Sunday, 22 January 2017

We need a Revolution

We need a revolution.


Get rid of parliament, who have made us a welfare state, that is abused left right and centre, which they have allowed,because our taxes cover it.


We  need to go back to basics, communities looking out for community.

If it wasnt for charities this country  would fall apart.


Get rid of councils, as greedy dictators spounging off the poor, for their own gain and existance.


Tax credits should never have existed, as companies should have  paid a fair living wage.


When families are living in bedsits and using foodbanks, do ot presume eeveryone can afford a computer or a mobile phone.


We need social housing for families.


Dont presume every child can live with its parents into their 40s, as some do not get on at all, no wonder we have a homeless problem.


The NHS is maaking us sick,  then well paid surgeons operate on us

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