional Chinese exercise, diet, herbs and massage and are must reading. To thank you for signing up I have a gift for you, this special report:
Two Essential Exercises Your Doctor Will Never Show You.
Why won't your doctor show you them? Western doctors and other Western health and fitness professionals don’t know about them or they don’t want to know about them or they don’t want you to know about them. Why? Because there’s less money to be made in self-help and prevention and far more money in prescribing medicine, tests and other procedures.
Western medicine is important and necessary for many reasons but it is mostly about sickness. It relies on people getting sick and staying sick. Self-help and prevention are not a primary focus of Western medicine. Chinese medicine is though. The two essential exercises in this report are all about you helping yourself and preventing sickness. They are quick and easy to do and anyone can do them. Get your copy of the report and start doing them now.

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